ADL Needs To Drop Thane Rosenbaum Right Now

The Anti-Defamation League needs to drop Thane Rosenbaum from its short list to replace Abe Foxman — and fast, Emily L. Hauser writes.


Gaza War Proves My Pro-Israel Dad Was Right

Tova Ross has always challenged her father’s hawkish views. But with war raging in Gaza and anti-Semitism erupting across Europe, she’s finally coming around to his perspective.


I'm Done Apologizing

Menachem Creditor is a left-leaning rabbi whose peers expect him to condemn Israel’s military actions in Gaza. But he won’t — he can’t — not this time.


Staring Into the Void, for Both Israelis and Palestinians

Along with wreaking untold horrors on both sides, the Gaza war has all but extinguished hopes for a two-state solution. For Jane Eisner, the biggest problem is that there is no alternative.


VIDEO: How To Fight Voyeurism in Gaza

The televised carnage coming out of Gaza paints an accurate picture, but also risks dehumanizing Palestinians. Filmmaker Hadeel Assali’s new video finds a creative way around that.

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