How Long Can Distinction Between Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism Survive?

The leaders of the University of California sought to thread a needle by distinguishing between harsh criticism of Israel and the anti-Semitism that often goes with it. Jane Eisner asks: How can long can this distinction hold?


How Breaking the Silence Inspires My Pro-Israel Advocacy

The soldiers of Breaking the Silence are often accused of ‘airing Israel’s dirty laundry.’ But what if that can actually help the pro-Israel cause?


Should Jewish Peoplehood Mean Anything in Our Post-Ethnic Moment?

Peoplehood as an end in itself can’t withstand our increasingly fluid Jewish identities, Deborah Waxman writes. What about peoplehood as a means to something greater?


Get Tested for STDs This Month — It’s a Mitzvah

Let’s be frank: Being Jewish does not protect you from getting STDs.

In Response to North Carolina’s Law, a Jewish Case for Intersectionality

The right already embraces intersectionality. But the left has often been fragmented. Jay Michaelson explains why, when North Carolina harms LGBT people, it’s everyone’s problem.

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