Can My Kid Be an American Jew Without Losing Her Russian Culture?

Vicki Boykis wants her child to grow up steeped in American Judaism — but not at the expense of their Russian heritage. How can she convey that Pushkin is as much their culture as Sholom Aleichem?


I'm a Mizrahi Jew. Do I Count as a Person of Color?

Sigal Samuel’s family hails from the Middle East and North Africa. Does that make her non-white? She asked everyone from Mizrahi Jews to the U.S. Census Bureau — and found a surprising mix of answers.


For Each Day of the Gaza War, These Jewish Women Are Fasting

One block from the Israeli Prime Minister’s house, Jewish women are fasting for 50 days — the 50 days of last summer’s Gaza war. Rachel Tzvia Back takes us inside their protest tent.


How To Stabilize the Declining Jewish Middle — Or Even Reverse It

VIDEO: The number of active non-Orthodox Jews in America is shrinking. Sociologist Steven M. Cohen explains what each of us can do to reverse this trend and ensure the vitality of culture.


I Won't Give Iran a Hall Pass to Nuclear Warfare

After participating in classified briefings with the lead negotiators of the Iran deal, Florida Republican Congressman Dennis Ross explains why he will vote against it.

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