When You're Way More Into Judaism Than Your Partner Is

What do you do when one partner in a marriage approaches Judaism with fondness and curiosity, and the other, well, less so? Elissa Strauss used to think it was a big deal — but not anymore.


Why Won't Trump Stand Up to His Anti-Semitic Fans?

Some of Donald Trump’s biggest fans are outspoken anti-Semites. And despite having a Jewish daughter, he refuses to put them in their place.


As Reconstructionists Accept Rabbis With Non-Jewish Partners, Will Reform Jews Follow Suit?

The Reconstructionist Rabbinical College has announced that it will accept students with non-Jewish partners. Now, the Catholic mother of a soon-to-be rabbi asks: Will the Reform movement be next?


Why Secular-to-Orthodox Memoirs Matter

Why don’t we see more memoirs by Jews who went from secular to Orthodox? Julie Sugar outlines five worries about writing those stories — and explains why you should do it anyway.


Why I Love Article VI — and You Should, Too

EDITORIAL: Thanks to Republican candidate Ben Carson, Article VI of the Constitution has been rescued from obscurity. Jane Eisner explains why she’s so obsessed with this 20-word phrase.

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