Straight Face: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends the opening of the Conference of Presidents 40th Annual Leadership Mission to Israel, on February 17.

Benjamin Netanyahu Tells AIPAC To Put Its Head In a Noose

Benjamin Netanyahu told American Jewish leaders to block the Iran nuclear deal. J.J. Goldberg explains just why this suggestion is so suicidal for AIPAC.

General Salim Idris

Israeli 'Semi-Citizenship'? No Thanks!

Naftali Bennett’s idea of granting Israeli ‘semi-citizenship’ to Diaspora Jews strikes some as a friendly overture. But it’s a terrible idea for everyone concerned, writes Brent Sasley.

Haredi Draft Refusers May Go to Jail Smiling

Ultra-Orthodox Israelis who refuse to enter the army could face jail, a new draft law decided. But this regime of criminalization could actually buoy Haredi hardliners.