The Dilemma

EDITORIAL: American Jews wondering how to reconcile liberal values with a new right-wing government in Israel shouldn’t walk away. Here are some alternatives.


Is Bibi Our Moses or Pharaoh? Neither.

Like many American Jews, Jesse Lempel’s got two things on the brain these days: Netanyahu and Passover. He asks which Exodus story character the Israeli leader most resembles.


Watch: Obama on Bibi, Palestinians, Reevaluation

President Obama used his March 24 press conference with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani as an opportunity for a lengthy discussion of his plans to reevaluate America’s approach to Israeli-Palestinian relations.


Revealing Israel's Nuclear Secrets

A little noticed 1987 report, declassified in February, has suddenly made explicit Israel’s nuclear program. Michael Karpin unpacks its implications.


At Jew-Centric J Street, Arabs Ask the Best Questions

For Lisa Goldman, the most insightful questions at this weekend’s J Street conference came not from Jews, but from non-Palestinian Arabs. Why did they go unanswered?

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