Is Jewish Reaction to Jerusalem Passport Case Opportunistic — or Delusional?

The week’s institutional Jewish responses to the Supreme Court’s decision in the so-called Jerusalem passport case ranged from horrifying to opportunistic to delusional. Jay Michaelson sorts out one from the other.


The Wrong and Right Way to Beat BDS

EDITORIAL: Countering the boycott Israel movement on college campuses will require a different approach than the one Sheldon Adelson is funding. But there is one helpful thing the GOP mega-donor can do.


From a Jerusalem Boy's Passport to a President's Powers

The parents who filed the so-called Jerusalem passport case intended to bolster Israel’s claim to the holy city. Yishai Schwartz explains why the Supreme Court’s decision may wind up being a serious blow to that cause.


That Time I Swapped Genders Using Virtual Reality

What would you do if your friend asked you to switch bodies for a day? Naomi Zeveloff did just that when an Israeli man asked her to don virtual reality goggles for a gender swap experiment.


Why Does Diane Rehm Think Bernie Sanders Is Israeli?

Memo to NPR host: Bernie Sanders does not hold Israeli citizenship. And why exactly did she think he did?

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