Dancing on George Galloway's Grave

The best news out of the British election came when George Galloway, who infamously declared the northern town an ‘Israel-free zone,’ was soundly thrashed in his bid for reelection. He quoted Saddam Hussein in his concession speech.


My Jewish Nose Got Me Pulled Over — White Privilege Got Me Off

After Baltimore, almost everyone has a view on police and racism. As Samuel G. Freedman has learned, there are plenty of advantages to being white even when other circumstances might count against you.


Swipe Right If Israeli-Palestinian Peace Turns You On

Are you in the mood to make love, not war? Then swipe right — right across the Green Line! — with Verona, the new dating app for Israelis and Palestinians.


Bibi's Nightmare: Unruly Coalition Might Fall — or Worse, Survive

Benjamin Netanyahu’s dilemma is pretty clear, J.J. Goldberg writes. If his shaky coalition falls, he’s back to Square One. If it survives, it could make Israel an international pariah.


In Wartime, Who Comes First — Soldiers or Civilians?

New testimony from Israeli soldiers who fought in last summer’s Gaza war reveals a glaring problem, writes Elisheva Goldberg: There is no clear ethical code of conduct.

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