Why 'Love the Jew, Hate the Judaism' Is So Wrong

Ultra-Orthodox rabbis are dead wrong to condemn whole streams of Judaism. But Jane Eisner writes that many of us make blanket condemnations of Haredim — and it’s no less shameful.


King Juan Carlos Gone — Can Sephardic Jews Still Return?

Now that the Spanish king is quitting, Josh Nathan-Kazis asks if the proposed citizenship law for Sephardic Jews will die — or will he still get to return to the land of his ancestors?


After Brussels Bust, France Nabs 'Jihad Recruiters'

After arresting a suspect in the Brussels Jewish museum rampage, French police have arrested four people suspected of recruiting would-be jihadist fighters.

Israeli Rabbinate Should Learn From Shavuot Heroine

The convert heroine of the Shavuot story can teach the Chief Rabbinate a thing or two about how to deal with Russian immigrants, writes Pesach Sommer.

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