Is Israel Pivoting Away From West To Woo the East?

India is turning away from its tradition of voting against Israel at the U.N. — and it’s not the only Eastern country to cozy up to the Jewish state lately. Is this a reflection of a new Israeli strategy?


Can a Non-Zionist Synagogue Succeed — and Spread?

Now that Rabbi Brant Rosen has founded Tzedek Chicago, an explicitly non-Zionist congregation, Jonathan Katz asks: Is this the model millennials have long craved — and will we soon see more like it?


No, It's Not a 'Feminist Catfight' Over Hillary Clinton

In the New York Times, Letty Cottin Pogrebin slammed those criticizing Hillary Clinton’s feminism as ‘out of style.’ Anne Cohen writes that questioning Hillary isn’t a ‘feminist catfight.’ It’s important.


Why Israel's Reaction to the Hamas Prisoner Has Everything to Do With Race

Did race have anything to do with the way the Israeli government dealt with the imprisonment of Ethiopian-Israeli Avraham Mengitsu? Lior Zaltzman writes that the answer isn’t as simple as it seems.


Connecting the Dots Between Greek Crisis, Argentina — and the 'Shylock' Canard

The Greek standoff with Europe isn’t easy to get your head around. J.J. Goldberg explains why some are falsely comparing it to Argentina’s debt crisis — and why both have given new life to an ancient anti-Semitic canard.

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