Settler Yeshiva Battles IDF Over...Treadmills?

In their battle with the Israeli military, the extremist West Bank settlers of Yizhar have proclaimed a modest — if bizarre — victory.


Using Ex-Nazis as Spies? I Saw It Happen.

America covered up its use of former Nazis as spies during the postwar period, but one Jewish veteran says he saw it firsthand. He talks to Josh Nathan-Kazis.

Divesting From Immorality

EDITORIAL: The campaign to get universities to divest from fossil fuels is failing. Institutions don’t get that climate change is a moral issue — and one they can do something about.


Jewish Defense League Meets Pastrami

The Jewish Defense League — a militant organization and recognized terrorist group — is soliciting funds at the top kosher deli in North America. How did we let this happen?


Switzerland Begins To Confront Its Own Holocaust Past

What will it take for Switzerland to emerge, at long last, from the shadows of the Holocaust? Two disputes over Nazi-looted art may hold the key.

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