3 Jewish Lessons on Rachel Dolezal and Caitlyn Jenner

Jews have centuries of experience reinventing themselves in different societies. Jane Eisner explains how that history may give us surprising insights into two very different stories of personal transformation.


Why Michael Oren's Blame Game on Israel Is So Wrongheaded

In his new book, Michael Oren accuses Barack Obama of abandoning the principle of ‘no daylight and no surprises’ between the U.S. and Israel. J.J. Goldberg says that argument is just plain wrong — and a historian like Oren should know better.


How Rachel Dolezal Crossed Line From Solidarity to Slumming

The tragedy of Rachel Dolezal is that she devoted so much effort to creating her fictional black identity — instead of simply being herself and working with the community she claimed to feel so much empathy for, Samuel G. Freedman writes.


What My Black Jewish Son Teaches Me About Rachel Dolezal

The internet is rushing to condemn Rachel Dolezal in no uncertain terms. But Alina Adams, whose son is black and Jewish, knows that racial identity is much more complicated.


Israeli Theater Is Having Its 'Klinghoffer' Moment

Remember all the hullabaloo over ‘The Death of Klinghoffer’? Now, the Israeli-Arab play ‘A Parallel Time’ is generating a similar controversy. Can the Haifa production learn anything from the American one?

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