We Need To Out Bernie Sanders as a Jew — for His Own Good

If Bernie Sanders isn’t going to talk publicly about his Jewish identity, we should do it for him, Valerie Lieber writes. Otherwise, it will become a huge vulnerability.


Israeli Opposition's Plan for Jerusalem Makes No Sense. Here's a Better Idea.

Cutting off a number of Palestinian neighborhoods from Jerusalem is a terrible proposal, Eetta Prince-Gibson says. She suggests a different way to make the holy city work for both Israelis and Palestinians.


How Jewish Would a Bernie Sanders Presidency Be?

If Bernie Sanders were to win the election, he’d make history as the first Jewish president. But Jane Eisner questions whether his Jewishness will make any difference in how he leads.


Why Does Israel's Liberal Opposition Leader Say There's No Prospect of a Peace Deal?

Isaac Herzog is supposed to be leading the opposition to Israel’s governing coalition. So why is he saying that there’s no chance for a two-state solution nowadays?


My Memories of Nino Scalia, the Most Jewish Gentile on the Supreme Court

“When there was no Jewish justice on the Supreme Court,” Antonin “Nino” Scalia told me, “I considered myself the Jewish justice.”

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