Would Charlie Hebdo Have Angered So Many Online?

Charlie Hebdo, with its oversized format and huge cartoon cover, revels in print. Would its depictions of Mohammed have rankled so many in the Muslim world if they were online only?

1 Billion Chinese. 1 Jew. So Many Questions.

When Steven Windmueller taught Judaism in China, students greeted him with declarations like ‘Jews in America are influential and powerful!’ Then came the barrage of questions.


Bridging Divide Between Universal and Parochial Jews

There are two kinds of Jews, those who see the world from a parochial perspective and those with a universalist view. Nigel Savage says they need to come closer together.


How Pepper Spray Became Jerusalem's Weapon of Choice

Pepper spray is trendy in Jerusalem these days. As vendors enjoy the booming business, Jews arm themselves — and some innocent Palestinians get sprayed.

The 1% Solution to Jewish Education

The high cost of Jewish day school makes it prohibitive to most, even to people who own valuable homes. Ari Segal has a surprising solution to this problem.

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