Can Jews Back Both Israel and Black Lives Matter? Of Course!

Representatives of the St. Louis Jewish community say that attempts to force us to choose between these two issues only serve to disrupt positive, established relationships.


Why Jews Down in Dixie Are Praying in Arabic

The interfaith community of Huntsville, Alabama, just put the ‘heart’ back in the ‘Heart of Dixie.’


The Junior Jedi Who Became a Rabbi

While it’s not really Jewish, the Star Wars saga has awakened and forged bonds between generations — much the way Judaism has, Simcha Weinstein writes.

Why Donald Trump's 'Schlonged' Doesn't Matter — and Why That Fact Matters

Criticizing The Donald for saying Hillary Clinton got ‘schlonged’ is a mistake, J.J. Goldberg writes. In the place he and Trump grew up in the 1950s, the word meant something else.


Well-Dressed AIPAC Youth and the American Way

It is always a strange and wonderful pleasure to attend an AIPAC Young Leadership event. Specially designed to undermine my stereotypical expectations of the organisation, these events are normally full of nuanced discussion, really bright young people, and sharp focused energy. I’m always surprised at how comfortable I feel in freely expressing my less-that-right wing opinions there.

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