Free Pollard. It's the Left-Wing Thing To Do.

The campaign to release convicted spy Jonathan Pollard is known as a right-wing cause. But Anna Momigliano lists five reasons why the left should get on board.


6 Things To Remember on Quebec Election Day

As citizens of Quebec prepare to vote for a new provincial government, Anne Cohen explains what’s at stake for Jews —  not just up north, but everywhere.

Can You Hear Us? Some organizations rely too heavily on self-promotion.

This Oped Will Not Tell You How Great We Are

The public communication of most Jewish organizations is all about naked self-promotion, writes Ken Gordon. But what if those organizations changed from being boosters to educators?

?Brothers? Yair Lapid (left) and Naftali Bennett

Rightist Foils Bid to Open Books of Settlement Unit

The Israeli government continues to enjoy a measure of deniability in settlement activity, thanks to a postponed vote on the bill that would force transparency, writes J.J. Goldberg.

Not Based a True Story: Evangelical Christians were upset with the new film about Noah, accusing of it of not being faithful enough to the bible?s version.

The Year of Magical Thinking

From reactions to ‘Noah’ to the Haredi belief that praying protects the Jewish state, we’re living in a time of magical thinking. What happened to facts, asks Jay Michaelson.