Knesset Briefs: Kahanist on Board, Bennett's Soccer Foul & More

The final deadline passed this afternoon for Israel’s political parties to register for the March 17 Knesset elections. Several last-minute decisions will substantially affect the map in the weeks ahead:

The Nazi Commandments for Pure Aryan Society

German women were at the heart of the Nazi ideology. After all, she was seen as the gatekeeper to keeping the Aryan race pure, as a shocking new exhibit details.


When 'Let My People Go' Tugged at World's Heart

When J.J. Goldberg first watched ‘Let My People Go,’ he recoiled in horror at the Nazi horrors. Why has the world moved on to other more universalist depictions of the Holocaust?


Which Rabbis Inspire You, America?

Eliyahu Fink is an unconventional spiritual leader. Help us find others who touch the lives of Jews in profound and unusual ways for this year’s America’s Most Inspiring Rabbis.


The Crosses of Auschwitz

The anniversary of Auschwitz’s liberation focused on the Jewish Holocaust. But many Poles, including residents of Oswiecim, say they also suffered horrors at the hands of the Nazis.

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