Adelson’s Money Puts Us All in Bed with Trump

Now that Sheldon Adelson has endorsed Donald Trump and pledged to spend a fortune to elect the presumed Republican nominee for president, how should the Jewish community react?


Jewish Anti-Zionism Does Not Deserve a Home in Hillel — at Brown or Anywhere Else

“Unlike anti-Zionists, who reign powerfully on many campuses, Zionists don’t have anywhere else to go. We need a single space where we can voice our ideas without fear.”


Why We Flouted Hillel Rules To Hold Nakba Event at Brown University

“We held the event in Hillel, unauthorized — without knowledge of the Hillel staff — after our Hillel withdrew its support.”


The White House Campaign of Lies That Wrecked the Middle East — No, It Wasn’t Ben Rhodes

Conservatives think Obama aide Ben Rhodes proved a White House lie wrought Middle East catastrophe. They’re right about the lie, J.J. Goldberg says, but they’re blaming the wrong administration. They should look in the mirror.


Let Israelis and Palestinians Be Enemies

Let’s get realistic, Natasha Gill writes. Humanization between individuals does not resolve conflict between groups.

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