When Reb Zalman Hummed 'Home on the Range'

James E. Ponet first met Zalman Schachter-Shalomi 43 years ago. He’s still processing what this giant meant to Judaism and the world.


How To Save $163K on Jewish Day School Bill

The parents of three school-age children shrunk their day school tuition bill by $163,000. How’d they do it?

Gaza War 'Unintended'? Nope, Hamas Is Sworn to Destroy Israel

J.J. Goldberg calls Israel’s operation in Gaza an ‘unintended war (that) nobody wanted.’ Israeli diplomat Gil Lainer calls that a dangerously naive view of Hamas.


Feeling ‘Chosen’ in Alabama

The taxi driver who picked up Anne Cohen and Sigal Samuel from the airport in Birmingham keeps a copy of the Bible on his passenger seat. Welcome to Alabama.


What Does 192-to-1 Death Toll Say About Gaza War?

The toll clearly disproportionate — as of this writing, about 192:1. There are a few different ways to look at this rate.

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