In Defense of the Shabbos App

If you see someone downloading the Shabbos App, don’t think of them as necessarily pulling away from Judaism. That person may be attempting to draw closer, Julie Sugar writes.


New Square to Neighbors: Stay Away from Our Holy Shtetl!

Frimet Goldberger pokes fun at the Hasidic village of New Square’s recent letter asking neighbors to refrain from buying property (and bringing impurities) too close.


The Tragic Lesson of the Shabbos App

If Jews want to use their phones on Shabbos, we haven’t made observance meaningful enough. Increase the payoff of observance, and a new app will be obsolete, Eliyahu Fink argues.


A Drug Policy That Denies Repentance

United States drug policy is such that people caught with small amounts of drugs can serve harsh punishments. Hanna Liebman Dershowitz thinks this is wrong and against Jewish values.

The Irony of Erasing Arabic

A new proposed law in the Knesset would remove Arabic as an official language of Israel. Liora Halperin says this ignores the history of Hebrew’s own struggles.

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