When the Talmud Tells You Who To Vote For

One Talmud teacher’s fictionalized version of the holy teachings tells Israelis a lot about which parties not to vote for — like all of them.

Voting Out Israel's 1%

As Israelis head to the polls, liberals are anxious about the entrenched settler population whose existence this election will not change. But Michael Karpin has reason for optimism.


Meet the Man Fighting Eruv 'Terrorists' in the Hamptons

Orthodox Jews have won the court’s approval for a religious boundary in the Hamptons — and anti-eruv neighbor Jack O’Dwyer is taking the decision personally. Very personally.


Swarthmore Hillel Puts 'Open' Status to Good Use

After a year of planning, Swarthmore’s Open Hillel put its new status to use with a pathbreaking program. For Aaron Wagener, it was both terrifying and inspiring.


How Zionist Union Could Build Ruling Coalition

The battle for Israeli voters is red hot. J.J. Goldberg says the real debate is over the Zionist Union’s odds of forging a coalition — and the surprising partners who could put it over the top.

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