Ayman Oudeh Has Already Won Israel's Election

Muslim Knesset hopeful Ayman Oudeh, whose family has captivated Jewish leftists and the Israeli media, is coming out the winner in this election, Lisa Goldman writes.


Don't Believe the Hype — Bibi Is Still in Driver's Seat

A wave of euphoria is spreading in Israeli liberal circles as polls show Benjamin Netanyahu trailing. But Steven Klein says solid support for the right wing bloc means Bibi still has a big edge.


66 Years of Israeli Voting in 1 Cool Graphic

If you want to see in one shot why many Israel observers are tearing their hair out in response to the country’s electoral process, feast your eyes on this amazing graphic.


When the Talmud Tells You Who To Vote For

One Talmud teacher’s fictionalized version of the holy teachings tells Israelis a lot about which parties not to vote for — like all of them.

Voting Out Israel's 1%

As Israelis head to the polls, liberals are anxious about the entrenched settler population whose existence this election will not change. But Michael Karpin has reason for optimism.

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