Netanyahu's Convenient Lies About ISIS and Hamas

Take it from Nathan Brown, a man who knows ISIS: the jihadist group is not equivalent to Hamas — whatever Benjamin Netanyahu told the United Nations.


UN Week: Obama's Pivot, Abbas's Bile, Bibi's Flub

Benjamin Netanyahu was handed a wonderful chance to advance Israel’s cause at the U.N. Instead he displayed his trademark petulance, J.J. Goldberg writes.


9 Sephardi Dishes That Won’t Make Buzzfeed Gag

Buzzfeed’s effort to get non-Jews to try Jewish food resulted in a lot of gagging. Anne Cohen and Sigal Samuel think it’s because there were no Sephardi options.


Two Bad Speeches — and Scant Hope for Peace

EDITORIAL: Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas both wasted the world’s time with empty rhetoric at the U.N. They left looking less like peacemakers than ever.


No, Pamela Geller, the Qur'an Is Not Anti-Semitic

Anti-Semitism is no more inherent in the Qur’an than hatred of all non-Jews is inherent in the Torah — whatever Pamela Geller’s subway ads would have us believe.

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