I Was the Pro-Israel Poster Boy at Brandeis — Here’s Why I Quit

Although Gabriel Goldstein still loves the Jewish state, the pro-Israel cause has lost him, a warrior who once manned its front lines on campus.


‘Never Again’ Means Taking Cue From Protesters and Confronting Donald Trump

Jews should take a lesson from Chicago activists, who showed that our response to Donald Trump’s barbarity should be brave confrontation — not escape to Canada, Ari Paul writes.


I Won’t Send My Students to Oberlin College Anymore

Michael Soffer used to teach his students about the importance of Oberlin in U.S. history. Now he refuses to write recommendation letters for those who want to attend that college.


How Donald Trump Scared the Jews, Won the Election — and Saved Israel (This Is No Purim Spiel!)

The campaign was even harsher than anyone had predicted. After being told by his advisers that there simply wasn’t enough time to win over enough African, Hispanic or Asian Americans, Donald Trump went for broke, in an effort to secure the 72% of the white vote that he would need in order to stand a chance of winning the ballot in November. “The War of the Races,” was how some pundits described it.


The Mizrahi-Palestinian Intersectionality Nobody’s Talking About

Israel’s Mizrahi Jews and indigenous Arabs were uniting in solidarity way back in the 1950s. So why is everyone talking about intersectionality as if it’s some foreign new idea?

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