The Wrong and Right Way to Beat BDS

EDITORIAL: Countering the boycott Israel movement on college campuses will require a different approach than the one Sheldon Adelson is funding. But there is one helpful thing the GOP mega-donor can do.


From a Jerusalem Boy's Passport to a President's Powers

The parents who filed the so-called Jerusalem passport case intended to bolster Israel’s claim to the holy city. Yishai Schwartz explains why the Supreme Court’s decision may wind up being a serious blow to that cause.


That Time I Swapped Genders Using Virtual Reality

What would you do if your friend asked you to switch bodies for a day? Naomi Zeveloff did just that when an Israeli man asked her to don virtual reality goggles for a gender swap experiment.


Why Does Diane Rehm Think Bernie Sanders Is Israeli?

Memo to NPR host: Bernie Sanders does not hold Israeli citizenship. And why exactly did she think he did?


Zionist Students Don’t Need Safe Spaces

Some complain that campuses no longer provide safe spaces for pro-Zionist students. But Jonathan Katz says the last thing these students need is to be protected from a ‘horde of evil BDS zombies.’

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