You Hate the Jewish Establishment — But Do You Know What It Is?

The establishment is not only embracing more diversity, David Bernstein writes. It is diverse.


How Britain’s Left-Wing Party Convinces Itself It’s Not Anti-Semitic

When senior party members spout vile anti-Jewish theories and at the same time insist they are in no way anti-Semites, they truly believe they are not lying.


What’s Actually at Stake for Brits and Americans in the Anti-Semitism Furor

Leaders like Jeremy Corbyn of the British Labour Party and Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican candidate for president, need to be clear to their supporters about what’s acceptable.


Will Malia Bouattia Force British Students To Be Court Jews, Like I Was?

Malia Bouattia says she’s just anti-Zionist. But a former British student leader writes that attitudes like hers have shaped a culture of campus activism that’s hostile to Jews.


Don’t Buy the Junk Science That Says Yiddish Originated in Turkey

Despite what Dr. Eran Elhaik claims, four villages in ancient Turkey that once had names similar to ‘Ashkenaz’ are not the cradle of the Yiddish language, Jordan Kutzik argues.

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