Jill Stein and the Role of Radical Jewish Women in Politics

We had Emma Goldman, Bella Abzug and Betty Friedan — and now we’ve got Jill.


J Street Can Fight BDS and Israeli Occupation at the Same Time

A meeting with Israel’s strategic affairs minister doesn’t change that, Rachel Lerner writes.


The Origins of Anti-Semitic Anime Inspired by Donald Trump

In my research on the Japanese fan base of Neon Genesis Evangelion, I found very little evidence for an anti-Semitic interpretation of the series. Instead, I found something far more fascinating: A closer look at the origins of the Asuka “Make American Great Again” meme revealed a complicated nexus of both satirical and anti-Semitic anime memes that first surfaced on the internet earlier this year — a physical manifestation of white supremacists’ affinity for Trump and Japanese anime.


4 Men Who Want To Bring Down Benjamin Netanyahu — and the Tragic Reasons They Won’t

In the space of a single day, no fewer than four former heads of the IDF declared war on the Netanyahu era.


Why BDS and Brexit Go Hand in Hand

If you don’t live in Europe, you might not think that Thursday’s referendum on whether or not Great Britain should remain in the European Union has much to do with you. But, if you care about Israel’s economy and are opposed to the BDS movement (boycott, divestment, and sanctions against Israel), you should be urging all of your British friends to vote Remain.

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