Why HarperCollins Was So Wrong To Erase Israel

HarperCollins wants to move on after scrubbing Israel from a map. Daniel S. Mariaschin asks what would happen if the publishing giant bowed to demands to erase other countries?


Why We Mourn the Loss of Streit’s Matzo

Amy Stein-Milford has led walking tours of the Lower East Side for 15 years. She explains why the closing of Streit’s Matzo signals the end of an era for Jewish New Yorkers.


Why Charlie Hebdo Must Be Free to Offend All — Even Us

EDITORIAL: Jews have often been targets of Charlie Hebdo’s nasty satire. After the terror attack on the magazine, it’s even more important to defend its freedom to speak — and to offend.


How Terror Attack Hits Raw Nerve for Paris Jews Like Me

Laurent-David Samama is watching his fellow Parisian Jews reel with shock after today’s Islamic terror attack. Does it make him want to flee France? Just the opposite.


Was Terror Attack Tied to 'Muslim Future' Satire?

The current issue of Charlie Hebdo features a controversial satiric book that depicts a future France under Islamic rule. Did that spark the bloody attack in Paris?

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