Jewish Brides Make British Gay Marriage History

This weekend, Tania Ward and Nicola Pettit will become one of the first same-sex couples to legally marry in Britain — and get a Jewish wedding blessing in shul.

Real Roots of Austria's Nazi Comparisons

The public keeps getting outraged over Nazi comparisons in Austria. But that outrage only distracts from the core issue, writes Anna Goldenberg.

Warming to Task: Nate Silver?s new FiveThirtyEight blog aims to use data to address thorny public issues. Is hiring a skeptic of climate change to cover the environment sending the right message?

Why Did Nate Silver Hire Climate Change Skeptic To Cover Environment?

Nate Silver is all about the facts, right? So why did everyone’s favorite geek hire a climate change skeptic to cover the environment on his new blog, J.J. Goldberg asks.

Stop Comparing Jewish and Palestinian Refugees

Some claim that compensation for Arab Jewish refugees should be weighed in the ongoing peace process. Michael Kaplan says we shouldn’t mix this issue with the rights of Palestinians.

The Town Called 'Jew Killer'

There is a town in Spain called Castrillo Matajudios, and in Colombia ‘Matajudios’ is a common surname. The problem is, in Spanish one meaning of the name is ‘Kills Jews.’