IDF, Shin Bet in TV Brawl: Did Hamas Want a War?

A furious war of words has erupted between IDF chief of staff Benny Gantz and Shin Bet director Yoram Cohen over the question: Did Hamas plan a war or stumble into it?


Why Should Women Pray to a Male God?

There is some inherent dissonance to being a God-believing woman. Elissa Strauss talks with Scott Perlo about whether women should keep praying to ‘Him.’


Anti-Sheldon Adelson Vote Signals Bibi's Mounting Woes

Benjamin Netanyahu’s allies and enemies alike voted to shut down Sheldon Adelson’s Israeli paper. That’s a sign of more trouble ahead for the prime minister’s shaky coalition.


Who's to Blame for Temple Mount Violence?

Benjamin Netanyahu blames Mahmoud Abbas for spiralling Temple Mount violence. But Israeli security insiders say Jewish extremists pose just as potent a threat, J.J. Goldberg writes.


Judge Posner Overstepped Bounds in Chabad Drinking Case

In his ruling on underage drinking at Chabad, Judge Richard Posner cited articles on Jewish law. Eliyahu Federman says that was totally inappropriate.

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