Israel Earns Red Card at Soccer's World Cup — Again

Every World Cup the same question emerges: Why isn’t Israel playing? The answer, argue Adi Gold and Yoav Sivan, has as more to do with Israeli culture than anything else.


Knesset Big Sees 'Plot' in President Race Scandals

Knesset speaker Yuli Edelstein claims there was a “guiding hand” behind the sudden scandal eruptions in the Israeli presidential race. The question is — whose hand?

Which Side Has No One To Talk To?

The regular refrain by the Israelis that they don’t have a partner in the Palestinians might be the very opposite of the truth, Leonard Fein writes.


Diaspora to Israel: We Need You To Change

Israel’s actions affect the Diaspora more than ever. That makes the rightward lurch of the Jewish state all the more dangerous for all of us, J.J. Goldberg reports.


How Many Gay Haredim Are Married to Women?

Gay Haredim who choose to marry women pay a ‘major mental price,’ a new report says. What goes unsaid is the suffering these men’s decision inflicts on their wives.

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