How Donald Trump Scared the Jews, Won the Election — and Saved Israel (This Is No Purim Spiel!)

The campaign was even harsher than anyone had predicted. After being told by his advisers that there simply wasn’t enough time to win over enough African, Hispanic or Asian Americans, Donald Trump went for broke, in an effort to secure the 72% of the white vote that he would need in order to stand a chance of winning the ballot in November. “The War of the Races,” was how some pundits described it.


The Mizrahi-Palestinian Intersectionality Nobody’s Talking About

Israel’s Mizrahi Jews and indigenous Arabs were uniting in solidarity way back in the 1950s. So why is everyone talking about intersectionality as if it’s some foreign new idea?


A Note to Forward Readers From the Publisher

It’s no surprise that the media business has changed dramatically in recent years. At the Forward, we have been working for years to shift to digital, and to create a first-rate news organization that fits the times. We’re truly the Jewish “Daily” Forward in ways we’ve never been – with record web audience, a strong following on social media and a steady stream of reporting that breaks first online.


With ‘Jewish Super Tuesday’ Looming, Republicans Take New Plunge Into Deep End on Israel

More than 1.2 million Jews live in the states participating in next Tuesday’s primaries, affectionately dubbed “Super Duper Tuesday.” Some 650,000 of them reside in Florida, comprising about 3.5 percent of the general population, though their electoral weight might be much greater: Florida Jews are significantly older than the rest of the population, with a higher level of political participation.


What Jewish Law Says About Crumbling Indian Point Nuclear Plant

A huge natural gas pipeline is being built under a leaky, 54-year-old nuclear reactor 25 miles north of New York City. Is there a Jewish response?

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