What Will Prevent Another Copenhagen?

Right and Left have easy answers to the toxic brew of anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism breeding attacks like Copenhagen’s. But easy answers are wrong answers, Jay Michaelson writes.


Canada's 'Fox News North' Shuts Amid Losses

With its audience shrinking and losses mounting, a Canadian TV news network known for its right wing pro-Israel views has pulled the plug.


Why Raif Badawi Matters to the Jews

Saudi blogger Raif Badawi has been sentenced to a barbaric punishment for insulting Islam, among other things. Why should Jews care and what can we do to stop it?


When Bob Simon's Jewishness Nearly Killed Him

Journalist Bob Simon, who died last night in a car accident, had a brush with death almost 25 years earlier — and being a Jew was the main reason.


Does Brian Williams Punishment Fit 'Crime'?

Uriel Heilman was shocked that Brian Williams flew under the radar with his fibs for so long. What do Jewish crisis PR experts think about his punishment?

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