Where's Jewish Fury Over Tariq Abu Khdeir Beating?

Tariq Abu Khdeir posed no threat to the Israeli police officers who beat him up, Emily Hauser writes. So why has only one American Jewish organization condemned the assault?


Why Jews in Israel and Diaspora Share Fate

EDITORIAL: As sirens blare in Israel and bombs flatten Gaza, this is a time when the gulf between Jews there and here seems wider than ever. But our fates are still intertwined.


8 Best Jewish Road Trips

As part of the Forward’s 50-state project, Anne Cohen and Sigal Samuel are setting out on a journey through Dixie. To get you in the mood, here’s a brief history of Jewish road trips.


How the Gaza War Started — and How It Can End

The murder of three Israeli teens has led to an eruption of open warfare. J.J. Goldberg offers fives ways the conflict got out of hand, what it means — and how it might end.


Trace Kidnap-Murders Back to Israeli Settlements

Edgar Bronfman warned decades ago that Israeli settlement building would harm Jews and Palestinians. As both sides lose kids to kidnap-murders, his son Adam Bronfman sees he was right.

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