Calls Mount for Reform of Predator-Friendly Sex Abuse Laws

A shocking child sex scandal involving the alleged abuse of 34 students at New York’s Yeshiva University High School for Boys was back in the headlines this week, three years after The Forward first uncovered the story.


Why Did Netanyahu Appoint Ex-Settler Leader Dani Dayan to New York Post?

Netanyahu’s power is maintained by constant sets of calculations as to how to keep his coalition in order. His appointment of Dayan as Consul-General is just one more calculation, Eetta Prince-Gibson writes.


‘Bernie or Bust’ Is Self-Indulgent, Stubborn — and Dangerous

Whining about Hillary Clinton’s weaknesses can only depress November voter turnout and hand Washington to the GOP, lock, stock and barrel, J.J. Goldberg writes.


No, Being Jewish in Belgium Doesn’t Feel Like 1930s Germany. And Yet…

When friends ask Ilana Sumka what it’s like being Jewish in Belgium nowadays, she’s supposed to answer ‘I’m nervous.’ Which is true, but not the full story.


Should I Feel Guilty for Worrying About Palmyra’s Stones, When ISIS Slaughters Humans?

When Islamic State took the Syrian city of Palmyra last May, thousands died. Why did the destroyed historical artifacts — not the people — have such a hold on Larry Cohler-Esses’s emotions?

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