News Quiz: Who You Gonna Call?

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If America Had Laws Like Israel

Here’s what would happen if the United States were to pass a law enshrining America as the land of the Protestant People. Sound familiar?


Ferguson Shows an Unjust System Cannot Produce Justice

It’s too early for anyone to have fully digested the testimony presented to the grand jury in Darren Wilson’s case. But whatever the facts, Jay Michaelson writes its conclusions are already suspect.


I Admit It — I'm Binational-Curious

A growing chorus of people from the left and the right declares the need for a one-state solution. Jay Michaelson is ready to listen but he needs some details.


Is Bibi Stalling Pick of IDF Chief to Promote Rightist?

Netanyahu is reported to be stalling the nomination of Israel’s next IDF chief. His reasons are a topic of hot speculation — but J.J. Goldberg says the facts speak for themselves.

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