Can Washington D.C. Save This Rare Synagogue Mural?

Eleven years after a Washington D.C. homeowner uncovered a 1920s synagogue mural, the artwork faces a deadlier threat than time: the city’s booming condo market.


Why Bother Playing Gaza Rocket Blame Game?

What does Israel gain from blaming the Palestinian Authority for rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip? Nathan Jeffay explains.


Why 'Love the Jew, Hate the Judaism' Is So Wrong

Ultra-Orthodox rabbis are dead wrong to condemn whole streams of Judaism. But Jane Eisner writes that many of us make blanket condemnations of Haredim — and it’s no less shameful.


King Juan Carlos Gone — Can Sephardic Jews Still Return?

Now that the Spanish king is quitting, Josh Nathan-Kazis asks if the proposed citizenship law for Sephardic Jews will die — or will he still get to return to the land of his ancestors?

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