Why I'm a Liberal — and I Hate the Nanny State

We usually think of opposing big government as a conservative precept. But Jay Michaelson thinks liberals also have plenty of reasons to dislike onerous regulation.


Orthodoxy — It's Not What They Want You To Think

The Orthodox world is a confusing place: terms like ‘modern,’ ‘Haredi’ and ‘Hasidic’ don’t mean what they once did. Jerome Chanes provides a surprising new taxonomy.


Why Supporting Israel Isn't All in the Family Anymore

EDITORIAL: For decades, American Jews were united by support for Israel, in peacetime and war. New data from the Pew survey shows this consensus is fraying fast.


How Jews Are Honoring 3 Civil Rights Martyrs

Jewish groups are remembering Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner and James Chaney, on the 50th anniversary of their murders in Mississippi.

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