Inner Peace: Jews are missing an opportunity to integrate meditation into the community?s life.

Why Jews Should Tune In to the Mindfulness Revolution

There’s a ‘mindfulness’ revolution in the works, writes Jay Michaelson. The Jewish world is missing out by dismissing contemplative practice as just hippie stuff.

Anne Heyman's Remarkable Life of Service

Anne Heyman lived a remarkable life of service, Ruth Messinger writes. Jewish identity drove her to struggle against apartheid and genocide — while loving her family passionately.

Avant-Garde Aliyah to Berlin

Liad Hussein Kantorowicz is a Jewish performance artist and activist. She explains why Berlin became a magnet for thousands of Israeli artists.

Shin Bet director Yoram Cohen

Anne Heyman Gave Rwanda Orphans a Family

In 2009, Ben Gittleson visited the community Anne Heyman built for Rwandan orphans. He recalls a place permeated by Jewish values and Heyman’s presence.