When Prayer Becomes Provocation on the Temple Mount

It’s an insulting lie for anyone to deny Jews’ eternal bond to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Yet Jane Eisner explains why it’s equally dangerous for us to encroach on Muslim rights to a site that they too hold sacred.


4 Times Israelis and Palestinians Stuck Up for One Another

It’s easy for Palestinians and Israelis to turn against each other right now. Here are four examples of people who are choosing to reach out instead.


When Israelis Kill Innocents for the Crime of Looking Arab

Israeli Jews aiming to attack Palestinians are instead harming innocents by mistake — first Mizrahi Jews, now an Eritrean immigrant. Sigal Samuel says it’s no coincidence that these victims are getting caught in the crossfire.


Donors Shouldn't Dictate Young Jews' Opinions On Israel

The young Jews of Open Hillel, frustrated with what they see as the Jewish Federations of North America’s attempt to delimit the Israel debate, are issuing a call for change.


How To Talk to Your Kids About the Violence in Israel

Social scientist Sivan Zakai, who studies what American Jewish kids do and don’t understand about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, has some tips about what to say to them now.

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