King Juan Carlos Gone — Can Sephardic Jews Still Return?

Now that the Spanish king is quitting, Josh Nathan-Kazis asks if the proposed citizenship law for Sephardic Jews will die — or will he still get to return to the land of his ancestors?


After Brussels Bust, France Nabs 'Jihad Recruiters'

After arresting a suspect in the Brussels Jewish museum rampage, French police have arrested four people suspected of recruiting would-be jihadist fighters.

Israeli Rabbinate Should Learn From Shavuot Heroine

The convert heroine of the Shavuot story can teach the Chief Rabbinate a thing or two about how to deal with Russian immigrants, writes Pesach Sommer.

Want Authentic Shavuot Meals? Try Fruit, Not Dairy

When Shavuot rolls around, many of us think: Finally, an opportunity to plan a delicious dairy meal! Only problem is, dairy isn’t originally a Shavuot food at all.


Shavuot Is Holiday That Speaks of Love And Freedom

Shavuot often doesn’t get the respect it deserves among the Jewish holidays, writes Avi Shafran. It’s time we understood it for what it is, a celebration of love and freedom.

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