How Do We Avenge Steven Sotloff's Death?

How can we exact revenge for the latest ISIS beheading? Jay Michaelson says Judaism’s recommendation may not be sexy, but it is wise: We must practice a cold, calculating rage.


Steven Sotloff Was Jewish

UPDATED EDITORIAL: An impermeable silence has long surrounded Steven Sotloff’s Jewish background. Now that he has been beheaded by ISIS, we can say that he was one of us.


Founder of Canadian Nazi Party Runs for Office

John Beattie, the 73-year-old founder of the Canadian Nazi Party, has thrown his hat into the ring for elected office. Will voters overlook his hate-filled past?


Why Did We Obsess Over Israel's War in Gaza? Capitalism.

Why does the American media devote so much coverage to Israel and its conflict with the Palestinians? The answer, Elisheva Goldberg argues, is simple: Israel sells.

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