The Death of Leo Frank

A century ago today, Forward editor Ab Cahan wrote eloquently about the lynching of Leo Frank. He denounced the anti-Semitism that ‘didn’t rest until it made an end to his young life.’


Don't Buy the Story Iran's Government Is Selling You

Is the Iranian government serving up half-truths to visiting foreign journalists? Gina Nahai warns that the more things seem to change, the more the mullahs stay the same.


5 Most Common Misconceptions About Iran

Many Americans think that Iran is backward, oppressive, anti-Israel, pro-terrorism and unvisitable. William Beeman asks: Do those assumptions reflect the majority of the Iranian people?


The Forward Discovers the Real Iran — Not Netanyahu's Caricature

Benjamin Netanyahu likes to depict Iran simplistically, as an enemy state void of nuance, Trita Parsi writes. But nuance is precisely what the Forward’s reporting from Iran has laid bare.


What Does Schumer Hope To Gain by Opposing Iran Deal?

In a letter to the editor, James Adler asks: What does Charles Schumer want from his announced — but hopefully soon-to-be-reconsidered — vote against the Iran deal?

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