On Yarzeit, Recall King's Last Battle: Labor Rights

On Martin Luther King Jr.’s yarhzeit, J.J. Goldberg recalls King’s last crusade, cut short, for economic justice, and the promise of a new black-Jewish alliance that died with him.

Data-Driven: Nate Silver?s new FiveThirtyEight blog aims to use data to address thorny public issues.

Why Nate Silver Should Listen to Abraham Joshua Heschel

Nate Silver claims that data-driven journalism trumps everything. Elissa Strauss thinks Jewish tradition as explained by Abraham Joshua Heschel offers a pretty good rebuke.

Memo to New York Times: Women Are Jews, Too

The New York Times ran a story about how talk of freeing Jonathan Pollard is dividing American Jews. But of the seven Jews they called for a quote, not one was female.

Watching Porn While Sitting Shiva

When Henrik Eger attended a shiva for the first time, he expected to find a family in mourning. Instead he found young Jews watching porn in the basement.