Why Woody Allen's Thing for Younger Women Doesn't Make Him a Pedophile

Woody Allen has dated (and married) much younger women. That doesn’t make him a pedophile — and gay activist Jay Michaelson explains why it’s such a dangerous leap.

Birthright's Second-Time Shift

EDITORIAL: Birthright will allow teens who have already taken education trips to Israel to qualify for free trips. Who made this decision — and where will the cash come from?

Who Are the Rabbis That Changed Your Life?

Last year we singled out the 36 most inspiring rabbis in America. We’re on the hunt again. Share the story of a rabbi who has inspired you.

Watch your head?

Toxic Denial of Climate Change Reality as Planet Hangs in the Balance

The scientific consensus about climate change is bleak — especially when coupled with rising skepticism among the public. With no action in sight, maybe we could try rain dances.