The Real Existential Threat Is Not Iran. It’s Bibi.

Netanyahu says that by addressing Congress on Iran, he’s keeping the Jewish people safe. Lisa Goldman says he’s spent his entire career doing the exact opposite.


Bibi Should Speak to Congress — and We Should Listen!

Netanyahu’s job isn’t to make Americans feel like everything’s okay. It’s to protect Israelis — even if that requires a controversial address to Congress, David Hazony argues.


4 Questions for Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu has appointed himself to speak for the entire Jewish people on Iran. Gideon Aronoff and Dan Fleshler have some pointed questions for him.


Defending Lord Sinderby

Is a Jewish nobleman right to order his son not to marry outside the faith? ‘Downton Abbey’ poses the question — and Jane Eisner explains why she’s siding with Lord Sinderby.


Thank You, Hillel, for Opening the Door

Hillel International endorsed a Harvard event that included a BDS supporter. Ben Winter praises the group for opening its doors to alternate voices — and calls on it to do so nationwide.

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