5 Dudes Who Claim To Be America’s Rabbi

One brave, self-sacrificing and pious man can lay claim to the title of ‘America’s Rabbi.’ Sorry, did we say one? We meant five of them.


Coma Case Could Mean Leap Forward for Agunot

A woman whose husband has been comatose for years just got her rabbinical divorce approved — thanks to a rare legal procedure that could set a precedent for other agunot.


Step Right Up to Sept. 11 Museum — and See My Husband’s Remains

9/11 was a tragedy. One Jewish widow writes that we can’t heal the wounds by creating an overwrought memorial museum — or by hawking trinkets that trivialize it.


Why Is Pa.'s Tom Wolf a Big JCC Macher?

Tom Wolf, Pennsylvania’s newly crowned Democratic gubernatorial nominee, has given so much to his local Jewish community center that many assumed he was Jewish. Only he isn’t.


Posing as Jewish Women — To Beat Up Arab Men

A group of far-right Israeli men posed as an attractive Jewish woman on Facebook. They aimed to lure Arab men who wanted to date ‘her’ —  and then beat them up.

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