Israel Loves Gay Cash — Just Not Gay Marriage

While Tel Aviv gleefully rakes in the cash of gay tourists, Jerusalem is busy quashing a marriage equality bill. Is Israel really the gay Mecca it claims to be?


Bowe Bergdahl Is All of Us

EDITORIAL: Bowe Bergdahl volunteered to don an American uniform and serve all of us. What are our responsibilities to him?


WATCH: Project X, Or Eternal Sunshine of the Palestinian Mind

Just-released short film Project X features an 18-year-old Palestinian who has the memory of his girlfriend forcefully taken from him — by a team of Israeli doctors.


In Cantor vs. Cantor Feud, a Liberal Kvells

Liberal Dan Cantor crowed that the downfall of the GOP power guy is not ‘a referendum on Cantors everywhere — only on right-wing ones.’


Eric Cantor Killed By Monster He Helped Create

Eric Cantor spent years spoon-feeding the Tea Party a diet of extreme, hateful rhetoric. Now the monster he helped create has caused his own political demise, Jay Michaelson writes.

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