The Apprenticeship of Noah Richler

Mordecai Richler’s son, Noah, is running for Parliament in Toronto. We catch up with him to find out if he’s planning to use his brand-name advantage to appeal to Jewish voters.


How Should American Jews React on Iran?

EDITORIAL: As Americans and as Jews, we face a pivotal choice in how we react to the historic nuclear deal with Iran. Jane Eisner urges us to avoid predictable partisan responses — and use our better judgment to assess the agreement on its merits.


Why Benjamin Netanyahu Should Claim Credit for Better-Than-Expected Deal With Iran

Benjamin Netanyahu hammered relentlessly at the world to rein in Iran’s nuclear weapons capability. So J.J. Goldberg says he should take credit for a deal that does a much better job at doing that than anyone could have expected.


Can an Ex-Hasid Fit In Without Ever Hearing Nirvana or Watching Cartoons?

Shulem Deen says those who’ve left the ultra-Orthodox world have a key worry: They don’t know how to fit into the American mainstream without ever having listened to pop music or put on a tie to get a job.


Conversion Committee Helps Steer Path for Orthodoxy

I have a confession: I am a convert regarding conversions. That’s the stark realization I reached as chairman of the Rabbinical Council of America’s recent conversion review committee.

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