Why Purim Is Holiday of Ironies

On Purim, we celebrate how a plan to kill Jews ended up with the death of the perpetrator. For Avi Shafran, the holiday demonstrates the beauty of irony.


How Bibi's Speech Raises Stakes for All of Us

EDITORIAL: Benjamin Netanyahu gave us great political theater. He also raised the stakes in his battle with the White House on Iran — and that could be dangerous for all of us.


How Netanyahu Put the Democrats to Shame

Instead of mustering arguments to counter Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech, the White House has resorted to childish name-calling, Jonathan Tobin writes.


11 Lies Netanyahu Told Congress on Iran

Benjamin Netanyahu’s case against an Iran deal revolves around 11 core arguments. And Lara Friedman’s got a rebuttal for each and every one.


Netanyahu's Speech Just Raised the Stakes for All

Netanyahu may have accomplished his goals in Washington, Jane Eisner writes. But his speech raised the stakes for Israel and America — and the results could be dangerous.

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