How a Flight Was Lost in the 'Twilight Zone'

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has now been missing for two weeks. Rod Serling thought of this kind of drama a half century ago.

Why Recognizing Israel as 'Jewish State' Is Key to Peace

The most important issue in the Middle East peace talks is finally on the table. Palestinians must recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state if the conflict is to end, David Hazony writes.

Could 'Framework' Offer Elusive Breakthrough as Peace Talks Sputter?

Most see only gloom in the sputtering Mideast peace talks. So why does Israeli security insider Ami Ayalon see the upcoming peace ‘framework’ as a game-changer?

Anne Heyman Supporters Redouble Rwanda Effort

After Anne Heyman’s death, supporters of her Rwandan youth village are stepping up to ensure its financial viability by opening their wallets even wider than before.

African asylum-seekers protest outside Israel?s Holot detention center in the Negev, February 2014