How Rabbi-Led LGBT Clergy Are Supporting Black Lives Matter

Rabbi Debra Kolodny believes that Black Lives Matter is ‘one of the most critical movements of our day.’ And she wants to transfer that belief into action.


How a Vote for Republicans Harms Israel — and Not How You Might Think

Say you’re the sort of American voter who puts Israel’s safety first when deciding how to vote. Think that means you should support the Republicans? Think again, says J.J. Goldberg.


Ben Carson Needs To Stop Using the Holocaust To Score Political Points

As Ben Carson doubles down on his Holocaust claims, Menachem Rosensaft says that his grandparents deserve better than to be used as props in political grandstanding.


Who Says Rabbis Must Be Role Models On Intermarriage — Or Anything Else?

Some argue that intermarried rabbis are unacceptable because they’re not modeling ideal Jewish behavior. But Ben Bernstein says that many rabbinical students today aren’t out to be role models at all.


Oy! She Took My Granddaughter to an Ashram

My Jew-ish daughter-in-law has become very “spiritual” in recent years, which includes visits to a local ashram with my granddaughter. Seesaw, can I tell her that this is confusing for their Jewish children?

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