Spooks Warn Pols: Don't Strike Hamas Over Kidnap

As Israel mourns the loss of three boys, military figures debate politicians over how hard to hit back — and at whom. Would it be ‘irresponsible’ to target Hamas?


The Murkiness of the Hobby Lobby Ruling

With all the uproar around the Hobby Lobby decision, it would be easy to miss how limited the decision actually is, writes Michael A. Helfand.


A Threat to Jews in Hobby Lobby Decision

The Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case pitted a Talmudic Antonin Scalia against the prophetess, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. But the prophetess lost.


'Pinkwashing' Washed Out at Toronto Gay Pride

Queers United Against Israeli Apartheid has been making a lot of noise in recent years at Toronto’s pride parade. But this year, they were overshadowed, Michael Kaminer writes.


A Non-Giggly Girl Causes Problems Among the Ultra-Orthodox

When she was in seventh grade, DeDe Jacobs-Komisar was the object of great concern at her Bais Yaakov school. She was failing to become, as the rabbi put it, ‘a giggly girl.’

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