Why I Believe NGO Laws Protect Israel

JERUSALEM (JTA) — In 1914, Robert Frost published his poem “Mending Wall,” where he coined the maxim, “Good fences make good neighbors.” Those were the days of World War I, and it was perceived at that time that the best way to safeguard international relations and world peace was to clearly demarcate the physical borders between countries.


WATCH: When Israelis From Different Worlds Look Each Other in the Eye

Filmmaker Deborah Aroshas set up encounters between complete strangers from different faiths and backgrounds in Israel. They had one task: to look each other in the eye for five minutes.


Jewish Extremists Divide Israel's Right Wing — Even as Orthodox Take Reins of Security Services

Observant Jews have taken the reins of Israel’s security services, but that hasn’t been the sea change some predicted. J.J. Goldberg reports that the head of Shin Bet has divided the far right by leading a crackdown on Jewish extremists.


Marc Gafni and the Misused Power of Religious Leaders

With this week’s New York Times profile of Jewish spiritual guru Marc Gafni, issues of sexual misconduct by spiritual leaders in the Jewish community are again being brought to the surface.


Protecting Anne Frank's Voice — Even 7 Decades Later

When Anne Frank wrote her diary while hiding from the Nazis, she almost certainly never thought about the sticky question of who would own her words. But now that the copyright is expiring on her book, we all have to think about it — and what we can do to protect her treasured voice.

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