Israelis Support Paris Jews — With 'Charlie' Pun

Israeli punsters have come up with the perfect way to show support for French Jews. The extra layer of meaning in their Hebrew ‘Charlie’ signs is as clever as it is touching.


Tefillin Stand Near Paris Siege Draws Mixed Response

Less than 100 yards away from the hostage crisis in a Paris supermarket, a Lubavitch Jew was getting passersby to put on tefillin. Was that the right response?


Yes, It's About French Muslims and Anti-Semitism

J.J. Goldberg appeared on MSNBC and was asked to assure Melissa Harris-Perry that France’s problem wasn’t primarily about Muslim anti-Semitism. He had to disappoint her.


#JeSuisJuif Hashtag Spreads After Paris Terror

After the kosher grocery store killings, many are Tweeting with hashtag #JeSuisJuif, which means I am Jewish and is a twitst on the #JeSuisCharlie solidarity hashtag.


Lessons of Paris — and War on Terror

There’s still plenty we don’t know about the bloody terror spree in Paris. But there are several crucial lessons —  and they could make all the difference next time.

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