The Jewish Case for Reparations — to Blacks

What does Ta-Nehisi Coates’s call for reparations to African Americans have to do with Jews? Absolutely everything, says Emily L. Hauser.


Reuven Rivlin Called Reform Judaism 'Idol Worship'

If Likud Knesset member Reuven Rivlin gets elected next month to succeed President Shimon Peres as Israel’s next president, don’t blame Reform Jewry for withholding its applause.


March of the Living Exploits — Like 9/11 Museum

High school student Adam Chanes chose not to go on March of the Living for the same reason many now criticize the new 9/11 Memorial Museum: it’s just too exploitative.


Lewis Wolff Talks the Jewish Side of Moneyball

Oakland A’s owner Lewis Wolff is known as the man behind ‘Moneyball.’ He talks about being a Jewish owner in the national pasttime, Israel, and why he rooted for Sandy Koufax.

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