Three Jews and a Palestinian — All Just Boys

EDITORIAL: Three murdered Israelis and one Palestinian apparent revenge victim were just boys. Turning them into icons will only lead to more violence and hatred.


Auschwitz Selfies? No Big Deal, IMHO

Jewish teenagers’ penchant for snapping selfies at concentration camps has provoked what seems like universal outrage. But Emily Hauser, for one, thinks the trend is no big deal.


Why Israeli Thirst for Revenge Is Profoundly Un-Jewish

Israelis eager to avenge the deaths of three slain teens are carrying out vicious attacks on innocent Palestinians. Their behavior is profoundly un-Jewish, Hody Nemes writes.


What Are You First, Jew or Journalist?

The Israeli government’s Jewish Media Summit brought journalists from all over the world. But one question didn’t get much play: Are you a Jew or a journalist first?


Unruly Hebron Clan Pushes Hamas — and Israel — to Brink

A terror-hardened Hebron clan tries to blow things up whenever Hamas tries a cease-fire. With the kidnap-murder of three Israeli teens, it may have gone too far, J.J. Goldberg reports.

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