Should He Stay or Should He Go? Neither — Bernie Sanders Has a Third Path

Bernie Sanders could spend the next few months in a grudge match against Hillary Clinton. Or he could seize the moment to shape America by building a movement behind his vision, J.J. Goldberg writes.


We’re Celebrating Passover. Where Is Hope for Peace in Israel, Freedom and Progress?

Passover had a certain bittersweet cast to it this year. I don’t think I’m the only one who felt it.


Why Israel’s $2.9M Rainbow Plane Is a Joke — and You Don’t Have Be a BDS Fan To Say So

Liam Hoare admits thinking the image of an Israeli airplane bedecked in the colors of the rainbow flag was a hoax. Unfortunately, the $2.9M boondoggle to promote Tel Aviv Pride was very real.


Why Did Bernie Sanders Pick ‘Palestine’ as Poverty Benchmark?

(JTA) — Bernie Sanders, campaigning this weekend in Baltimore ahead of Tuesday’s primary in Maryland, sounded familiar and poignant notes about American poverty, arguing that the United States, the world’s mightiest power, lags behind developing countries on a number of scales.


What the Other Bernie Teaches Us About the Budding Sanders Personality Cult

Will Bernie Sanders succumb to the seductions of his own following — at the expense of his legacy? Bernard Epton, who once ran for mayor of Chicago, should serve as a warning to him, Samuel Freedman writes.

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