6 Concrete Things You Can Do To Help End Police Brutality

It should be the Jewish imperative not to give in to resignation — because the black lives being lost cannot afford complacency.


Donald Trump Sinks to New Level of Absurdity With ‘Frozen’ Tweet

Nothing’s sacred anymore in this election cycle. Not even Elsa and Anna.


This Teen Who Helps Clothe the Homeless Will Warm Your Heart

To date, Warm Winters has engaged over 500 youth volunteers, who have provided more than 32,500 items of warm clothing, new socks and personal care products to our homeless community members across the United States, with an impact value of $900,000 so far.

Why Doctors Without Borders Has an Israel Problem

Under Cone and others, MSF’s various branches have vacillated between ignoring Palestinian violence against Israeli civilians, and seeming to justify or celebrate it.


Is Donald Trump’s Inadvertent Anti-Semitism Worse Than the Real Thing?

The Republican front-runner may abhor anti-Semitism, but he sure knows how to spread it around, Deborah Lipstadt writes.

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