Do Jewish Actions Ever Cause Anti-Semitism?

Is anti-Semitism ever a response to things that Jews do? Raphael Magarik says yes — and insists that saying so does not amount to playing into anti-Semites’ hands.


VIDEO: Making the Holiday Sweet — With Bees

VIDEO: As we get ready to enjoy honey for a sweet New Year, beekeeper Liane Newton sees the deeper meaning of our sweet traditions.

On Rosh Hashanah, a Breath of Life

As the year ends, former British chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks looks back at twelve months of fear and death — and finds hope in Judaism’s essential love of life.


Haredim and Hollywood

EDITORIAL: The decision to avoid vaccinating their kids has made strange bedfellows of Los Angeles’s liberal denizens and the Haredim of New York. Both communities are dead wrong.


When Will Orthodoxy Be Ready for Me?

If Orthodoxy wants to keep queer youth Orthodox, it has to admit that they still do not exist on the same playing field as their heterosexual peers, Amram Altzman writes.

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