Graham Spanier Opens Up on Abuse — His Own

Graham Spanier found himself in the middle of the abuse scandal at Penn State. Now, he reveals that he was regularly physically abused by his father, a Jewish escapee of Nazi Germany.


Israel's 'Moral Army'?

The IDF has a controversial name for itself: the ‘moral army.’ Michael Mitchell writes Israel’s fighting force doesn’t live up the to Jewish ethical standards.


Black Hats and Wigs Do Not an Orthodox Jew Make

Why do some Orthodox Jews do things that seem so un-Jewish? Avi Shafran has an answer — they go through the motions of ritual without embodying true belief.


Why Jews Everywhere Bear Brunt of Israel Actions

Jews are held responsible by large numbers of non-Jews for Israeli actions. That’s all Jews, whatever their views. And sometimes, the reaction goes much further than disapproval.


I Remember Shock of First 'Price Tag' Attack

The indictment of suspects in the revenge murder of Mohammad Abu Khdeir reminds Nathan Jeffay of covering the first so-called ‘price tag’ attack — the 2009 torching of a mosque.

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