EBSCO Backtracks On ‘Anti-Jewish’ BDS Index

EBSCO, a major provider of online research databases, has agreed to stop indexing BDS under the heading of ‘anti-Jewish boycotts.’ Sigal Samuel explains why this small shift is so significant.

3 Dangerous Bills That Will Rock Israel This Week

The Knesset is voting on three controversial bills this week. Brent Sasley explains why all of them are likely to transform Israel — for the worse.

Fighting Anti-Gay Hate on Purim

One of the most important ways to combat oppression is to work against the terrible wave of homophobia in Africa, Barney Frank writes.

Wedge Issue: Vladimir Putin and his underlings are talking non-stop about Ukraine?s Jews. And don?t expect the Kremlin strongman to stop anytime soon.

Why Vladimir Putin Will Keep Playing Jewish Card in Ukraine Crisis

The Kremlin has spent most of the past week slamming supposed anti-Semitism in Ukraine. It’s a clever ploy, David Fishman writes — and it’s not over by a long shot.