14 Reasons Ruth Bader Ginsberg Should Come Live In New Zealand

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg recently quipped that “if Donald Trump wins, it’s time to move to New Zealand.” Cheryl Pearl Sucher, a New Yorker who has lived in New Zealand, explains why that’d be wise.


How Israel Shoots Itself in the Foot With Left-Bashing NGO Law

Israel’s parliament, in a dazzling display of perverse logic, managed to shoot itself in the foot on Monday with formal approval of a law that hobbles human-rights organizations.


Giving Teens with a Record a Second Chance

With a 90% success rate of minors not entering the formal Juvenile Justice System, Teen Court has proven to be an effective solution to battling mass incarceration. Michael Mottahedeh explains how.

It’s Time Israel Believed the Victims in the Yemenite Babies Affair

The report from the Kedmi Committee, the Israeli body that investigated the kidnapping affair, is finally available online.


Abner Mikva’s Lesson On Democracy Is More Urgent Than Ever

Abner Mikva’s words inspired many Jews to devote their lives to the advancement of democracy — which, decades later, continues to require vigilance.

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