The Key to Bernie Sanders's Appeal Isn't Socialism. It's Yiddish Socialism.

If you want to understand the popularity of Bernie Sanders, you need to understand the specifically Yiddish socialism that underpinned his Jewish Brooklyn environment, Daniel Katz argues.


Bernie's Crazy Hair — and Other Things Hillary Would Never Get Away With

No matter how Hillary Clinton dresses, the media keeps hating on her. So why does Bernie Sanders get a free pass for his zany appearance?


Why Antonin Scalia Was a Closet Radical — and Would Relish Political Firestorm Over Supreme Court

Antonin Scalia will be remambered as a tenacious conservative. But J.J. Goldberg writes that he was also a flame-thrower — and would relish the political firestorm that quickly erupted over picking his successor.


Israel Elected Golda Meir in 1969. What's America's Excuse on Hillary Clinton?

Fifty-seven years have passed since Golda Meir’s election, and the United States still hasn’t caught up with Israel. Lior Zaltzman asks when we’ll give up our sexist excuses for disliking Hillary Clinton.


Why Bludgeoning Bernie Sanders on Israel Won’t Help Hillary Clinton

Good thing Hillary Clinton disavowed a report suggesting she would attack Bernie Sanders’s pro-Israel credentials — that would have done her more harm than good, Ali Gharib writes.

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