When We Stop To Really See Each Other

The crisis between Israelis and Palestinians is also the result of dehumanization, writes Leonard Fein. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to stop seeing each other.


3 Takes on the Hamas Endgame

J.J. Goldberg shares three views of the Gaza crisis and how it ends. Maybe the war can be used to humble Hamas for good and as a lever to strengthen Mahmoud Abbas’s hand.


Hamas Has Nothing To Lose — and Why That's So Dangerous for Israel

Israel says its objectives in Gaza are limited, but that doesn’t mean it won’t turn into a quagmire, writes analysis Yossi Melman. Hamas will do everything it can to extend the agony.

Jews, Christians and Muslims Pray and Fast for Peace

A diverse group of Jewish, Christian and Muslim neighbors came together to learn, pray for peace and break the fast together in Roslyn, New York.


Why Israel Is Right To Launch Gaza Ground War To Root Out Terror

Is Israel justified in launching a ground war in Gaza? Yossi Alpher says yes because the IDF is acting to curb rocket fire —  and Hamas can end the war anytime it wants.

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