Hacking SodaStream Debate

If you love the SodaStream product, but feel uneasy about its factory’s West Bank location, hackers may have the perfect solution for you.

Who Are America's Most Inspiring Rabbis? Tell Us!

One rabbi led her community to the desert for Passover. Others inspire us everyday, even in small ways. Tell us about the rabbi who has had the biggest impact on you.

Protect the Children, Mayor de Blasio

EDITORIAL: New York parents are supposed to give consent for the metzitzah b’peh circumcision rite. But the law isn’t enforced — and Mayor de Blasio must move to protect children.

John Kerry, Modern-Day Haman?

Right-wing rabbis warned John Kerry that his peacemaking efforts will earn him ‘everlasting disgrace in Jewish history,’ on a level with Nebuchadnezzar, Titus and Haman.

Why All of France Should Shiver When Demonstrators Shout: 'Jews Out'

For the first time since the Nazi occupation, cries of ‘Jews out’ were heard on the streets of Paris last week. Robert Zaretsky explains why all of France should be very worried.