How Timid Israel Education Is Failing Our Kids

Educator Misha Shulman says that most Jewish American kids are receiving vapid lessons on Israel that will prove useless when the moment of truth arrives.


Anti-Semitism Is Alive and Well on TV — 'Quantico' Proves It

ABC’s ‘Quantico’ seemed made for J.E. Reich — but it left her with a creeping sense that we’re not as far from the days of Shylock as we’d like to believe.


Why I’m Moving My Family to Israel — Despite the Violence

Jennifer Richler can tell that some friends and relatives think her decision to move her family to Israel for a year is, well, questionable. She’s doing it anyway.


The Four Questions of the 'Israel Project'

It’s not enough just to ask the “To be” question; it’s not enough just to ask how to make Israel secure against her enemies.

What New Vatican Memo Really Means for Jews for Jesus — and Us

The Vatican no longer encourages Catholics to convert Jews. J.J. Goldberg says that if this idea spreads, it could put missionary groups like Jews for Jesus out of business.

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