I Miss J&R Already

There was something endearingly shabby about J and R Music World. Michael Kaminer explains why it felt weirdly haimish to shop at the 43-year-old lower Manhattan gadget Mecca.

No, Brandeis Isn't 'Silencing' Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Why does anti-Islam activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali claim that Brandeis ‘silenced’ her when it didn’t? And why do so many of her defenders come from the American Jewish right?

What I Learned From Passover in Poland

Anna Goldenberg explains how traveling to Warsaw on Passover upended her understanding of the holiday story — and of her own Jewish identity.

Annexation Was Always Naftali Bennett's Plan A

As peace talks flail, Naftali Bennett is calling for Israel to implement ‘Plan B’ by annexing part of the West Bank. But this has always been his Plan A, writes Emily Hauser.

Tiniest Victims of Passover Cleaning

VIDEO: If you are a breadcrumb in an observant home, your luck just ran out. Our video takes you inside the a pre-Pesach cleaning operation that wipes out every speck of hametz.