The Literary Intermarriage Between Bertrand Russell And The Forward

Bertrand Russell, who contributed to the Forward for more than four years, explored many topics, including China, modern marriage and cinema.

7 Tips For Talking To People You Disagree With In The Age Of Trump

In times of peril and uncertainty, there’s no greater threat to a democratic society than the breakdown in civil dialogue.

Jane Looking Forward: Las Vegas Heartbreak, What Jared Kushner Means, And More

Jane Eisner, the Forward’s editor-in-chief, reflects on events in Las Vegas, the criticisms against Jared Kushner and (on a lighter note) cake.

Stephen Walt Is Still Wrong About The ‘Israel Lobby’

Walt’s efforts to show how the last ten years have proven him right would not pass muster in an introductory international relations course.


For Shame: These Jewish Lawmakers Take Money From The NRA

Since 1998 the NRA has donated nearly $4 million to members of Congress, almost all of them Republicans. Two are Jewish

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