Best Way To Stop Islamic Terrorism? Reach Out to Muslims.

Let us call the terror in Paris what it is: Islamic violent extremism. But in doing so, Deborah Lipstadt writes, let us engage the vast majority of Muslims who are the key to stopping this scourge.


Rubber Band Experiment Taught Me How Wrong Gay Conversion Therapy Is

“And Thou Shalt Love” disturbed me. It’s about Ohad (Uri Lachmi), an Israeli Yeshiva student who struggles with his homosexuality.


Should I Date a Christian Guy — or an Atheist?

Seesaw, should I leave my atheist Jewish boyfriend and get back together with my Christian ex?


In Aftermath of Paris Attacks, a Lesson from the Holocaust

Will letting more refugees into Europe increase the chance of terror attacks like the one that hit Paris? The risks are real, Rex Brynen writes, but the memory of the Holocaust cautions us against focusing only on risks.


If Temple Mount Provocation Is Bad, What About Women of the Wall?

Many liberals believe that Jewish provocation on the Temple Mount is wrong. So, Avi Shafran asks, shouldn’t they also believe that Women of the Wall’s provocation at the Kotel is just as bad?

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