Something Up There: For some people, it’s impossible to shake a sense of the divine.

I Believe in God — Kind Of

Both atheists and the religious right have grown more vocal about their positions on God. Elissa Strauss says she feels squeezed in the middle.

When Jesus Died at Auschwitz

Jews for Jesus has released a sensational video in which Jesus is depicted at the gates to Auschwitz. Because that’ll get Jews to convert to Christianity, right?

We Got Bupkis From White House Seder

Nathan Guttman’s wife cooked for the First Family at the White House Seder. He got left behind with the kids, a pile of dirty dishes — and a shamefully meagre doggie bag.

Growing: The Prime Minister?s Initiative hopes to take the success of Birthright and vastly expand its reach and effectiveness.

A Giant Initiative To Save the Jewish People

A controversial new initiative will spend hundreds of millions of dollars on strengthening Israel’s relationship with the Diaspora. Misha Galperin explains why this is so worthy.

A Teachable Moment of Violent Hate

EDITORIAL: What can we learn from tragedies like the rampage in suburban Kansas City? For one thing, we must keep our eyes on the real threats that we as Jews face.