Donald Trump’s Silence on Anti-Semitic RNC Livestream Chat Speaks Louder Than Words

Anti-Semitism on the RNC livestream is a troubling indication of the sorts of people who rally behind Trump, Lana Adler writes.


The Real Reason Rabbi Lookstein Retreated From the RNC

It was not weakness or cowardice that forced Lookstein to retreat, but a deep respect for his role as a teacher, Amy Neustein writes.

Why Jews Need To Band Together With ‘Subgroups’ That Steve King Attacked

All of us ‘subgroups’ who stand outside of ‘Western civilization’ are in danger now, Michael Rothbaum writes.


Walking Through Schindler’s List

In the latest installment of “So, You Want to Write a Holocaust Book,” Karen Treiger goes to the sites of famous scenes from the movie Schindler’s List.

How Rabbi Max Ticktin Changed My Life With ‘Yes But’ Torah Scholarship

Turns out there was a lot more to this Judaism than anyone had let on in the first 30 years of my life.

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