Disillusioned on Capitol Hill

Invited to testify before Congress about human rights, Gal Beckerman eagerly accepted. But what he found on Capitol Hill made him question if anyone really cares.

Shin Bet director Yoram Cohen

Anne Heyman Gave Rwanda Orphans a Family

In 2009, Ben Gittleson visited the community Anne Heyman built for Rwandan orphans. He recalls a place permeated by Jewish values and Heyman’s presence.

Drawing 'My Spanish Inquisition'

How do you sum up 500 years of Sephardic history in just a couple of illustrations? That’s the challenge Kurt Hoffman had to answer in the pages of the Forward.

Ignoring My Kids — For Their Own Good

We live in a culture that says parents should record every little achievement of their children. Jordana Horn decided to ignore them a little — for their own good.