My Night at Jerusalem's First Public Drag Show

Jerusalem’s first-ever public drag show sparked anger among religious right-wingers, who came out to protest the event. So why was one queen delighted to see them?


Copenhagen Terror Stole My Friend Dan Uzan

David Jano never imagined that terror could hit Copenhagen’s Jewish community — until he found out that his friend Dan Uzan had been killed at the Great Synagogue.

It's Tough To Walk Around Paris as a Jew — Or Is It?

An Israeli journalist who walked around Paris for hours while wearing a kippah documented multiple threats and insults hurled in his direction. But is his experience representative?


Start Birthright With Younger Teens

If Birthright’s goal is to encourage Jewish young people to build a relationship with Israel, why start in college? Steven M. Cohen says younger teens might get even more out of the program.


Stop LOL-ing at My 'Crazy Jewish Mom'

Kate Siegel’s Instagram account full of marriage-obsessed, body-shaming messages from her mother has earned thousands of followers. Is it wrong to find this stereotype funny?

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