Live-Blogging Israel's Election Results

J.J. Goldberg and Nathan Guttman analyze Israel’s exit polls as they come in, bouncing ideas off one another to figure out what’s next for the government.


In Jaffa, Israeli Arabs Get Out the Vote

How are Israeli Arabs feeling as election day draws to a close? In Jaffa, where some launched a last-ditch get-out-the-vote effort, Joint List supporters are nervous.


Vote Seen Too Close to Call, Herzog 'Very Worried'

It may be true that all votes are counted equally, but in the final analysis, there might be only one that really counts. J.J. Goldberg explains why.

Turnout Surprisingly Low in Israel. Who's Hurt?

Forget the pre-election spin from enthusiastic Israeli lefties and despondent righties. At the voting booths, it’s still anybody’s game — and a surprisingly low turnout could be the real story.

Left or Right, Election Is Day at Beach

In Israel, election day is a holiday. And in Tel Aviv, voters traditionally hit the beach after they go to the polls.

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