6 Jewish Memories of Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou, who has died at 86, was a celebrated poet, author, and chronicler of the African-American experience. She also had several memorable interactions with the Jewish world.


Trying To Prove a Palestinian Died? Good Luck.

Jordan Kutzik didn’t believe his friend’s claim that Palestinians are dehumanized by much of the Jewish community — until he began looking into the “Pallywood” meme.


Brandeis Shouldn’t Cut Ties to Palestinian University

In an open letter, famed attorney Michael Ratner says he’s resigning from a Brandeis advisory board over the school’s decision to cut ties with a Palestinian university.


Why Jerusalem Day Is One Big Lie

On Jerusalem Day, let’s get things straight. The Jerusalem of today is not an eternal city. It is not undivided. And it is certainly not holy, writes Emily L. Hauser.


How Is This Wall Different? Pope Francis Cements an Icon

Pope Francis’ stop at the Israeli separation wall will be the enduring legacy of his Mideast journey, Gal Beckerman writes. So what does this newly-iconic image mean?

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