The Elephant in the Room

EDITORIAL: The Republican Party has shifted so far to the right that even Eric Cantor is hounded out. That’s bad for the GOP, bad for America — and bad for the Jews.


No, LGBT Inclusion Isn't Just Window-Dressing

Does LGBT inclusion just mean maintaining the status quo with queer window-dressing? Idit Klein says her 14 years at Keshet have taught her the opposite is true.


Did Eric Cantor Lose Because He's Jewish? You Betcha.

Did Eric Cantor lose because he’s Jewish? Instead of tiptoeing around the question, J.J. Goldberg says let’s just come out and say it: Of course he did.


Why Eric Cantor's Loss Will Hurt Jewish Democrats, Too

Liberal Jews are dancing gleefully on Eric Cantor’s political grave. But Noam Neusner writes they shouldn’t gloat — his loss is a sign of big trouble for them too.


Israel Loves Gay Cash — Just Not Gay Marriage

While Tel Aviv gleefully rakes in the cash of gay tourists, Jerusalem is busy quashing a marriage equality bill. Is Israel really the gay Mecca it claims to be?

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