Who Speaks for the Jews?

EDITORIAL: Calling Benjamin Netanyahu a spokesman for the Jewish people is a convenient shorthand for some. But no one speaks for all of us — and that’s exactly how it should be.


Award for Most Unfunny Israeli Comedy Goes to...

Israel’s new right-wing comedy show, ‘Hakol Shafit,’ has all the makings of a great political satire. But it’s got one flaw — it’s just not funny. Elisheva Goldberg explains why.


The Rabbi Who Inspires Our Inspiring Rabbi

Even a rabbi so devoted to his community that he would sleep in his car for weeks on end needs inspiration sometimes. Meet the man Herschel Hartz turns to for help.

Adam Silver's Shande Against All Knicks Fans

NBA boss Adam Silver backed the owner of the N.Y. Knicks in his feud with a lifelong Jewish fan. Dave Goldiner says the commish owes an apology to all Knicks fans — and the Tribe.

The Missing Voices in Mideast Policy Debate

EDITORIAL: Many of the most distinguished scholars of Middle Eastern studies are women. So how come two-thirds of the panels at think tanks were all-male affairs?

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