Not as Advertised: John Roberts has turned out to lead a very different type of court than promised.

The Roberts Court: No Longer Just an Umpire

John Roberts claimed at his Supreme Court confirmation that his job is like an umpire’s. But J.J. Goldberg writes that upending precedent is exactly what has come to define his court.


India's New Chief Sees Israel as Ally on Terror

Israeli leaders are cheering the victory of India’s Narendra Modi. The Hindu nationalist is seen as a possible ally against the Muslim world, J.J. Goldberg writes.

Partnership: Blacks and Jews have a shared history and future.

Donald Sterling's Racism Shouldn't Dampen History of Blacks and Jews

Donald Sterling’s shameful remarks cannot undo decades of close ties between blacks and Jews, Rabbi Marc Schneier and Russell Simmons write.

Separation: What defined ‘apartheid’ as it was applied in South Africa?

What Is Apartheid Really?

Although the word ‘apartheid’ often gets thrown around when it comes to Israel and Palestine, Ian Buruma wonders whether that’s an accurate use.