Tough Decisions: Reproductive Choice and Jewish Genetics

Because of her genetic makeup, Sarah faced a series of hard choices when she decided to have children — but she was glad the choices were hers to make.

Donald Trump’s 2nd Amendment Rhetoric Has Terrifying Implications For Domestic Violence

Trump’s 2nd amendment comment could insidiously encourage violence against women nationwide.

Why Canada’s Green Party Leader Might Resign — Over BDS

Are left-wing movements in North America inappropriately obsessed with Israel?


What the Movement for Black Lives Teaches Us About the Appeal of BDS

Palestine is rapidly becoming an attractive cause that leftist organizations tactically embrace to mobilize their base, Raphael Magarik writes.


Politics From the Pulpit? Be Careful What You Ask For in the Age of Trump

Trump Republicans want preachers to be able to endorse candidates from the pulpit. But given how liberal churches are becoming more politically active, that move may backfire.

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