Israel, Hamas Near Long-Term Deal on These Terms

Israel and the Palestinians are said to be near agreement on the terms for a long-term cease-fire for Gaza. J.J. Goldberg breaks down the demands on each side.


Defeating Hamas Will Not Solve Israel's Problem

Defeating Hamas, if militarily possible, may confer certain short-term advantages to Israel. But defeating Hamas is not going to resolve Israel’s core challenge, the question of Palestinian nationalism.


A Left-Wing Argument for Supporting Israel's War

Hamas threatens not only Israel’s citizens, but also the prospect of a two-state solution. Gadi Taub explains why this war seems so necessary to many Israelis on the left.


4 Ways Gaza War Costs Israel

After the missiles have stopped, after the troops have come home, even after most of the wounded are out of the hospital, Israelis will still be feeling the burden of Operation Protective Edge — this time in their pockets.

Israel's Moral Dilemma in Waging Gaza War

Israel faces a seemingly impossible task in Gaza: fighting militants willing to fight amid a civilian population. Amitai Etzioni explores the moral and tactical challenges.

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