Benjamin Netanyahu's Favorite Poet — and Ours

Benjamin Netanyahu often quotes the words of Bialik, Israel’s national poet, during times of crisis. But Steven J. Zipperstein thinks the premier is cherry-picking the poet’s work.

Why Jewish Revenge Murder Should Shake Us Up

The gruesome murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, perpetrated by our own people, should cause soul-searching among Israelis and American Jews alike, writes Jane Eisner.


Who Won in Bibi-Liberman Divorce?

Why did Avigdor Liberman end the alliance between his Yisrael Beytenu party and Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud? And in this political divorce, who won?

The Pinkwashing of Mohammed Abu Khdeir

Palestinian teen Mohammed Abu Khdeir wasn’t killed by his family in an anti-gay ‘honor killing.’ Sigal Samuel asks how that hateful rumor gained so much traction.


More From Spy Chiefs: Palestine Conflict, Not Iran, Is Our Top Threat

The gravest danger for the Jewish state is not a nuclear Iran but conflict with Palestinians. So says the director of the Mossad, contradicting Benjamin Netanyahu.

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