When You Protest An Eruv, You Protest Women’s Rights

A fight over an eruv in the town of Mahwah has some up in arms. But eruvs are crucial to enabling Orthodox women out of the house on Sabbath


Chuck Schumer’s Better Deal Is Better For White Men – And No One Else

Chuck Schumer has been touting his “Better Deal.” But better for who? This deal reveals the Democratic Party’s renewed focus on white men

The Al Aqsa Protests Prove That Palestinian Nonviolence Has Arrived

“What you witnessed this week when Israel took down the metal detectors was nothing short of the triumph of nonviolence over the occupation.”


Beware The Jewish Republicans Who Embrace Far-Right Bigotry

Pay close attention to the skirmish last week between the Anti-Defamation League and Ohio Republican Josh Mandel.


When Did Saving Lives Become an Irrational Goal? Welcome to the 2017 Healthcare Debate

A top economics pundit chides healthcare debate: too much ‘compassion,’ too little ‘rational’ cost cutting talk. J.J. Goldberg takes the terms apart.

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