‘Klinghoffer’ Is an Insult to Our Father’s Memory

Lisa and Ilsa Klinghoffer support the arts, but not the ‘Klinghoffer’ opera. They say it rationalizes, romanticizes and legitimizes the terrorist murder of their father.


Bibi Tries and Fails To Bypass the Palestinians

Benjamin Netanyahu has been talking about a new coalition with Arab states. But J.J. Goldberg reminds us that there’s an issue closer to home that’s not going away: the Palestinians.


Can Hamas War Be Tied to ISIS? Not If You're Kerry

Israeli ministers stopped just short of charging John Kerry with anti-Semitism for linking ISIS to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But, J.J. Goldberg points out, Netanyahu draws the same link.


The Rabbi Freundel Scandal Is Our Fault, Too

The Freundel scandal isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a rabbi exploiting his power over converts, Eliyahu Fink writes. We’re all responsible for allowing this to happen again.


At 'Simchat Torah Across Brooklyn,' No Politics, Just Joy

Gabe Friedman tried his best to avoid the giant circle dance stretching across Brooklyn on Simchat Torah night. But the energy was so contagious that it drew him in.

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