Failing To Confront Trump’s Bigotry Is a Moral Stain on Simon Wiesenthal Center — and American Jews

In the decades to come, historians of American Jewry will ask how a community that keenly remembers its own experience with state bigotry produced institutions that excused the most nakedly bigoted major party presidential nominee in modern American history.


Executing Dylann Roof Is Behind the Times and Against the Talmud

The jury’s decision to execute Dylann Roof for killing nine unarmed people in a historically black Charleston church may set off a legal argument closely mirrored an 1,800-year-old talmudic precedent.

Paul Ryan Should Know Better Than To Make This Nazi Flub

The designer of the recent “Paul Ryan Speaker” logo was either blind to or ignorant of the logo’s similarity to the Grosse Deutschland symbol, and his boss should know better.

EXPLAINED: Could Netanyahu Be Ousted Over Talks With Sheldon Adelson’s Media Rival?

It’s a revelation that’s shaking up Israel’s political and media worlds as intensely as reports of a proposed secret deal between Donald Trump, CNN and Fox News would rock the United States.

What Does It Mean That Jared Kushner Might Be the Most Influential Jew in the World?

As the first Jew in American history to hold such a powerful position in the White House, Jared Kushner will be redrawing the image of the quintessential Jew — which contains its own ironies, possibilities and danger.

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