Why Brussels Attack Looks Like 'Toulouse' Terror

At first blush, the terror attack in Brussels strongly resembles the 2012 rampage in Toulouse, France, which was carried out by a local Muslim not an organized terror group.

Warning: May contain war, slavery, rape, deceit, plagues, smiting or apocalypse.

Should the Bible Have a Trigger Warning?

With all the discussion of trigger warnings for content that may offend, Elissa Strauss wonders if the Bible should have one. What should we make of all the rawness in the Torah?


Wolves of the World Trade Center

Planning a black tie event can be time consuming, especially on the site of the 9/11 terror attacks, writes Meg Bloom Glasser. What wine does one serve with human remains?

Bob Dylan, Jerusalem, 1983

On Bob Dylan's Birthday, 4 Israeli Artists Reminisce

It’s Bob Dylan’s 73rd birthday. Here’s what four Israeli singer-songwriters had to say about the ‘defining moment’ in his influence on them.


What Nazi Shootings Tell Me About West Bank Killings

Some use #Pallywood to claim a video of slain unarmed West Bank teens may have been staged. Jordan Kutzik says watching hours of footage of Nazi executions tells him otherwise.