Mizrahi Artists Are Here To Incite a Culture War

When Adi Keissar launched the poetry series Ars Poetica, she had no idea it would become the best party in town — and the most significant cultural phenomenon in Israel today.


The Implosion of the Republican Party — and What It Means for the Jews and Israel

Donald Trump is on pace to destroy the Republican Party as we know it. His demagogic rise has sparked equal parts anger and glee among some of his opponents, but Jane Eisner writes it’s terrible news for the Jews — and a big blow to Israel.


How Jewish Students Like Me Got Bullied at Vassar BDS Vote

Jason Storch says that pro-BDS students at Vassar have pursued an aggressive campaign of intimidation, leaving Jewish peers silenced, heckled and mocked.


Meet the Evangelical Christians Behind Ted Cruz — They’re Super Jewy

Should Jews feel flattered or creeped out by evangelical Christians like the Assembly of Yahweh? They blow the shofar, observe Passover — and support right-wing Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz.


Jewish Students, You Still Belong Here at Oberlin! Let Us Prove It to You

Oberlin professor Marc Blecher explains that the college is now working double time to make its campus safe and welcoming for Jewish students.

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