The Huge Irony That Jews for Cruz Can’t — or Won’t — Admit

Ted Cruz’s affinity for Israel has little to do with concern for the Jewish state and more to do with the fulfillment of a disturbing New Testament prophecy, Ari Paul writes.


How John Kasich Accidentally Rehashed a Classic Jewish-Christian Debate

What John Kasich was really going on about in Boro Park was the split between Mosaic law and Abrahamic covenant, between Judaism and Christianity, Raphael Magarik argues.


Why I’m for Hillary (and Not for Him)

Historian Deborah Lipstadt has supported Hillary Clinton for a long time, and she now actively opposes Bernie Sanders for his reckless promises and fuzziness on details. And then there’s Israel.


Will Bernie Sanders’s Debate Criticism End Grip of Israel Lobby — or Be a Footnote in History?

University of Wisconsin Professors Vernon Allen and John Levine conducted a series of experiments in the late 1960s to examine psychologist Solomon Asch’s theories about conformity and the influence of social forces on individual opinions. They found that even one dissenter from supposedly unanimous views enables others to express their opinions more freely.


Why Am I Irrationally Worried About Kitniyot?

As distinctive practices within Judaism diminish, Jane Eisner wonders how responsible she is for maintaining traditions — like avoiding rice and legumes on Passover — that she only recently reclaimed.

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