Not Based a True Story: Evangelical Christians were upset with the new film about Noah, accusing of it of not being faithful enough to the bible?s version.

The Year of Magical Thinking

From reactions to ‘Noah’ to the Haredi belief that praying protects the Jewish state, we’re living in a time of magical thinking. What happened to facts, asks Jay Michaelson.

On Yarzeit, Recall King's Last Battle: Labor Rights

On Martin Luther King Jr.’s yarhzeit, J.J. Goldberg recalls King’s last crusade, cut short, for economic justice, and the promise of a new black-Jewish alliance that died with him.

Data-Driven: Nate Silver?s new FiveThirtyEight blog aims to use data to address thorny public issues.

Why Nate Silver Should Listen to Abraham Joshua Heschel

Nate Silver claims that data-driven journalism trumps everything. Elissa Strauss thinks Jewish tradition as explained by Abraham Joshua Heschel offers a pretty good rebuke.

Memo to New York Times: Women Are Jews, Too

The New York Times ran a story about how talk of freeing Jonathan Pollard is dividing American Jews. But of the seven Jews they called for a quote, not one was female.