Don't Blame All Ultra-Orthodox for Actions of One Stabber

The murder of Shira Banki by Yishai Schlisser at Jerusalem’s gay pride parade was indefensible. Indefensible as well, though, were some reactions to the stabbings, Avi Shafran argues.


How Not To Cover a Gay Pride Parade Stabbing

When reporting on the stabbing attack at Jerusalem’s gay pride parade, several ultra-Orthodox outlets abandoned both journalistic standards and Jewish ethics, Rachel Benaim writes. How can we view them as reputable news sources?


Why We Should Ignore the Nuts on Both Sides of Iran Deal Debate

Some Iran deal opponents actually want a war. And some supporters are blind to the dangers of accommodating Tehran. Jay Michaelson explains why we should ignore both extremes — and accept the benefits of the nuclear agreement, despite its flaws.


I'm an Orthodox Mom and I Want City To Probe Brooklyn Yeshivas

Bethany Mandel is cheering New York City’s decision to investigate 39 religious schools. The young Orthodox mom explains why we should all support the move — especially after Faigy Mayer’s tragic death.


What Gay Pride Parade Stabber Has in Common With His Victims

If only the stabber at Jerusalem’s gay pride parade had paused to speak to the marchers, he would have realized how much he had in common with them, Ysoscher Katz writes.

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