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Saved: The real ?Monument Men? deliver Leonardo da Vinci?s ?Lady With an Ermine? to safety.

How Many Lives Is a Da Vinci Masterpiece Worth?

‘The Monuments Men,’ is a reminder of a time when saving art took precedence over saving lives. Elissa Strauss asks whether we can ever justify giving money to support beauty over health.

Victory: Ukrainians cheer the news of President Viktor Yanukovych?s ouster.

Will Ukraine's Revolution Be Good for Its Jews?

What will Ukraine’s new reality bring for the nation’s 100,000 Jews? The surprising — and divided — Jewish voice in the Kiev uprising offers some important clues.

Harold Ramis's 10 Greatest Comedy Bits

Harold Ramis, the comedy genius who died yesterday at age 69, made us laugh for decades. Here are some of his funniest bits.

The Lesson of Angela Merkel's Hitler Mustache

A photograph showing Benjamin Netanyahu inadvertently giving Angela Merkel a Hitler mustache is going viral. It also seems to be causing a flurry of embarrassment — as it should.