Why Avigdor Lieberman Might Just Be the Key to Mideast Peace. Really.

It could turn out to be the biggest surprise of the year in Middle East diplomacy: Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s blustering, ultra-nationalist new defense minister, just might be the key to reviving the moribund Israeli-Palestinian peace process.


Will Orlando Massacre Help Hillary Clinton Unite Nation — or Give Opening to Donald Trump?

The massacre in Orlando, the worst mass shooting in U.S. history and the worst terror incident since 9/11, is a terrible human tragedy, first and foremost. It will shock even those Americans who have grown numb to the daily recurrence of mass-shootings in their country. Orlando, renowned for making children’s dreams come true, will now be known for enacting hellish grown-up nightmares as well.


What Ties Orlando Massacre to Europe Terror Attacks — and Why It’s an All-American Tragedy

Even when it emerged that Omar Mateen had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group, the difficulties in affixing the proper label to this tragedy remained.


Is B’Tselem Right To Quit Playing ‘Middle Man’ for the IDF?

The watchdog group says cooperation with military investigations was only ‘lending legitimacy to the occupation regime and aiding to whitewash it.’

Hillary Needs To Get Her Funny On — and Al Franken as Veep Could Help!

Hillary Clinton should enlist Al Franken, an original writer for SNL. He’d capture the Jewish vote that’s been driving Bernie Sanders, Dan Friedman writes.

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