Stop Judging My Daughter and Her Non-Jewish Boyfriend

When I told my friends about my daughter’s new and serious non-Jewish boyfriend they made me feel bad about it. Seesaw, should I educate them about their ignorance or just ignore it?


Even Amid Spreading Violence, Time Mostly Stands Still in Mixed Yaffo

Israelis seem unable to understand where these people have come from, who start chasing us down the streets with knives. Now there’s talk of curfew, of closure, of bombings.


'Red Oaks' Proves That the Prurient Male Gaze Is Alive and Well

Amazon, the e-commerce behemoth that is coming ever closer to eliminating the time between desire and fulfilment, is not satisfied with being merely the world’s biggest bazaar. Over the years, it has become a content generator of its own, buying newspapers, publishing books and, apparently, producing Jewish-themed television shows.


How Yitzhak Rabin's Assassin Succeeded in Killing Historic Push for Peace

Yitzhak Rabin was murdered to torpedo his pursuit of peace with the Palestinians. J.J. Goldberg writes that the assassin succeeded spectacularly — and Rabin’s political opponents are hypocrites to feign grief over his killing.


How the Temple Mount Obsession Could Destroy Judaism

The shocking upsurge in deadly attacks in Israel cannot be disconnected from efforts of some Jewish organizations to dramatically change the Temple Mount status quo, backed by inflammatory statements and actions of leading politicians.

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