8 Reasons Menachem Creditor Is Wrong To Be 'Done Apologizing' for Israel

Rabbi Menachem Creditor says he’s done apologizing for Israel. Jay Michaelson gives 8 reasons why it’s important to tell the truth about the Gaza war — even if it hurts.


Gaza War Diary: Silence, Then the Bombs Go Off

What’s it like to be an ordinary Palestinian in Gaza right now? Walid Abuzaid provides a personal glimpse of life under fire — with all its surprises and contradictions.


When ‘Anti-Israel’ Looks Like ‘Anti-Semitism’

As anti-Israel protests devolve into anti-Semitism, Diaspora Jews see their worst fears confirmed. But Sigal Samuel says we ourselves encourage the world to conflate us with Israel.


Solitude and Quiet Will Not Cure You

We are told to value idleness and isolation, even boredom, but Elissa Strauss wonders if this is really our problem as a society. Maybe we just need to learn how to engage with one another.

The Gaza War Through Ultra-Orthodox Eyes

Most Israelis blame Hamas for the current war in Gaza. But in the Orthodox community, the true cause of Israel’s troubles is seen as something else: sin.

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