Where's the Moral Clarity of #JeSuisCharlie When Free Speech Isn't Safe?

The world spoke as one to defend freedom of expression after the Charlie Hebdo terror attacks — or did it? Hussein Ibish says Muslim and Western countries both fail to live up to their words.


Genesis Prize Goes to Michael Douglas. Really?

The million-dollar Genesis Prize was awarded to Michael Douglas. He makes last year’s winner —  Michael Bloomberg — look like an inspired choice, Jane Eisner writes.


Is Moshe Kahlon the New Yair Lapid?

Yair Lapid is so 2013. For the 2015 elections, Israelis think they’ve found a new and improved version in Moshe Kahlon. But how closely are they looking at his record?

How Charlie Hebdo Attack Represents a Genuine Clash Between Civilizations

Some don’t like to hear that the Charlie Hebdo terror attack represents a genuine clash between civilizations. But J.J. Goldberg explains why that’s the only way to understand it.


Zionist Polls Open: Who's Running, How to Vote

J.J. Goldberg explained last week what the World Zionist Congress is about, how the American delegation is elected and why anyone should care enough to vote. Well, the polls are open.

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