Opposing Trump at AIPAC Is No Partisan Stance — It’s Jewish and All-American Patriotism

What would Abraham Joshua Heschel do if he saw Donald Trump takes the stage? Menachem Creditor explains why he and his fellow rabbis will not stand idly by.


My Trump Tweets Earned Me So Many Anti-Semitic Haters That I Bought a Gun

When Republican Bethany Mandel spoke out against Donald Trump, she was called a ‘slimy Jewess’ and told she ‘deserves the oven.’ Then something even scarier happened.


Trump’s AIPAC Speech Is Totally Predictable. What About Our Response?

Donald Trump will assure AIPAC that Jews are amazing, they are the greatest, they make the best deals — and that he will make sure Jews get the contracts to build the Mexican wall.


How Meir Dagan, Israel’s Legendary Spymaster, Became Bibi’s Worst Nightmare

Meir Dagan, storied Israeli commando, general, spymaster and — in his final years — outspoken peacenik, is dead at 71.


Donald Trump Is Actually the Perfect Person To Speak at AIPAC

AIPAC’s invitation to Trump is not a fluke, Simone Zimmerman argues. The pro-Israel lobby has gradually abandoned Jewish values except Zionism, and Trump’s appearance will be the culmination of that process.

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