The Best Thing About Growing Up Indian and Jewish

Being a Jew of color means something very different in India than it does in America. Nathaniel Jhirad explains the upsides of growing up Bene Israel in Mumbai.


Subversive Death Notices Mourn Israeli and Palestinian Alike

In the Israeli tradition of posting public death notices, activists are plastering Tel Aviv with posters mourning Jewish teenager Shira Banki and Palestinian toddler Ali Saad Dawabshe.


The Problem With Netanyahu's Response to Jewish Terror

Benjamin Netanyahu has said the Palestinian Authority names streets after terrorists and Israel doesn’t. But is it true? J.J. Goldberg breaks it down.


I Don't Care About Jewish Tribal Loyalty — And That Doesn't Make Me Anxious

Are American Jews really as anxiety-ridden as Gal Beckerman claims? Paul Golin says most of us are post-ethnic, post-tribal, post-denominational, Jewish-when-we-want-to-be Jews — and fine with that.


My Prescription for the So-Called Pathology Plaguing American Jews

Gal Beckerman diagnosed American Jews with pathological anxiety in his final act as Forward opinion editor. But where he saw reason to despair, Elissa Strauss sees an opportunity for fun.

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