Anne Heyman Supporters Redouble Rwanda Effort

After Anne Heyman’s death, supporters of her Rwandan youth village are stepping up to ensure its financial viability by opening their wallets even wider than before.

African asylum-seekers protest outside Israel?s Holot detention center in the Negev, February 2014

Did Israeli Conversions Just Get a Lot Easier?

Orthodox lawmakers are furious about a bill that they say would make it easier for Reform and Conservative Jews to carry out state-recognized conversions in Israel. But are they lying?

'Princeton Mom' Susan Patton Is Back — and She's Not All Wrong

‘Princeton mom’ Susan Patton has been bashed for calling on young women to find a good hubby in college. Elissa Strauss says the book is off base, but not as much as you think.

Trading a Palestinian Flag for a Kid's Freedom?

Did the Israeli army really get a Palestinian man to take down his flag by promising to release a neighborhood boy arrested for allegedly throwing stones?