Letter: German and French Rabbis Lament Brexit, Call for Unity

We are deeply saddened by the result of the referendum because the UK has abandoned the great idea of a peaceful, united Europe. We are worried about the future because a forward thinking nation like the UK has shown the world that fascism is electable again. We are concerned that this referendum will unleash a chain reaction strengthening the extreme right across Europe.

Doctors Without Borders Denies Institutional Anti-Semitism

Recent comments by the former president of MSF France equated the wearing of the yarmulke with support of Israeli state policies. Such statements are ill-informed, offensive and just plain wrong. While later retracted, the remarks are condemnable, and in no way represent or reflect any official MSF position.


Why the Supreme Court Immigration Decision Is a Jewish Issue

Every so often at Shabbat services, service leaders mark key events in our nation’s history, such as when the Supreme Court decided in favor of marriage equality, or when the Affordable Care Act passed. Whether these events are worked into the weekly sermon or there’s simply a mention before we begin our prayers, marking these events is an important reminder that our lives as Jewish people are inseparable from our identity as Americans.


A British Jew Mourns, Fears Brexit

Prime Minister David Cameron stands down…Conservative Party leadership battle hots up… “Labour Party imploding” - shadow cabinet coup against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn…Nicola Sturgeon Scotland’s First Minister says: “Scotland may veto Brexit.”


Is Donald Trump-Style Populism Just Human Nature?

Trump, Nigel Farage, Avigdor Lieberman — these are all symptoms, not causes, of a malady that feels like it threatens the march of civilization itself.

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