My Search for the Perfect Biblical Blue

Fountain pen collector Jeffrey Salkin has spent years obsessively hunting for the perfect blue ink. Is it really a modern version of Judaism’s centuries-old search for the biblical tekhelet?

Beauty and the Spritz: The movie star has brought new attention to a company and whether it?s colluding in the occupation.

Bursting Bubbles of SodaStream's Haters

EDITORIAL: SodaStream has taken a beating as Scarlett Johansson amps up the star power. Demonizing the company won’t end the occupation — and would hurt Palestinians.

The Bibi-Bennett Feud Isn't Over

Far-right Israeli politician Naftali Bennett has apologized for accusing Benjamin Netanyahu of ‘moral confusion.’ But it’s only a matter of time before friction between them leads to another crisis.

Are Gas Chambers Making a Comeback in U.S.?

As Jews, we associate gas chambers with the Holocaust. But now some death penalty states are considering reviving this gruesome execution method — in America.