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Stop Worrying About Your Future Grandchildren That Aren't

Wedding bells are ringing for an Asian woman and her Jewish fiance but their parents only want to talk about future grandchildren. How to explain that they may not even have kids?

The 'Perfect Storm' That's Hitting Bibi's Campaign

Benjamin Netanyahu’s reelection was deemed a sure thing just days ago. J.J. Goldberg explains why the premier’s campaign has run into a ‘perfect storm’ — and it may not recover.

Scare Tactics: Netanyahu tends to blur distinctions between different groups of Muslims.

Bibi Shows How Fear Makes Bad Policy

What Netanyahu demonstrated in his speech to Congress, Jay Michaelson writes, is an uncanny ability to mobilize fear to his purposes.

Why Jews Are Mad at Bibi — Even Republicans

When Eric Yoffie asked Jewish friends what they thought of Netanyahu’s speech, many said it was an affront to their American dignity. And these were the Republican friends.

Bibi Went Too Easy on Obama's Iran Deal

Netanyahu told Congress that the Iranian nuclear deal is ‘very bad.’ Was he sugarcoating the truth? Bob Feferman and Matan Shamir say the prime minister didn’t go far enough.

7 Answers About Israel's Vote

No party has won a majority of seats since Israel’s first election in 1949. Here are 7 questions and answers about the vote and what sort of coalition negotiations could emerge.