The Iconic Mideast Photo That Isn't Fake

Just as Naomi Zeveloff discovered that Ricki Rosen’s iconic Mideast photo is completely staged, she found a strikingly similar photo by Debbi Cooper. And this one’s real.


'The Nu Republic' No More

How do you say kaddish for a magazine that is 100 years old? Jeffrey Salkin explains why Jewish readers have special reason to sit shiva after the bloodbath at The New Republic.


How Israel Treats African 'Infiltrators'

Take it from renowned Holocaust scholar Yehuda Bauer. Judging by how Israel treats African asylum seekers, the country is forgetting Jewish history —  and fast.


Eric Garner and Moshe Twersky Bound by History

The killings of Eric Garner and Rabbi Moshe Twersky are not the least bit similar. But for Phil Getz, they trigger memories of the most terrifying episodes in each people’s history.


Farewell Philologos

For 24 years, Philologos has graced our pages with an erudite, engaging and often surprising column about language. He has decided to leave the Forward.

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