Bowe Bergdahl Is All of Us

EDITORIAL: Bowe Bergdahl volunteered to don an American uniform and serve all of us. What are our responsibilities to him?


WATCH: Project X, Or Eternal Sunshine of the Palestinian Mind

Just-released short film Project X features an 18-year-old Palestinian who has the memory of his girlfriend forcefully taken from him — by a team of Israeli doctors.


In Cantor vs. Cantor Feud, a Liberal Kvells

Liberal Dan Cantor crowed that the downfall of the GOP power guy is not ‘a referendum on Cantors everywhere — only on right-wing ones.’


Eric Cantor Killed By Monster He Helped Create

Eric Cantor spent years spoon-feeding the Tea Party a diet of extreme, hateful rhetoric. Now the monster he helped create has caused his own political demise, Jay Michaelson writes.


Why Simon Greer Firing Means Much More Than Another Jill Abramson #Pushy Affair

Simon Greer’s sharp elbows got him fired from the Nathan Cummings Foundation, like Jill Abramson. Jay Michaelson explains why this #pushy battle means so much more.

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