Why Doctors Without Borders Has an Israel Problem

Under Cone and others, MSF’s various branches have vacillated between ignoring Palestinian violence against Israeli civilians, and seeming to justify or celebrate it.


Is Donald Trump’s Inadvertent Anti-Semitism Worse Than the Real Thing?

The Republican front-runner may abhor anti-Semitism, but he sure knows how to spread it around, Deborah Lipstadt writes.


How James Zogby Seduced Liberal America

While pro-Israel Democrats might feel relieved that their Party platform committee rejected language calling for “an end to occupation and illegal settlements” proposed by James Zogby, the committee did vote to express support for Palestinian rights.


Meet Tair Kaminer, the 19-Year-Old Conscientious Objector Who Just Made Israeli History

Sentenced to 170 days in military prison, this young woman is putting her body on the line for peace, Noam Sheizaf writes.


So, You Want to Write a Holocaust Book?

Having just returned from a three-week trip to Minks, Warsaw, Krakow, Jerusalem and Amsterdam, I have much to report. Please enjoy catching up with me and stay tuned for future posts.

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