Want To Fight the Occupation After Bibi's Victory? Here's How.

Want to know how American Jews can fight the occupation now that Netanyahu’s been reelected? Elisheva Goldberg has a bold suggestion: Come to Palestinian nonviolent protests.


Israeli Left Splits on Tactics at J Street Conference

At the J Street conference, a group of left-wing Knesset members split over the role they’d like American Jews to play in diplomacy — especially at the United Nations.


Stop Using Brooklyn Fire To Stoke Anti-Orthodox Hatred

The fire that killed seven Brooklyn children over Shabbat provoked another blaze — the heated and sometimes cruel attacks against the whole ultra-Orthodox way of life.


A Deadly Plague of Shabbat Fires

Seven Orthodox children died when a Shabbat hot plate left on overnight sparked a deadly blaze. J.J. Goldberg reports it’s not the first time this practice has proven lethal.


The Value of Shutting Up and Listening

We live at a time that does not value teachers as bearers of special knowledge, writes Elissa Strauss. But we need to recapture that quality if we ever hope to connect with Jewish learning.

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