A Century After World War I, We Don't Put Ourselves on the Line for Beliefs

We remember World War I as the first bloodbath of the modern era. But it was a conflict that combatants embraced and believed in.


8-Point Guide to Criticizing Israel Productively

Israeli Abraham Gutman believes that it’s valid to criticize Israel, but that there are productive and unproductive ways to do it. He presents a how-to guide for improving the debate.


If Maimonides Met Warby Parker

What would Maimonides, the Jewish thinker who created an eight-rung hierarchy of giving, say about the buy-one, give-one charity model popularized by Warby Parker?

With All Due Respect, Can't My Critics Read?

Why, J.J. Goldberg wonders, are critics attacking him for holding dangerous anti-Israel opinions when all he’s done is quote mainstream Israeli defense sources?


Rebooting the Black-Jewish Alliance in Ferguson

Cultural Leadership, a program designed to bring together black and Jewish students, is taking concrete steps to revive a historic alliance in the shadow of Ferguson.

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