Why We Need Birthright in Reverse

We’ve invested hundreds of millions of dollars to bring Americans to Israel. Now it’s time to bring Israelis to this side of the pond, Jay Ruderman writes.


What's So Wrong About Cameron Diaz's Jewish Wedding?

When word spread about Cameron Diaz’s Jewish-inspired wedding, some celebrated. But others see a danger in celebrities cherry-picking our traditions.


Don't Lecture, Listen to Europe's Jews

EDITORIAL: After terror attacks in France and now Denmark, some offer the same easy answer: Come to Israel. But shouldn’t we be listening to European Jews instead of lecturing them?


7 Axioms of the Copenhagen Terror Attacks

The Copenhagen terror attacks should not have surprised anyone. Deborah Lipstadt offers 7 axioms of the new reality — starting with the fact that it has a name: Muslim extremism.


My Night at Jerusalem's First Public Drag Show

Jerusalem’s first-ever public drag show sparked anger among religious right-wingers, who came out to protest the event. So why was one queen delighted to see them?

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