Haredi Meets Hollywood in Anti-Vaccine Debate

Two disparate populations — ultra-Orthodox Jews and L.A. hippies — have found common cause in the anti-vaccination movement. Why does it appeal to both groups?


An Unlikely Friendship Between 2 Men of Letters

Cartoonist Tony Auth, who recently died at 72, was rightly lauded for his independence and skill. Jane Eisner recalls the extraordinary collaboration he shared with author Chaim Potok.

VIDEO: Satan and Jewess Give Birth to ISIS

Well, this is weird. Iraqi TV is rolling out a new satirical series, ‘Superstitious State,’ that portrays the leader of ISIS as the spawn of Satan and — you guessed it — a Jewish woman.


Do British Jews Have Better Approach to Strife Over Israel?

Both American and British Jews have experienced strife over the war in Gaza. Keith Kahn-Harris thinks Americans can learn from Brits how to handle it better.


How Not To Write About Hasids Buying Weed

A newspaper story about Hasids nabbed in a marijuana bust repeatedly points to the men’s religion. Eliyahu Federman asks why, since their faith has nothing to do with the alleged crime.

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