When a Rabbi Was the Last Thing I Needed

When she was 19, Alexandra Levine experienced the tragedy of seeing her friend killed by a drunk driver. Six years later, she still relives the horror and still wonders why anyone thought a rabbi could help her.


How Anti-Obama Zealots Went Off Rails on Iran Deal

The campaign against President Obama’s Iran nuclear deal was never cool, calm and collected. But J.J. Goldberg argues that opponents have now plunged into a swamp of conspiracy theories, with conservative pundits openly accusing the president of anti-Semitism.


Iran Deal Opponents Change Subject — After Losing Argument

Debaters know that when they are losing an argument, a good tactic is to change the subject. So it goes with the current accusations, completely untethered from reality, that President Obama is resorting to anti-Jewish “dog whistles” in his defense of the nuclear deal with Iran.


Look Inside Iran Is Invaluable Journalism — With Limits

Larry Cohler-Esses scored a coup with his reporting trip to Iran. David Harris congratulates him on the groundbreaking piece — and for resisting the temptation to jump to far-reaching conclusions about the future of the Islamic Republic.


What Iranians Really Think About Israel

The Forward’s Larry Cohler-Esses is the first journalist from a Jewish publication to get to talk to ordinary Iranians in decades. Watch for yourself what they told him about Israel in this exclusive video.

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