Let's Keep Judaism Boring!

Clergy and directors of non-Orthodox synagogues across the country are trying to find ways to make synagogue less boring. But boredom is good, writes Elissa Strauss, and we should fight to keep our houses of worship bastions of boredom.


Does Gleaming Palestinian City on Hill Offer Hope Amid Violence?

Could a brand new planned city offer a different path forward for the nascent Palestinian middle class? When Seth Frantzman first visited Rawabi, he doubted whether it would even be completed. Now he sees the West Bank city as a glimmer of hope for the future.


Why Benjamin Netanyahu's Defense of Hitler Is So Wrong — and Matters So Much

What should we make of Benjamin Netanyahu’s bizarre effort to blame Muslims for the Holocaust? J.J. Goldberg explains why Bibi’s history is wrong — and how it’s meant to demonize the Palestinians.


When Prayer Becomes Provocation on the Temple Mount

It’s an insulting lie for anyone to deny Jews’ eternal bond to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Yet Jane Eisner explains why it’s equally dangerous for us to encroach on Muslim rights to a site that they too hold sacred.


Stop Enabling Donors' Outsized Influence on Jewish Life

Money does not a leader make. Jay Ruderman explains the danger of giving donors the power to shape our communal consensus, just because they’ve got deep pockets.

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