Sheep’s Clothing?: Dani Dayan is the past head of Yesha, the council that represents the settlement movement.

The Deceptive Style of Settlement Leader Dani Dayan

Settlement leader Dani Dayan has a deceptively palatable style — but his vision hides dark implications for Israel and the Palestinians, writes Leonard Fein.

You Say Hebrew, I Say Aramaic: The Pope’s visit reinforced the bonds between Jews and Catholics.

The Point of the Pope's Visit

While the Pope’s visit elicited some bad press for Israel with his controversial stop at the separation barrier, David Rosen argues that it was a net win for the Jewish people.


‘Go to Hell, Leftist’ and Other Jerusalem Day Slogans

Leanne Gale thought she knew what to expect from the right-wing marches, racist chants and police violence on Jerusalem Day. But what she saw this week shocked even her.


Maya Angelou's Lesson for the Orthodox

Orthodoxy should stop going down the rabbit hole of Talmudic reasoning and should focus on the broader message to the world. That’s an unexpected lesson from the poet Maya Angelou.

Shrinking the Tent: The Israel Day Parade has had a powerful impact over the years because of its diversity and wide appeal. Now, a group of right-wing ideologues want to bar perceived dissenters, like progressive Zionists.

Turning Israel Day Parade Into Right-Wing Echo Chamber Rolling Down Fifth Ave.

A narrow group of right-wingers is seeking to impose an ideological litmus test on the Israel Day Parade. J.J. Goldberg says the push betrays the roots of Zionism.