11 Lies Netanyahu Told Congress on Iran

Benjamin Netanyahu’s case against an Iran deal revolves around 11 core arguments. And Lara Friedman’s got a rebuttal for each and every one.


Netanyahu's Speech Just Raised the Stakes for All

Netanyahu may have accomplished his goals in Washington, Jane Eisner writes. But his speech raised the stakes for Israel and America — and the results could be dangerous.


READ: Transcript of Netanyahu's Speech to Congress

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to Congress on Tuesday about what he sees as the Jewish state’s greatest threat: Iran. Here is a transcript of his address.

Grappling With God’s Wrathful Side

In this latest installment of Godology — in which Elissa Strauss and Scott Perlo discuss what it means to grapple with God’s existence — they discuss His (or Her) angry side.


The Real Existential Threat Is Not Iran. It’s Bibi.

Netanyahu says that by addressing Congress on Iran, he’s keeping the Jewish people safe. Lisa Goldman says he’s spent his entire career doing the exact opposite.

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