Paris Attack Is a Game Changer — and Proves Just How Wrong We Were About ISIS

Why is the Paris carnage a shocking game changer? J.J. Goldberg explains that the sophisticated ISIS military operation is only the latest of three terror attacks — and proves it is a far more powerful and complex adversary than anyone thought.


Believe It or Not, What Happened in Paris Was Not About the Jews

Since the Paris bloodbath, Robert Zaretsky has been struggling to figure out what was Jewish about the attackers’ targets. Now, he examines our strange compulsion to see Jew-hatred even where there is none.


No, Israel, You Are Not Paris

Israeli officials are likening Paris to Israel, and ISIS jihadis to Palestinian terrorists. Michael Greenberger asks: Is that a fair assessment — or political opportunism?


A Peaceful Paris Shabbat — Then, Terror at My Doorstep

What’s it like to have your Shabbat disturbed by terrorism — or to not even learn of the attacks until a day later? Laurent-David Samama found out in Paris.


Numbers Don't Lie in My Take On Palestinian Public Opinion

Daniel Polisar defends his analysis of Palestinian public opinion, following criticism that he was misusing data to paint West Bank and Gaza Arabs as irrational.

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