Echoes of McCarthyism in Smear Campaign Against New Israel Fund Backers

Pamela Geller and Ronn Torossian are channeling Joe McCarthy in their attacks on backers of the New Israel Fund. Deborah Lipstadt and David Ellenson ask: Have they no decency?


Meet the Long-Lost Jews of Jedwabne

In 1941, the Polish villagers of Jedwabne engaged in an orgy of killing aimed at their Jewish neighbors. Anna Bikont tells this story in her book, ‘The Crime and the Silence.’


Israel's Debates Creep (Back) Into Our Bloodstream

Like it or not, the identity of American Jews is now tightly tied to Israel, J.J. Goldberg writes. That means we have a huge stake in its looming election — even if we don’t always agree.


5 Questions for Tim Kaine on Israel

Sen. Tim Kaine is a moderate Democrat who boycotted Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress. Nathan Guttman asks him about Iran and whether Democrats are drifting away from Israel.

Tzipi and Buji Go to the Market

With only a few days to go until the election, Tzipi Livni and Isaac Herzog were in the market (literally) for a photo op. Let’s just say they got what they came for.

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