Why Are Israelis Lashing Out at Reform Jews? Because We’ve Reached the Tipping Point!

When new paradigms rise in power and begin to threaten the old, the first response is often to circle the wagons, Aaron Panken writes.


Two Campus Tales and What They Say About American Vs. British Anti-Semitism

What can we learn from the strange stories of Malia Bouattia and the ‘smelly’ Tzipi Livni?


How Poland Is Targeting Holocaust Scholar Jan T. Gross for the Sin of Remembering

When a right-wing Polish government wants to repress history by silencing a controversial historian, American Jews must speak up, Liam Hoare writes.


I Was the ‘Child Who Does Not Know How To Ask’ — About My Father’s Suicide

One year ago, Deborah Greene’s father was trapped in his own Egypt, and she did not know how to ask if he was considering suicide. Now she explains how we, as a community, can learn how to ask.

I’m Seeking Freedom From the Organized Jewish Community This Passover

Refusing to let his Seders be embittered, Jay Michaelson finds himself with an unusual wish as we approach the season of liberation.

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