Of Purim and St. Paddy's, Land, Rebellion and Booze

Every year on this day, Jews and Irish take to drink, curse their enemies and dream of undivided homelands. That’s fine for one day. Tomorrow, let’s sober up.

An Unconventional Orthodox Rabbi

Rabbi Aaron Fink, the dean of a girls school, changed Frimet Goldberger’s life with the smallest action. Tomorrow, we bring you the 28 rabbis who inspired America.

If a Palestinian Did This, He'd Be Dead

You may have seen the recent video of a Hebron settler trying to steal a Palestinian flag off a roof. What would have happened if the roles were reversed?

Enough Room for Two Peoples in Holy Land

Ari Shavit’s ‘My Promised Land’ rests on the premise that Jews forced Palestinians off their land to found Israel. Amitai Etzioni says that simply isn’t the case.

Game Over for Religious Balance in Beit Shemesh?

Beit Shemesh, a hotbed of Israeli sectarian tensions, has reelected its ultra-Orthodox mayor. Does that mean game over for the city’s religious balance?