Bibi's Challengers Spoof Cartoonish Election Ad

Why create your own election ad when you can copy someone else’s? In which Moshe Kahlon spoofs Tzipi Livni spoofs Benjamin Netanyahu spoofs Hillary Clinton.

'Pope's Rabbi' Wants New Argentina Terror Probe

Rabbi Abraham Skorka is best known as Pope Francis’s Jewish wing man of sorts. But he got serious when asked about the death of Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman.

Endowing Day Schools

A response to Ari Segal’s 1% solution to the high price of Jewish Day School.

Men Pushing Baby Strollers? Only Goys Do That!

It’s goyish for men to push baby strollers — or at least, that’s what a Hasidic newspaper ad wants Jews to believe. Shulem Deen explains why the ban will never stick.


What's Behind Mystery 'Suicide' of Argentina Prosecutor in Terror Probe?

Alberto Nisman died mysteriously just as he was poised to expose his probe into Argentina’s worst terror attack. J.J. Goldberg asks if his ‘suicide’ is linked to a top Hezbollah leader’s killing.

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