What Jewish Law Says About Crumbling Indian Point Nuclear Plant

A huge natural gas pipeline is being built under a leaky, 54-year-old nuclear reactor 25 miles north of New York City. Is there a Jewish response?


When I Cringe at the Views of Israelis — and Donald Trump

When I first heard the number, I cringed. Could it really be that nearly half of Israeli Jews support the expulsion or transfer of the Arab population, as a new study by the Pew Research Center reported?


How Bernie Sanders Pulled Off the Biggest Political Upset in 32 Years — and What It Means

Want to know how big an upset Bernie Sanders pulled off in Michigan? He defied the polls like no presidential candidate since 1984 — and J.J. Goldberg explains why #FeeltheBern might just be getting started.


Why Can't Prison Figure Out How a Minyan Works? It's Not That Complicated!

A North Carolina prison has the bizarre notion that you need ten people to study Torah — and the Supreme Court won’t correct it. Michael Helfand explains why.


How Both Sides of BDS Debate Get Oberlin Anti-Semitism Wrong

Oberlin alumna Hadas Binyamini explains how BDS supporters and detractors derail efforts to fight anti-Semitism when they focus the conversation on Israel.

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