The Jewish Left is Alive and Vibrant

Is the Jewish left dying, as Jay Michaelson suggests? One young leftist says the opposite is true, and explains why all the statistics in the world couldn’t convince him otherwise.


Why Presbyterian Divestment Feels Like Anti-Semitism

Seen from Israel, the Presbyterian vote on divestment seems unfair, hypocritical and — there’s no way around this — even anti-Semitic, Jane Eisner writes.


Holiday for Jewish Refugees? Not Without Nakba Day.

Israel has established a national day to commemorate the plight of Jewish refugees from Arab lands. Sigal Samuel wants no part of that ritual —  until Palestinians get a day too.


Why I'm a Liberal — and I Hate the Nanny State

We usually think of opposing big government as a conservative precept. But Jay Michaelson thinks liberals also have plenty of reasons to dislike onerous regulation.

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