Eric Cantor Killed By Monster He Helped Create

Eric Cantor spent years spoon-feeding the Tea Party a diet of extreme, hateful rhetoric. Now the monster he helped create has caused his own political demise, Jay Michaelson writes.


Why Simon Greer Firing Means Much More Than Another Jill Abramson #Pushy Affair

Simon Greer’s sharp elbows got him fired from the Nathan Cummings Foundation, like Jill Abramson. Jay Michaelson explains why this #pushy battle means so much more.


Eric Cantor Defeat 'Apocalyptic' for GOP Mainstream

The shocking defeat of Eric Cantor is an ‘apocalyptic’ moment for the Republican mainstream as Tea Party conservatives proved no one is safe from challenge.


Stop Palestinian Aid Over Hamas? Not So Fast

Israel is sending mixed signals over the Palestinian unity government. It’s shrieking publicly about Hamas — but pointedly not pushing for a cut-off of aid.


Awkwardness Is Reuven Rivlin’s Gift to the Left

In Reuven Rivlin, Israel has found a president whose vision clashes with its own two-state mantra — and that’s good news for the left, writes Sigal Samuel.

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