How To Survive One of the Longest Nights Ever

If ever there was a good time to light Hanukkah candles, it’s on this year’s winter solstice — one of the longest nights in all of human history.


Spies Spar in Shin Bet-Mossad Turf War

Shin Bet and the Mossad are embroiled in a heated dispute over their respective intelligence gathering responsibilities. Who’s supposed to keep an eye on Gaza?

Israeli Politics Enters Silly Season as Elections Loom

With the Israeli elections three months away, J.J. Goldberg puts his ear to the ground. Can any of the new marriages of convenience oust Benjamin Netanyahu?


'Serial' Ends With Nod to Jewish Prof

No spoilers here about the “Serial” season finale, but Gabrielle Birkner does say this much: The podcast ends with a special thanks to a certain Jewish studies professor.

Israel Never Would've Killed 'The Interview' — So Why Did We?

Scrapping ‘The Interview’ over North Korean threats shows America at its weakest. We could learn from Israel, which would never back down to a two-bit dictator, writes Jay Michaelson.

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