On Gaza, an Israeli Scribe Holds Up a Harsh Mirror

J.J. Goldberg unpacks Nahum Barnea’s powerful indictment of the way the Gaza war was managed, including its costs to Israel’s long-term security and political integrity.


Israeli Band Shmemel Urges Aliyah — to Berlin

Right after the war in Gaza, Israeli band Shmemel released a catchy song brimming with nationalistic references and encouraging immigration — to anywhere but Israel.


Liberal Zionists Unite!

After the Gaza war, some are writing eulogies for Liberal Zionism. Elan Ezrachi and Naamah Kelman say the Diaspora must not abandon the fight for a more humane Jewish state.


Did Hamas Get Bibi to Freeze Settlements?

By fighting back in Gaza, Hamas succeeded where the Palestinian Authority failed: It got Israel to curtail settlement building. That could send a dangerous message, Lara Friedman writes.

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