Who's To Blame for Ziad Abu Ein's Death?

Ziad Abu Ein died after a scuffle with Israeli troops. But what exactly caused his death — and who is responsible — is under fierce dispute, Ben Sales writes.


4 Stories from Zochrot Truth Commission On 1948

Is Israel ready to reckon with 1948? Jews and Palestinians told their stories at the first-ever public truth commission — but no one knows what will be done about them.


Longing for the Quiet of Separation in Jerusalem

From outside Jerusalem, one can pine for more mutual understanding between Muslims and Jews. Michael Karpin has a better idea: separation.


No, Judaism Doesn’t Justify CIA Torture

Since the release of the CIA torture report, some are suggesting that Jews are to blame for the agency’s torture of detainees. Jesse Lempel explains why that’s so wrong.


I'm Jewish and Greek. Who Do I Root for On Hanukkah?

If you’re both Jewish and Greek, who do you root for on Hanukkah? Elizabeth Savage was tortured by this question — until she discovered a remarkable Spartan synagogue.

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