Partnership: Blacks and Jews have a shared history and future.

Donald Sterling's Racism Shouldn't Dampen History of Blacks and Jews

Donald Sterling’s shameful remarks cannot undo decades of close ties between blacks and Jews, Rabbi Marc Schneier and Russell Simmons write.

Separation: What defined ‘apartheid’ as it was applied in South Africa?

What Is Apartheid Really?

Although the word ‘apartheid’ often gets thrown around when it comes to Israel and Palestine, Ian Buruma wonders whether that’s an accurate use.

Almost Partner: Gamel Abdel Nasser in 1957.

The Lessons of the 'Lavon Affair'

Sixty years ago, a burgeoning peace between Israel and the Arab world was torpedoed by the ‘Lavon Affair,’ writes Jerome Chanes. There are echoes of this sabotage today.


When 'Apartheid' Could Be the Word

Benjamin Pogrund, a South African-born journalist, says the A-word does not currently apply to Israel: There’s no planned institutionalized racism there, and that’s what “apartheid” means.