Why Jewish Poverty Matters Now — More Than Ever Before

The collapse of Met Council and FEGS should wake us up to a disturbing reality: We do not have — and badly need — a strategy for combating Jewish poverty.


Speech-Gate Won't Dethrone Benjamin Netanyahu — But Bottle Deposits Might

Benjamin Netanyahu’s planned speech to Congress hasn’t hurt him in the polls. But his wife’s habit of pocketing bottle deposit money just might be his undoing.


How Norwegian Muslim 'Peace Ring' Changed Me

PHOTO ESSAY: When Norwegian Muslims formed a ‘ring of peace’ around an Oslo synagogue, they gave Jews everywhere hope — and melted away one photojournalist’s cynicism.


How Could We Have Trusted Rabbi Barry Freundel?

Now that Rabbi Barry Freundel has pleaded guilty, we can begin some much-needed soul-searching. Jay Michaelson writes we should start with the powerful people who lionized him.


No, Mr. President, It Isn't Just Extremism. It's Jihad

President Obama may have a fine plan to combat what he calls ‘violent extremism.’ But J.J. Goldberg says he doesn’t do the cause any good by tiptoeing around the problem.

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