Tefillin Stand Near Paris Siege Draws Mixed Response

Less than 100 yards away from the hostage crisis in a Paris supermarket, a Lubavitch Jew was getting passersby to put on tefillin. Was that the right response?


Yes, It's About French Muslims and Anti-Semitism

J.J. Goldberg appeared on MSNBC and was asked to assure Melissa Harris-Perry that France’s problem wasn’t primarily about Muslim anti-Semitism. He had to disappoint her.


#JeSuisJuif Hashtag Spreads After Paris Terror

After the kosher grocery store killings, many are Tweeting with hashtag #JeSuisJuif, which means I am Jewish and is a twitst on the #JeSuisCharlie solidarity hashtag.


Lessons of Paris — and War on Terror

There’s still plenty we don’t know about the bloody terror spree in Paris. But there are several crucial lessons —  and they could make all the difference next time.


How To Respond to Bloody Paris Terror? With Reason — and Rage

How should liberal Jews respond to the terrorist attacks in France? Jay Michaelson answers in an unpredictable way: Don’t turn away from the rage.

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