Should We Watch ISIS Horror Videos — or Look Away?

Each ISIS execution video is more grisly than the one before. Allison Kaplan Sommer asks if we should watch — and learn — from the brutality, or simply turn the channel.


The Vaccination Nation

EDITORIAL: Is the fierce response to those who refuse to vaccinate their kids a hopeful sign that we are finally ready to put community first?


How Jack Wolfson Became Face of Anti-Vaxxer Movement

Dr. Jack Wolfson has become the unapologetic face of the anti-vaccine movement after he said he wouldn’t ‘sacrifice’ his child to protect others.


How Ultra-Orthodoxy Is Most Feminist Faith

Ultra-Orthodoxy is often criticized for its treatment of women. But Avi Shafran says it offers women more opportunities to work than men, who must study the Torah.


Should I Fly Home To Vote in Israeli Elections?

As Lior Zaltzman considers flying to her native Israel to vote in the upcoming elections, she asks: Will it make any difference if expats go back and cast ballots?

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