What Olmert's Conviction Means for Peace

Ehud Olmert’s conviction this week is a rude awakening for Israelis who believed he’d soon make a political comeback and complete the peace process.

Jerusalem Post’s Absurd Visa Waiver Plea

Should Israelis be allowed to enter the U.S. without a visa? In its latest editorial, the Jerusalem Post says yes. Anna Momigliano argues that’s absurd.

5 Myths About Jonathan Pollard Case

Jonathan Pollard is in the news again. Whether the convicted spy is released or not, Jerome Chanes clears up commonly held myths about his case.

Don't Pardon Jonathan Pollard

EDITORIAL: Tying the Jonathan Pollard case to the sputtering Mideast peace talks isn’t going to help forge a deal. And pardoning the convicted spy is just plain wrong.

Jon Stewart Twits 'Zionist Billionaire' Adelson. Ouch

J.J. Goldberg admits spilling plenty of ink over Sheldon Adelson’s quest to shape the GOP presidential field. Jon Stewart rightly figures he can win a few yucks from it, too.