Settlements, Snub Cause Latest U.S.-Israel Strain

Netanyahu is planning a massive new wave of construction in the West Bank. It may calm his restive allies in the settler-backed Jewish Home party — but it’s sure to anger others.


When Palestinians Bury an American Teen

The funeral of Orwa Hammad, the 14-year-old shot dead by Israel this week, drew the attention of political players ranging from Hamas to the U.S. government.


Why AIPAC Is Anti-Israel

The right often claims dovish groups don’t have Israel’s interests at heart. Jay Michaelson thinks it’s time to turn that logic around.


Why Jews Will Vote Democrat Again

With midterm elections coming up, Jews will likely vote Democratic again in disproportionate numbers. Anne Roiphe explores the reasons for this phenomenon.


The Raw Honesty of Klinghoffer

Lisa Goldman went to see “The Death of Kinghoffer” on opening night and found herself transfixed by the opera’s emotional power.

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