Showdown Over Nazis at Museum of Jewish Heritage

It’s not often that a museum director gets booed on his own stage. Yet that’s what happened to David Marwell when he talked about Eric Lichtblau’s new book, ‘The Nazis Next Door.’


Why Terror Is Different This Time

For Jane Eisner, the bloody synagogue terror cuts deeper because it was an attack on innocent Jews at prayer. Somehow a line has been crossed — and there’s no telling what may come next.


How a German Town Duped the Neo-Nazis

What do you do when neo-Nazis parade through your town year after year? You trick them into raising money for a program that helps people leave hate groups.


Having ‘The Talk’ With My Jerusalem Kids

The synagogue terror attack forced Dasee Berkowitz to have the dreaded ‘talk.’ Not ‘Where do babies come from?’ but ‘Where does this conflict come from?’


An Inexcusable Act of Terror in Jerusalem

EDITORIAL: There can be no equivocation in condemning the terrorist attack in Jerusalem. No caveats, no excuses. The brazen slaughter of men at prayer serves no legitimate purpose.

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