What Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Can Learn from Boro Park

What makes ultra-Orthodox communities in Israel different from those in America? With Boro Park in his mind, Michael Karpin takes a jog through Bnei Brak to find out.


I Am Not Charlie — and Neither Are You

Dan Friedman explains that we should not let our symbols of solidarity and support convince us that we know what’s best for France and her Jews.


Run Charlie Cartoons? Times Frets as Others Act

The New York Times portrays itself as an arbiter in the debate over running Charlie Hebdo’s provocative cartoons. Trouble is, there ain’t much of a debate, as J.J. Goldberg explains.


Paris, You Aren't Alone

Rabbi Avi Weiss was at the airport in Tel Aviv when he realized he had to be with the Jewish community in Paris. He starts a whirlwind visit with the simple words: ‘Je suis juif.’

8 Things You Might Not Know About French Jews

The deadly terror attacks in Paris have many proclaiming solidarity with French Jews — and others calling on them to leave for Israel. Here’s a primer on the community.

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