How Pepper Spray Became Jerusalem's Weapon of Choice

Pepper spray is trendy in Jerusalem these days. As vendors enjoy the booming business, Jews arm themselves — and some innocent Palestinians get sprayed.

The 1% Solution to Jewish Education

The high cost of Jewish day school makes it prohibitive to most, even to people who own valuable homes. Ari Segal has a surprising solution to this problem.


The High Cost of American Inequality

EDITORIAL: What can we do to mitigate the growing economic gulf in America? The Jewish tradition of the shmitta year provides some answers.


Stephen Hawking's Worst Nightmare? Golem 2.0

Long before Stephen Hawking warned us about the dangers of artificial intelligence, the legend of the Golem conveyed to Jews the same subliminal message.

Will Israel Alienate the Diaspora With 'Jewish State' Push?

The nationality bill in Israel’s parliament, which favors Jewishness over democracy, has alienated the Diaspora, writes Theodore Sasson. What will this mean in the upcoming elections?

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