Michael Oren, You Hardly Know Us at All

EDITORIAL: Michael Oren can’t understand why American Jews support President Obama despite his differences with Israel’s government. That just shows how little the ex-ambassador understands us, Jane Eisner writes.


No, New York Times, Massacres Aren't Funny

The internet is justly furious over pictures of New York Times employees making light of massacres. Anne Cohen explains why Jews should be especially sensitive to such displays.


Think U.N. Gaza 'War Crimes' Report Is Biased? Read It First.

Israel denounced the U.N. report on possible Gaza war crimes as biased before the ink was even dry. J.J. Goldberg writes that the 183-page document asks serious questions — and we all deserve answers.


Jewish Response to Dylann Roof? Dump Delusion of 'Moderate' GOP

Some ask Americans to peer into their souls for answers after the Charleston racist massacre. Jay Michaelson says we should look at those who fan the flames of extremism and gun violence — starting with the Republican Party.


Help Us Find The Best New Voices in Jewish Music

Who’s the next Shlomo Carlebach? Or Ofra Haza? Or Debbie Friedman? We’re looking for the best new voices in Jewish music. Do you or someone you know fit that description? Apply here!

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