Did Danny Danon Go Too Far?

Apparently, Danny Danon went too far. Benjamin Netanyahu fired the hawkish Likudnik after he slammed the Israeli decision to endorse a proposed cease-fire with Hamas.


How Female Circumcision Is Different From a Brit Milah

Opponents of circumcision for boys often compare it to female genital mutilation. Elissa Strauss asserts that we can practice the former while abhorring the latter.


WATCH: PLO Envoy Calls Hamas Rockets 'Crimes Against Humanity'

Here’s a remarkable bit of television — official Palestinian Authority TV, to be specific — in which the Palestinian delegate to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva tells an interviewer that Hamas’s rocket fire from Gaza is a crime against humanity. Plain and simple, no hedging. In Arabic (with English subtitles). Watch it below.


The Cheesiest Terror Push on Facebook

Hamas is trying to use social media to bully Israelis, even in Hebrew. But the music is so cheesy and the video so tacky, it’s more laughable than frightening, Renee Ghert-Zand reports.


Being a Jew in 'Bombingham' Alabama

Alabama’s Jews have a complicated history. Anne Cohen and Sigal Samuel find out why ‘alarm bells rang in every Jewish house’ when a Birmingham black church was bombed in 1963.

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