Chatting With JDate's CEO

Greg Liberman, CEO of the company that runs JDate (and Christian Mingle) talked to the Forward about what makes the Jewish dating site so unique.

JDate Works for Profit — and the Continuity of the Jewish People

JDate has been successful at something that has perplexed the Jewish communal world — getting young Jews to hook up. Its for-profit model might offer our best solution yet.

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The Jewish Bloodbath We Caused — and Forgot

Don’t remember what calamitous event befell Jews on the 9th of Adar? Nobody does. That’s why Daniel Roth is rebranding the date as Jewish Day of Constructive Conflict.

Why Woody Allen's Thing for Younger Women Doesn't Make Him a Pedophile

Woody Allen has dated (and married) much younger women. That doesn’t make him a pedophile — and gay activist Jay Michaelson explains why it’s such a dangerous leap.