Does Brian Williams Punishment Fit 'Crime'?

Uriel Heilman was shocked that Brian Williams flew under the radar with his fibs for so long. What do Jewish crisis PR experts think about his punishment?


The Eruv Dividing Church and State in the Hamptons

A court has ruled on the eruv that has divided the Hamptons. Michael A. Helfand says the decision has implications that extend far beyond the playground of the rich and famous.


Why Losing Jon Stewart Hurts the Middle East

Jon Stewart leaving ‘The Daily Show’ is bad for the Jews, the Muslims and the entire Middle East. But finding comedians to fill his shoes might not be so hard, Sigal Samuel writes.


Who Speaks for the Jews?

EDITORIAL: Calling Benjamin Netanyahu a spokesman for the Jewish people is a convenient shorthand for some. But no one speaks for all of us — and that’s exactly how it should be.


Award for Most Unfunny Israeli Comedy Goes to...

Israel’s new right-wing comedy show, ‘Hakol Shafit,’ has all the makings of a great political satire. But it’s got one flaw — it’s just not funny. Elisheva Goldberg explains why.

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