Netanyahu Might Lose Election. Here's How.

Polls only show what would happen if the Israeli election were held today, not how unexpected events might influence voters. The shifts can be dramatic, J.J. Goldberg reports.


How Elections Allow Leaders To Ignore Real Issues — in Israel and America

Election season is starting again in Israel and just finished in America. J.J. Goldberg explores two countries with different electoral systems but a shared political dysfunction.


Huge Israeli Arms Buy Nobody's Talking About

Israel’s politicians may come and go, but its all-important arms relationship with the U.S. is here to stay. A hugely important and weirdly untalked-about fighter jet purchase proves it.


I Don't Want To Feel 'Safe' at Eric Garner’s Expense

New Yorkers’ illusion of safety is coming at the cost of the lives of people like Eric Garner, Ayelet Cohen writes. Jews, of all people, should refuse to pay that price.


Boycotting a Moses Named Christian in 'Exodus'

Charlton Heston as Moses. Johnny Depp as Tonto. Mickey Rooney as Mr. Yunioshi. Laurence Olivier as Othello. Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra. All white actors who have played non-white characters on the big screen.

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