Why Tunisian Jews Can't Wait To Vote in an Arab Election

Tunisian Jews are excited to cast ballots in their homeland’s newly democratic election —  but they’re split over how Jews should vote.


5 Most Overpaid (and Underpaid) Jewish Charity Chiefs

Which Jewish non-profit leaders are the most overpaid? The Forward’s exclusive analysis has the answers — and tells you which CEOs should ask for a raise, too.

Tunisians Turn ‘Ashkenormative’ Judaism Upside Down

An encounter with the Tunisian ambassador got Jonathan Katz thinking: How can the Arab Jewish experience shake up Ashkenazi assumptions about Israel?


Why We Lost to BDS and 3 Ways To Win Next Time

There are three reasons the BDS crowd won over the University of California this month —  and three ways we can stop it from happening again, Matty Lichtenstein writes.


Compare Your Salary to These Jewish CEOs

Our annual Salary Survey shows that being a Jewish nonprofit CEO can be pretty darn lucrative. Type in your income and see how it stacks up.

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