Palestinian Unity and the Beggar of Chelm

An old Jewish tale says only a fool would give money to a beggar, then be upset that he has money. Likewise, Israel cannot have it both ways when it comes to Palestinian unity.

Israel Hires Psychic Uri Geller To Fight Rockets

Faced with ongoing rocket fire, Israel’s military has done the only truly reasonable thing it could do: It hired spoon-bending psychic Uri Geller to save citizens from doom.

Anat Hoffman’s Daughter Puts Women of the Wall to Film

Anat Hoffman’s daughter is making a film about Women of the Wall — and about her stormy relationship with her famous feminist mom. Will it be worth seeing?

Israel's Bid For Visa Waiver Falls Short

It’s time for Israel to end border discrimination against American citizens — and not just to get into the U.S. visa waiver program, writes Ali Gharib.

Ignominious Return: The ultra-nationalist, anti-Semitic Black Hundreds, here marching in Odessa in 1905, are back again.

The Real Truth About Those Anti-Semitic Flyers in Donetsk

The news of the anti-Semitic flyers in Eastern Ukraine has been greeted with outrage clouded by uncertainty. David E. Fishman says the real story is that Russia is playing the ‘Jew card.’