Can 'New Israel' in Texas Solve Mideast Crisis?

Congressional candidate Allan Levene has a creative Mideast peace plan: He wants to form a second State of Israel in Texas, which he would call New Israel.


Pull Back the Curtain — and Let J Street In

EDITORIAL: Who objects to J Street taking a place in the communal tent and why? The Presidents Conference should lift its veil of secrecy — and start an open debate.

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Unequivocally Bad Guys: Palestinian militants of the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’s armed wing, sit on a pick-up truck in front of a model of a Gaza Strip made M75 rocket newly displayed at the al-Jalaa square on March 10 in Gaza City

The Moral Quandary That Is Hamas

By suspending talks with the Palestinian Authority over its decision to join with Hamas, Israel was taking what can only be called a moral stand, writes David Hazony.