Praying Alone

The new phenomena of Shabbat services that stream online would seem to be a good thing, but Leonard Fein examines the negative side when we each pray in our homes alone.

In the Pipeline: President Obama has been taking heat from his liberal supporters who see the pipeline decision as a litmus test.

For a Keystone XL Pipeline Grand Bargain

With pressure building for the Keystone XL pipeline, Jay Michaelson thinks President Obama should demand meaningful progress on climate change in return.

Dialogue, Not Diktat

A column from March 21, “Only One Way To Change Hillel: Leave,” contains some gross inaccuracies that need to be corrected.

Jews for Jesus Use Pew '34%' in Ad

Mainstream Jewish organizations lamented the Pew study. But Manhattan Jews for Jesus are gleefully using it to sell their faith in storefront ads.

Vassar's Israel Debate Takes 'Raw' Racial Turn

The battle over Israel is heating up at usually bucolic Vassar College, with ‘raw’ displays of rage tinged with racial resentment directed against Jewish students, writes J.J. Goldberg.