ZOA President: We Are Not Conservative, But We Are Usually Right

ZOA president Mort Klein takes issue with Daniella Greenbaum’s assertion that the ZOA is not a powerful mainstream Pro-Israel organization.

Whatever Your Politics, You Shouldn’t Misrepresent Jewish Law’s Position on Abortion

Jewish religious law does not permit a woman to decide for personal reasons to end a pregnancy. Let’s not pretend it does, Avi Shafran writes.

Rabbi Haskel Lookstein Would Have Schooled Donald Trump at the Republican Convention — If You’d Let Him

Liberal Jews cheated all Americans out of the chance to hear Haskel Lookstein rebuke Donald Trump in Cleveland, Bethany Mandel writes.


10 Troubling Things About the GOP Platform (Unless You’re a Straight White Christian Male)

The new GOP platform is the most anti-progressive thing to come out of a gathering of Republicans in recent memory, Lana Adler argues.


My Saddest Day in Israel Came at the Western Wall

Rabbi Neil Cooper went to the Western Wall to pray and understand; instead, he was shoved to the ground by his fellow Jew.

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