Why All of France Should Shiver When Demonstrators Shout: 'Jews Out'

For the first time since the Nazi occupation, cries of ‘Jews out’ were heard on the streets of Paris last week. Robert Zaretsky explains why all of France should be very worried.

Jerusalem Protest Breeds Color War, Not Civil War

When Arabs and Jews came together to sing in Jerusalem, settler youth showed up to protest. Then liberal youth came to protest the protest. Then, strangely, everyone had fun.

AIPAC Lost Iran Sanctions Battle — Not War

Talk of AIPAC’s failure in lobbying for a new Iran sanctions bill is misleading, writes Brent Sasley. The defeat has more to do with presidential decision-making and the emergence of J Street.

Forget Tefillin — Orthodox Women Need Empowerment in Daily Lives

The silent majority of Orthodox women today are not preoccupied with fighting for ownership over men’s rituals. They need change in their daily lives, Avital Chizhik writes.