The Tragic Lesson of the Shabbos App

If Jews want to use their phones on Shabbos, we haven’t made observance meaningful enough. Increase the payoff of observance, and a new app will be obsolete, Eliyahu Fink argues.


A Drug Policy That Denies Repentance

United States drug policy is such that people caught with small amounts of drugs can serve harsh punishments. Hanna Liebman Dershowitz thinks this is wrong and against Jewish values.

The Irony of Erasing Arabic

A new proposed law in the Knesset would remove Arabic as an official language of Israel. Liora Halperin says this ignores the history of Hebrew’s own struggles.


How Israel Hides Its Asylum Seeker Problem

‘There is no asylum seeker problem in Israel,’ Netanyahu claims. Elizabeth Tsurkov says that’s true —  but only because Israel has figured out how to make the problem invisible.


Blaming the Messenger on E. Jerusalem Settlements

Israel is pushing the story that Peace Now is at fault for exposing its plans to build in occupied East Jerusalem. Which is kind of like blaming the Internet for bad news you posted.

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