Dire News: World Meterological Organization secretary general Michel Jarraud gestures during a press conference as he releases his agency?s annual climate report on March 24, 2014 in Geneva.

Peering Into the Minds of the Climate Doubters

As the evidence about climate change becomes irrefutable, the denial of those who continue to doubt seems difficult to grasp. J.J. Goldberg explores their psychology.

New Generation of Rabbis Sees and Speaks Israel

A recent study showed that rabbis are afraid to talk about Israel from the pulpit. Can trips  like last week’s Breaking the Silence tour of Hebron change that reality?

Free Pollard. It's the Left-Wing Thing To Do.

The campaign to release convicted spy Jonathan Pollard is known as a right-wing cause. But Anna Momigliano lists five reasons why the left should get on board.

6 Things To Remember on Quebec Election Day

As citizens of Quebec prepare to vote for a new provincial government, Anne Cohen explains what’s at stake for Jews —  not just up north, but everywhere.

Can You Hear Us? Some organizations rely too heavily on self-promotion.

This Oped Will Not Tell You How Great We Are

The public communication of most Jewish organizations is all about naked self-promotion, writes Ken Gordon. But what if those organizations changed from being boosters to educators?