When Orthodox and Evangelicals Align — and What It Means for Everyone Else

The new Pew report on the Orthodox is (another) wake up call for American Jews. Jane Eisner asks if we can build a tolerant and vibrant community when the fastest-growing group of Jews is so demonstrably different from everyone else.


Progressive Judaism Won't Win in My Lifetime. And That's OK.

Jay Michaelson believes that liberal Judaism is losing out to right-wing tribalism. There’s no saving the sinking ship — so we need to think about smaller and more sustainable efforts to counter the inexorable trend.


How Iran Is Winning the Media War

Does Iran use its local Jews and even foreign Jewish journalists to shape public opinion? Roya Hakakian says the country’s leaders have a long history of doing just that.


Jewish Leaders, Don't Be Afraid To Fight Iran Deal

Michael Steinhardt says that most Jewish communal leaders believe the Iran deal is bad, but are too scared to come out and oppose it. Here’s why taking a stand now will pay off later.


Ashkenormativity Is Twice as Common — and Harmful — in LGBTQ Jewish Spaces

In Jewish spaces, Jay Stanton brushes up against Ashkenazi-centric assumptions with disappointing frequency. In LGBTQ-specific Jewish spaces, those interactions are even more common.

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