How Republican Jews Utterly Failed To Prevent Rise of 'Toxic' Donald Trump

These are dark days for Republicans, Noam Neusner writes. What can party stalwarts take away from this politically life-changing moment, and how will they rebuild?


‘Sacrilege’? It's a Pretty Low Bar in Israel These Days

Israel’s escalating culture wars turned surreal in late February, when a vitriolic battle of words erupted between right and left over this question: What is the biblical birthplace of the Jewish people? One side picked Jerusalem. The other side picked Egypt. Both sides were wrong. But days later the battle is still raging, from the Knesset to the op-ed pages to Twitter.


Did Obama Just Make It Kosher To Boycott Settlements?

President Obama has made the strongest statement to date that Israeli settlement boycotts are a legitimate tactic. How will dovish groups like J Street respond?


Why We Need To Dial Down Our Anti-Trump Rhetoric

When liberals get angry at Donald Trump — even comparing him to Hitler — that only legitimizes his success and gives fuel to his momentum, Ido Levy writes.


Donald Trump Is Playing 'Mr. Neutral' on Everything From Israel to the Klan — and It's Working

Whether the topic is Israel or the KKK, the Donald is refusing to take a stand. And believe it or not, that’s a great strategy, Bethany Mandel writes.

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