5 Most Common Misconceptions About Iran

Many Americans think that Iran is backward, oppressive, anti-Israel, pro-terrorism and unvisitable. William Beeman asks: Do those assumptions reflect the majority of the Iranian people?


The Forward Discovers the Real Iran — Not Netanyahu's Caricature

Benjamin Netanyahu likes to depict Iran simplistically, as an enemy state void of nuance, Trita Parsi writes. But nuance is precisely what the Forward’s reporting from Iran has laid bare.


What Does Schumer Hope To Gain by Opposing Iran Deal?

In a letter to the editor, James Adler asks: What does Charles Schumer want from his announced — but hopefully soon-to-be-reconsidered — vote against the Iran deal?


Longing for the Day When My Wife Can Return to Iran

Jonathan Greenblatt read Larry Cohler-Esses’ Iranian report through the eyes of an Anti-Defamation League director — and the eyes of a man whose wife comes from Tehran.


When a Rabbi Was the Last Thing I Needed

When she was 19, Alexandra Levine experienced the tragedy of seeing her friend killed by a drunk driver. Six years later, she still relives the horror and still wonders why anyone thought a rabbi could help her.

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