5 Most Overpaid (and Underpaid) Jewish Charity Chiefs

Which Jewish non-profit leaders are the most overpaid? The Forward’s exclusive analysis has the answers — and tells you which CEOs should ask for a raise, too.

Tunisians Turn ‘Ashkenormative’ Judaism Upside Down

An encounter with the Tunisian ambassador got Jonathan Katz thinking: How can the Arab Jewish experience shake up Ashkenazi assumptions about Israel?


Why We Lost to BDS and 3 Ways To Win Next Time

There are three reasons the BDS crowd won over the University of California this month —  and three ways we can stop it from happening again, Matty Lichtenstein writes.


Beyond Ferguson and Staten Island, So Much Cause for Outrage

Beyond Ferguson and Staten Island, we have so much cause for anger, J.J. Goldberg writes. Let’s not forget the 219,000 people who die every year of poverty.


Compare Your Salary to These Jewish CEOs

Our annual Salary Survey shows that being a Jewish nonprofit CEO can be pretty darn lucrative. Type in your income and see how it stacks up.

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