Alexander Imich, Czar's Last Bar Mitzvah Boy

The late Alexander Imich was the world’s oldest man. He was also the last Jew to be bar mitzvah-ed in the Czarist Empire — and that’s just one of his little-known secrets.


Include Me Out of This Jewish Community

The Jewish establishment has made great strides in accepting LGBT people. But Jay Michaelson thinks we should take a second look at who still gets left out.


Israel's Bitter Splits Boil Over in Open

Israel gave the world an unusually raw look at its internal divisions this week as a high-profile security conference turned into a pitched battle over the most basic of issues.


Israel Gets Gender-Segregated Elevator — Finally!

Israel already has gender-segregated classrooms, playgrounds and buses. Now, some buildings have divided elevators so observant men can ride apart from women.

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