A Blood Libel Against All Palestinians

Israel concocted ‘honor killing’ and ‘family feud’ theories about revenge attack victim Mohammed Abu Khdeir. The slurs constitute a deliberate blood libel, Lara Friedman argues.


ZOA's Double Standard

The Zionist Organization of America has refused to condemn the revenge killing of a Palestinian teenager. It had no qualms about denouncing the killings of three Jews.


Why Israel Wants an Independent Kurdistan

Kurds have taken advantage of the implosion of Iraq to push forward with their dream for an independent state. Why is Israel so quick to jump on the bandwagon?


Our Hope Is Not Yet Lost

The revenge killing of Mohammed Abu Khdeir has shaken even those with strong notions about the Mideast. Eli Valley takes a (graphic) look at an American Jew’s crisis of confidence.


8 Things You Didn't Know About Jewish Maine

There’s nearly 14,000 members of the tribe up there and the oldest Jewish camp in the nation. Two-thirds of its bucolic resorts refused to take Jews in the ’50s.

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