Jeb Bush's Lurch to the Right

Jeb Bush is seeking to placate evangelicals by naming an anti-gay hardliner to his policy team. Jay Michaelson explains why Jewish moderates should be very worried.


A Teachable Moment at UCLA

EDITORIAL: All of us should condemn the questioning of a UCLA student about her Jewish faith. But let’s put the incident in context, instead of giving into inaccuracies and fear.


Why Is Hillel Chief Eric Fingerhut Shunning J Street — and 1,000 Pro-Israel Students?

The head of Hillel has passed up the chance to address 1,000 Jewish students at J Street. Benjy Cannon asks: Isn’t reaching out to students his job — whether he agrees with them or not?


Europe’s Undercover Yarmulke Journalists

Sending a yarmulke-wearing man out with a hidden video camera to document anti-Semitism on the streets of Europe is quickly becoming a journalistic trope.

Are Lithuania’s Swastika-Studded Marchers Really 'Fascists'?

What’s the deal with Lithuania’s swastika-studded nationalist marches? Daiva Repečkaitė joins one of the gatherings to find out if participants are as anti-Semitic as they seem.

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