For Peace To Win, Hamas Must Lose

With fighting raging in Gaza, it’s not clear how the conflict can end soon. But J.J. Goldberg writes it’s clear Hamas must lose for there to be any chance at peace.


Why Israeli Left Should Stop Backing Gaza Wars

If the Israeli center-left wants to stop looking weak and confused, it needs to quit backing periodic military escalations with Gaza, Raphael Magarik argues.


No, Birthright Didn't Kill Max Steinberg

Slate’s Allison Benedikt writes that L.A. native Max Steinberg, killed during fighting with Gaza, was brainwashed by Birthright. Elissa Strauss says that’s untrue — and dishonors his memory.


Don't Reward Hamas for Israeli Soldier's Body

If Hamas has the body of an Israeli soldier, they will likely demand the release of Palestinian prisoners in exchange for it. Eliyahu Federman explains why Israel should say no.


Israel Has a New Worst Enemy — Twitter

Israel’s wars are always fought on two fronts — on the ground and in the battlefield of world opinion. Gal Beckerman explains how social media has changed all the rules.

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