African asylum-seekers protest outside Israel?s Holot detention center in the Negev, February 2014

Did Israeli Conversions Just Get a Lot Easier?

Orthodox lawmakers are furious about a bill that they say would make it easier for Reform and Conservative Jews to carry out state-recognized conversions in Israel. But are they lying?

'Princeton Mom' Susan Patton Is Back — and She's Not All Wrong

‘Princeton mom’ Susan Patton has been bashed for calling on young women to find a good hubby in college. Elissa Strauss says the book is off base, but not as much as you think.

Trading a Palestinian Flag for a Kid's Freedom?

Did the Israeli army really get a Palestinian man to take down his flag by promising to release a neighborhood boy arrested for allegedly throwing stones?

Will Settlers and Arabs Unite To Tank Peace?

A new poll suggests that if a peace deal is in the cards, the opposition may feature an unlikely combination of pro-settlement Jews and Israeli Arabs.