Appeal to Authority

Among the most potent logical fallacies available to the polemicist is the “appeal to authority,” by which one attempts to suggest that the opinion of an expert on a question within the general area of his expertise must be correct. An “appeal to authority” is at the heart of J.J. Goldberg’s column “Israel Security Establishment Breaks With Bibi on Iran Deal” (July 23), in which Mr. Goldberg cites the putative views of a number of Israeli “security insiders” to suggest that the vehement opposition of Prime Minister Netanyahu to President Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran – an opposition shared by every major political party in Israel – is misplaced.

Wronged Women

I am appalled by your portrayal of Faigy Mayer’s suicide. An event like this deeply saddens all of us, regardless of race or religious denomination. Yet it amazes me how you have used this woman’s story to wrongfully generalize about ultra-Orthodox Jews (specifically women) worldwide.

A “Non-Zionist Synagogue”: Who Owns the Flag?

The term, “non-Zionist synagogue” is problematic. If there can be a “non-Zionist synagogue,” the implication is that there are “Zionist synagogues.” And although individuals may identify themselves as Zionists or not, congregations are neither; they are Jewish — and they welcome people of differing viewpoints, particularly when it comes to Zionism.

Negotiator Breaks Down Science of Iran Nuclear Deal

U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz spent the last year personally negotiating with Iran. Now, he explains how the nuclear deal improves the security of the United States — and Israel.


What's Lithuania Trying To Prove By Accusing Jews?

Lithuania is accusing Jewish partisans of war crimes. Jonathan Katz asks: Is the country just trying to hide its history of Nazi collaboration?

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