Leaving the Ultra-Orthodox World — With No Other Choice

Not everyone leaves the ultra-Orthodox world because they want to rebel. Some seek a way to keep their Jewish spirituality alive, writes Yakir Englander.

Letty Cottin Pogrebin Looks Back at 'Free To Be'

Letty Cottin Pogrebin dishes about the 40th anniversary of Free To Be You and Me, her feminist trajectory and her activism around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

No Conclusive Evidence on Circumcision Rite and Herpes

The Forward suggests the metzitzah b’peh circumcision rite should be curtailed because it may lead to herpes. It is misguided in its medical and policy claims.

Our Own: Jewish military families need to feel like they have the community?s support.

3 Ways To Support Our Jewish Troops and Build Community

Jewish military families often feel invisible to the community, writes Alison Buckholtz. Here’s what we can do to make them feel like they are supported.

Bernie Sanders protesting the furlough of federal workers, October 2013

Bernie Sanders Serious About White House Bid

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders seems to be getting more serious about running for president. The Jewish socialist talks about the pros and cons in a new interview.