Watching Porn While Sitting Shiva

When Henrik Eger attended a shiva for the first time, he expected to find a family in mourning. Instead he found young Jews watching porn in the basement.

Israel's Missed Energy Opportunity

Israel should channel the money it will make from natural gas into improving education, tackling poverty and advancing other social issues, argues Nathan Jeffay.

Fairly Balanced? J Street leader Jeremy Ben-Ami is portrayed as an incoherent voice for appeasement in a controversial video embraced by the Philadelphia Jewish federation.

Donor Slams Federation for Divisive 'Political Attack Ad' Aimed at J Street

Jewish charities should bind the community. That’s why one donor calls it shameful that the Philadelphia federation chose to sponsor a crude political attack film on J Street.

What Olmert's Conviction Means for Peace

Ehud Olmert’s conviction this week is a rude awakening for Israelis who believed he’d soon make a political comeback and complete the peace process.

Jerusalem Post’s Absurd Visa Waiver Plea

Should Israelis be allowed to enter the U.S. without a visa? In its latest editorial, the Jerusalem Post says yes. Anna Momigliano argues that’s absurd.