What Should I Tell My Toddler About Santa?

We’re going to the in-laws for Christmas and my son’s cousins believe in Santa. What, if anything, should I tell him about jolly old St. Nick?


Why Chief Rabbi Couldn't Be More Wrong About Conservative School

Rabbi David Lau’s condemnation this week of Naftali Bennett’s visit to the Solomon Schechter School of Manhattan was shortsighted and inaccurate in many ways.


How Republican Hate for Obama Is Burning Up the Planet

Why save the world when you can take cheap shots at Barack Obama? That seems to be the mentality driving Republicans, who are stepping up their insurrection at the Paris climate talks, J.J. Goldberg writes.


What 1,000 Rabbis Should Have Said in Syrian Refugee Petition

Marc Dollinger commends the rabbis who signed a petition for Syrian refugees — but says it reflects a misguided collective memory and misses a more important narrative of Jewish leadership.


Are French Jews Falling for Marine Le Pen's Xenophobic Siren Song?

Marine Le Pen’s Front National party has made big gains in recent elections — and France’s Jews are by no means passive bystanders in this alarming voting trend.

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