More From Spy Chiefs: Palestine Conflict, Not Iran, Is Our Top Threat

The gravest danger for the Jewish state is not a nuclear Iran but conflict with Palestinians. So says the director of the Mossad, contradicting Benjamin Netanyahu.

Bulldoze Homes of Jewish Terrorists, Too

Revenge killings carried out by extremist Jews pose a far greater threat to Israel’s society than Palestinian terror. That’s why Jewish law teaches us to punish them harshly.


Ex-Shin Bet Chief: Israeli Illusions Fueled Blowup

Retired Israeli security insiders have been warning for years about the danger of an explosion of violence. Now that the explosion is here, uniformed brass are also speaking out.


Supreme Court Rulings Show What We Care About

Among the joys of June, along with fine weather and happy children, is the opportunity to watch the Supreme Court close out its docket. J.J. Goldberg explains what the rulings really mean.

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