Israel Makes Some Headway at U.N.

We’re used to hearing that Israel is being marginalized at the United Nations. But Joseph Potasnik says Israel is making important progress at the international body.

Bernie Madoff Didn't Betray 'The Jews'

Cartoonist Eli Valley says that Bernie Madoff didn’t betray ‘the Jews’ — he betrayed human beings of all religious and ethnic backgrounds.

Bernie Madoff, Our Convenient Scapegoat

Bernie Madoff is not a victim, but he is a scapegoat. It’s easier to blame one thief than to wrap our minds around a corrupt system of hyper-capitalism, writes Jay Michaelson.

Netanyahu's Fake Jerusalem Stalls Peace

Netanyahu is building settlement homes in Har Homa, a Jerusalem ‘suburb.’ But Emily Hauser says it isn’t even part of Jerusalem — it’s just a way to stall peace.