French Jews, Escaping to Israel Is Not the Answer

Laurent-David Samama, who has watched his fellow Parisian Jews leave for Israel in droves, pleads with them to stay put — and fight for a better France.


Take Back Tzniut

With kids going back to school, a set of questions about dress codes — particularly for girls — will once again be discussed. But do these conversations miss the point?


Behind the Firehouse Doors

Liz Garbus’s documentary ‘A Good Job,’ co-produced by Steve Buscemi, features interviews with the first women and African American firefighters.

For Vogue, Palestinian Is the New Israeli

Why did Vogue choose Palestinian model Gigi Hadid to recreate a famous cover shot of Israeli model Michaela Bercu? It’s no coincidence, Sigal Samuel argues.


Summer's Missing Question: What Is Zionism?

Lost amid all the talk about whether the Gaza war spelled the end of liberal Zionism is a more basic question: What is Zionism? J.J. Goldberg examines this deeper crisis.

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