Watch How New York Reacts to This Jewish-Muslim Couple Experiment

What happens when a conspicuously Jewish-Muslim couple walks hand-in-hand through the streets of New York City?


Why Is the Left Silent About Gaza Tunnels?

You could hear a pin drop in much of the progressive world when another Hamas tunnel was recently discovered. This silence is a moral and political mistake, Jay Michaelson writes.


What That Ben Rhodes Profile Really Tells Us About the Iran Deal

White House foreign policy wunderkind Ben Rhodes is under fire for dishing all too freely on the Iran nuclear deal, which some now claim was based on a pack of lies, J.J. Goldberg writes.


Finally, a Ceremony That Lets Me Celebrate Israel While Mourning the Nakba

Eetta Prince-Gibson spent Yom Hazikaron with 3,000 Israelis — and hundreds of Palestinians from the West Bank.


Meet the French Jews Who Love Marine Le Pen and Her Far Right Party

Why would French Jews be interested in joining the anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant and (formerly) anti-Semitic National Front party?

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