Rising Waters: Buildings are seen near the ocean as reports indicate that Miami-Dade County in the future could be one of the most susceptible places when it comes to rising water levels.

Flood of Reports Point to a Warming Earth — But Concern Drops

A slew of new reports reinforces the truth of climate change and the effect it’s having in real time. So why, asks J.J. Goldberg, are more Americans less concerned than ever about the issue?


Bibi Blames Brussels Terror on Rage at Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu blames the Brussels museum rampage on global anti-Israel rage. J.J. Goldberg explains why this is such a shocking change — and has dramatic implications.

Alejandro Avruj

Pope Francis's Rabbi No. 2

Pope Francis is bringing along not one but two Argentinean rabbis on his trip to the Holy Land.


Why Brussels Attack Looks Like 'Toulouse' Terror

At first blush, the terror attack in Brussels strongly resembles the 2012 rampage in Toulouse, France, which was carried out by a local Muslim not an organized terror group.

Warning: May contain war, slavery, rape, deceit, plagues, smiting or apocalypse.

Should the Bible Have a Trigger Warning?

With all the discussion of trigger warnings for content that may offend, Elissa Strauss wonders if the Bible should have one. What should we make of all the rawness in the Torah?