Actually, George Orwell Would Support Israel

Would George Orwell really criticize Israeli talking points on the Gaza war? Gil Troy thinks the anti-totalitarian writer would be much more likely to criticize Hamas.


Convergence of Hate

Like many liberals, Jane Eisner has insisted that anti-Zionism is not always anti-Semitism. But the virulent reaction to the Gaza war has made her rethink that credo.


Bibi Snubs Right Wing, Aims for Gaza Ceasefire

Benjamin Netanyahu wants a ceasefire soon in Gaza, as does the IDF. But J.J. Goldberg reports the Israeli right wing wants to keep on fighting — and so does Hamas.


What Would George Orwell Say About Gaza War?

George Orwell, who famously argued that cliches ‘anesthetize one’s brain,’ would have a thing or two to say about a favorite wartime catchphrase: ‘Israel has a right to defend itself.’


Seeking to Outflank J Street on the Left

As J Street and other liberal Zionist groups continue to support Israel’s war in Gaza, Jewish Voice for Peace is seizing an opportunity for gain new supporters at their expense.

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