The Danger of Denial for Israel

EDITORIAL: Both Israelis and Palestinians are risking their future because they are denying the reality before them.


A Jewish Reckoning With Infertility

The Jewish community has just begun to reckon with the struggles of those women having difficulty conceiving. Elissa Strauss thinks its time to stop the stigmatizing.


Presidents Conference Rejected J Street — and Me

As the Presidents Conference voted to exclude J Street, Rachel Cohen heard an unambiguous message: The old boys’ club doesn’t care about young Jews like her.


The IDF's First Digital Rebellion

When an Israeli soldier was punished for pointing a gun at a Palestinian teenager, his comrades mounted a Facebook campaign to defend him — and got 80K likes.


Why Mahmoud Abbas Holocaust Declaration Matters

Mahmoud Abbas has acknowledged the Holocaust as the ‘most heinous crime’ of the modern era. Marc Schneier met with the Palestinian premier — and urges us to build on his sentiment.

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