How Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s DNC Tried To Weaponize Bernie Sanders’s Jewishness

The Democratic National Committee emails leaked by WikiLeaks prove what some have been saying for months, Ari Paul writes.


How Orthodox Jews Can Fight Islamophobia — by Taking a Lesson from Sikhs

Combating Islamophobia not only aligns with Jewish values, it’s also in our best interest, Sara Weissman writes.


Hillary Clinton and the Myths Jewish Democrats Like To Tell Themselves

Noam Neusner explains why Democrats are about to be let down by the candidacy — and, if she wins, the presidency — of Hillary Clinton.


How Both the Left and the Right Get Israel’s Gay Rights Struggle Wrong

The two dominant media stories about LGBT life in Israel are convenient narratives serving political ends — not queer Israelis, Raphael Magarik writes.


One-Year-Old Iran Deal Came With a Hefty Price Tag — in Human Lives

One year in, the Iran deal is self-evidently misguided to anyone who knows the history, the incentives and the way regimes like Iran’s work, David Hazony writes.

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