Donald Trump Is Actually the Perfect Person To Speak at AIPAC

AIPAC’s invitation to Trump is not a fluke, Simone Zimmerman argues. The pro-Israel lobby has gradually abandoned Jewish values except Zionism, and Trump’s appearance will be the culmination of that process.


Can Reform Jews Win Battle for the Soul of Israel?

Overcoming the Orthodox monopoly on religious power will require fierce battle, but new developments suggest that it’s entirely doable, Steven Fox writes.


Why Anguish Over AIPAC’s Invitation to Donald Trump Is Misplaced

To expect that AIPAC shun Republican front-runner Donald Trump is to mistake the whole purpose of the Israel lobby, J.J. Goldberg writes.


13 Ways To React When Trump Takes the Stage at AIPAC

If conference attendees can’t stay away — Trump’s the entertainment, after all — they should be very, very quiet. Like, sit-on-your-hands quiet. And then…


Mizrahi Artists Are Here To Incite a Culture War

When Adi Keissar launched the poetry series Ars Poetica, she had no idea it would become the best party in town — and the most significant cultural phenomenon in Israel today.

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