Both the Right and Left Get the Muslim Ban Wrong

Liberals who refuse to confront Islamism and support reformers can only empower Trump—while Trump’s ill-considered actions such as last week’s travel ban can only empower Islamists.


A Leaked Copy of Trump’s Speech at the National Prayer Breakfast

The following is purportedly a leaked transcript of President Trump’s speech from the National Prayer Breakfast.


Letter to the Editor: The Notion That HIAS ‘Profits’ from Resettling Refugees is Ludicrous

Local resettlement organizations receive $2,075 per refugee with which they must pay staff and overhead while providing the refugee with transportation, a fully furnished apartment for three months, a kitchen stocked with food, English lessons and cultural orientation, a cash allowance, assistance with school enrollment, and job placement services.


Judge Gorsuch Will be Good on Religious Liberties — Which Will Be Good for the Jews

In a number of opinions, Judge Gorsuch has demonstrated great care in analyzing the religious viewpoints underlying religious liberty claims before him.


Stand Up for Truth

‘Oh God, not the Jews again.”

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