'911' Call From Kidnapped Youth Ignored as Prank

Israeli police received a desperate call from one of the three kidnapped youth but dismissed it as a prank, J.J. Goldberg reports. Could they have been rescued?


Why Isn't Alan Gross on Next Plane Home After Bowe Bergdahl?

Bowe Bergdahl is home, but Alan Gross still languishes in a foreign jail. If we can talk to the Taliban, why let Cuban exiles block a deal to free the Jewish contractor?


I'm Making Aliyah Days After Israelis' Kidnapping

Dasee Berkowitz is making aliyah just a few days after the kidnapping of three Israeli teens. How can she reconcile herself to raising her own kids in a constant state of war?


Why Israel's #BringBackOurBoys Is Offensive

The hashtag used to mobilize support for Israel as it attempts to find three kidnapped teens is viral — and deeply offensive, Sigal Samuel argues.


Taking Different Lessons From Same Threat

As insurgents rip up Iraq’s map, terrorists snatch three teenagers on the West Bank. J.J. Goldberg explains the connection — and why America and Israel should care about both crises.

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