Israel Crowdsources 'Jewish Future' Plan Online

Israel’s three-day ‘Online Brainstorming Marathon to Plan the Future of the Jewish People’ may be the country’s most impressive use of crowdsourcing to date.

John Kerry 'Deal' Looks Rigged Against Palestinians

John Kerry is poised to present a ‘framework agreement’ that Israelis would be crazy to reject and Palestinians crazy to accept. What will J Street say to that?

Stop the Hate: Protesters tried to deliver a petition urging Uganda President Yoweri Museveni to veto anti-gay legislation.

Don't Sign Uganda Anti-Gay Law

Ugandans may think they are acting out of faith by banning homosexuality. In fact, they are promoting hatred and violence against LGBT people, Ruth Messinger writes.

How Spain's Sephardic Law Makes Israel Look Bad

For many Sephardic Jews, Spain’s new law offering citizenship is exciting. For Israel, it’s embarrassing by comparison to the Jewish state’s ‘right of return.’

Being Daniel Friedman

It’s not easy being a man who shares a name with so many people — especially when they’re weirdly talented, or express controversial political views.