From Gaza to Sderot, Trauma Marks The Past — And The Present

Constant war and fear has scarred people on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In his last column written hours before his death this week, Leonard Fein calls for compassion.


Better The Enemy You Know — Gaza's Other Terror Groups

After a fight that left thousands dead and much of Gaza in ruins, Hamas has lived to see another day. Ben Sales explains why that might not be the worst thing for Israel.

A Fight Worth Fighting

Would the president have intervened to help the Yazidis in Northern Iraq if there weren’t Americans nearby? That this is a question at all says a lot about the state of U.S. foreign policy.


8 Things You Didn't Know About The U.N. War Crimes Commission

William Schabas, chair of the U.N. Gaza war crimes panel, comes from a Jewish family and found Iran guilty of human rights violations. Guess what his name means.


Exchange in the Air

Eli Valley envisions an (explosive) conversation on Zionism and the course of Jewish history during a military mission over Gaza.

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