Shabbat Shalom, Comic Con!

What’s it like to host Shabbat dinner at Comic Con? It starts with meeting Jewverine, progresses to a sip of He’Brew beer, and ends with an in-depth discussion of Kabbalah.

Open Letter to Penelope Cruz From Her Jewish Doppelganger

Penelope Cruz joined a host of Spanish celebs in slamming Israel over the war in Gaza. Now the Jewish lawyer who is often mistaken for her is firing back.


Actually, George Orwell Would Support Israel

Would George Orwell really criticize Israeli talking points on the Gaza war? Gil Troy thinks the anti-totalitarian writer would be much more likely to criticize Hamas.


Convergence of Hate

Like many liberals, Jane Eisner has insisted that anti-Zionism is not always anti-Semitism. But the virulent reaction to the Gaza war has made her rethink that credo.


Bibi Snubs Right Wing, Aims for Gaza Ceasefire

Benjamin Netanyahu wants a ceasefire soon in Gaza, as does the IDF. But J.J. Goldberg reports the Israeli right wing wants to keep on fighting — and so does Hamas.

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