Who Can Be a Jew?

EDITORIAL: When it comes to conversion, America and Israel seem to be headed in two different directions. Is this really the moment for Israel to shun would-be Jews?


How Bernie Sanders Is Using Bread-and-Butter Pitch To Win Over Democrats

Don’t look now, but Bernie Sanders is seriously challenging Democratic frontrunner Hillary Rodham Clinton. He’s stressing democratic socialist policies — not the identity politics his party is used to hearing.


Why I Said Kaddish for Churchgoers in Charleston

Weeks after his father died, Rabbi Avi Weiss went to Charleston to attend a Bible study at the AME Church and offer his support. But it was the grieving black community that ended up comforting him.


4 Reasons Why Sheldon Adelson Anti-BDS Campaign Will Backfire

A new effort to counter BDS on campus will only reinforce a narrative of With Us or Against Us, driving away students who love Israel but have legitimate criticism, writes Jay Michaelson.


We All Agree Nazi Flag Is Wrong. So What About Confederate Flag?

Even as some Americans defend the Confederate flag, they recognize that flying a Nazi banner — as one North Carolina man still does — is wrong. Rachel Landes asks: Why the double standard?

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