Does Synagogue Have To Be So Boring?

Since my fiance is Jewish, I happily take part in Jewish observance at home. But truth be told, I find synagogue very boring. Seesaw, does this make me a bad guy?


Who Is To Blame for the Bloodshed and Despair in Israel? Everyone.

Israel will win this phase of the conflict with the Palestinians, despite being partly at fault for the bloodshed, Jay Michaelson writes. But when this is what ‘winning’ looks like, don’t we all lose?


When ‘Homeland’ Calls Itself Racist — in Arabic

Artists hired by ‘Homeland’ to add Arabic graffiti to a set have revealed that they hacked the show by spray-painting ‘Homeland is racist.’ Sigal Samuel explains why the producers had it coming.


Ruth Messinger, Jewish Madonna of Human Rights

Does Ruth Messinger ever sleep? Looking back at all she has accomplished with American Jewish World Service, it’s hard to see how she’d find the time, Joy Levitt writes.


Why Was Israel Missing From the Democratic Debate?

For two and a half hours on October 13, the five Democratic candidates for president debated all manner of domestic and foreign issues in a spirited exchange where the questions were more productive and the answers more substantive than anything we’ve seen from the Republicans until now. But there was one subject that never made it to prime time: Israel.

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