The Ritual: The Seder is a chance to instill in our children and grandchildren the realization that they are not mere independent individuals but rather parts of a people.

The Seder Is a Mother

Even though it’s often men who lead the Seder in traditional Jewish families, Avi Shafran believes that the Seder itself is maternal in its quality and purpose.

Lithuania vs. Morocco — Whose Jewish Museum Wins?

After visiting Vilnius and Casablanca within days of each other, Jonathan Katz takes us on a tour of their very different Jewish museums — and tells us which is more powerful.

The 'Stranger' at Your Passover Seder? That's Me.

Passover is especially meaningful — and challenging — when you’re converting. Take it from Kelsey Osgood, who felt like a ‘stranger in a strange land’ at her first Seder.

John Boehner's Double Standard on Bibi — and Obama

Forget SNL — J.J. Goldberg says the best joke of the week came from John Boehner. The GOP leader thinks it’s really mean of President Obama to ‘put pressure’ on Benjamin Netanyahu.

1 Thing Moroccans Want All Jews To Know

In Rabat, Jonathan Katz found more tolerance for Jews than he’s seen in many ‘clean and safe’ Western cities. So why is Morocco often described as ‘dirty and dangerous’?