3 Ways Sheldon Adelson Could Handle Donald Trump

For months, Republican Party insiders have speculated who Sheldon Adelson, the pro-Israel billionaire, will back in the GOP presidential primary.


VIDEO: Extremists Incite Witch Hunt Against Israeli Human Rights Advocates

Is being active in an Israeli human rights NGO enough to make you a target of violence? A scary new ad by right-wing group Im Tirzu suggests the answer is yes.


Number One!

You know when you have a hunch, an idea, and you dare to go with it? Set out on an adventure on the wings of a whim?

Why Liberals Gave Samantha Power the Cold Shoulder — and the Point They Missed

A liberal crowd at the Haaretz conference gave a stony response to U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power. J.J. Goldberg says if they’d listened closely to her and others, they would have understood why they are stranded in Israel’s political wilderness.


3 Questions About the Salary Survey — and Answers

The Forward salary survey, now in its seventh year, is an unparalleled collection and analysis of important data about who is leading the big national Jewish charities in America and what they are earning.

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