After Protesting Trump at AIPAC, Will Rabbis Go Public With Their Politics?

American rabbis must make sure that the risk-taking we saw at AIPAC was not a one-off but the beginning of a trend, Mike Rothbaum writes.


We Want to Hear Stories of Your Inspiring Rabbi

Nominations are open for the 2016 Most Inspiring Rabbis project!


A Humbled AIPAC Is Paying a Price for Growth

A conservative minority of the Jewish community is setting the tone at AIPAC, while the liberal majority drifts away. Worst of all, the two groups can barely talk to each other, J.J. Goldberg writes.


Trump Is Not Hitler and He’s Not Haman — He’s Ahasuerus

Many Jews may see Donald Trump as Haman, the genocidal villain of the Purim story. That’s not quite right: He’s a different kind of danger — and a different character, Jay Michaelson writes.


AIPAC’s Applause for Donald Trump Sends a Shameful Message

Donald Trump aroused the audience at AIPAC with the same tactics he uses to galvanize voters in his march across the scorched earth of today’s Republican party. And it worked, much to Jane Eisner’s embarrassment and shame.

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