What Jewish Law Says About 'Deflate-Gate'

The so-called ‘deflate-gate’ scandal is threatening to eclipse the Super Bowl’s legendary hype. What would Jewish law say about the New England Patriots bending the rules?


Auschwitz and Unfulfilled Responsibilities

Normally liberation is a word associated with joy. But Richard Haass tells the United Nations that we cannot celebrate at Auschwitz, the site of one of history’s greatest mass murders.

Talmudic Rabbis Were Totally Badass in Blizzards

Ancient Talmudic rabbi Hillel the Elder is not impressed with our Blizzard of 2015. He braves snowstorms like a boss —  and makes New Yorkers look like a bunch of sissies.

Why Israel’s Crazy Electoral System Might Be Best Idea Ever

As the Israeli elections near, many criticize an electoral system that seems to balkanize the body politic. Haim Watzman thinks that’s exactly what Israel needs.


Meretz Is a Lost Child on the Internet

Meretz is a lost child on the internet, Lior Zaltzman writes. She asks the liberal Israeli party to quit humiliating her with cringe-worthy election ads.

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