How Republicans Tried To Flip the Jewish Vote — and Created Donald Trump

It’s tempting to think of Donald Trump as an anomaly. But he’s the result of a decades-long effort to flip the Jewish vote, Samuel Freedman writes.


A Director’s Undying Tribute to the Iconic Elie Wiesel

I was hit by a car on my way to meet Professor Elie Wiesel for the first time. It happened just after I arrived in Boston from Paris, as I stepped out to cross Commonwealth Avenue. The car knocked me down, and I felt an intense pain in my right leg. I mumbled that I did not want to go to hospital—I couldn’t be late for my meeting. That month, March of 2003, was supposed to be one of solid memories and moments, yet it began in an ineffable glow.

What Can Jews Do About Police Violence After Shootings — and Dallas?

Each time something like this happens, white people ask, ‘What can be done?’ If you’re still asking, you haven’t been listening.


6 Concrete Things You Can Do To Help End Police Brutality

It should be the Jewish imperative not to give in to resignation — because the black lives being lost cannot afford complacency.


Donald Trump Sinks to New Level of Absurdity With ‘Frozen’ Tweet

Nothing’s sacred anymore in this election cycle. Not even Elsa and Anna.

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