Our Royal Scandal: King Edward once abdicated his throne for love. Hopefully it won?t come to that for Yair Netanyahu.

Yair Netanyahu Girlfriend Drama Sparks Echoes of British Royal Romance Scandal

Yair Netanyahu supposed relationship with a Norwegian woman is being treated by Israelis as the most scandalizing love story since Britain’s King Edward and Wallis Simpson.

Did Genesis Founder Carry Gun to Meetings?

A founder of the Genesis Philanthropy Group, the Jewish charity that gave a $1 million prize to Michael Bloomberg, carried a gun to business meetings.

What Yair Netanyahu's Norwegian Dating Game Tells Us

Liberals should follow Yair Netanyahu’s dating saga closely. Not because of what it tells us about him, but because of what it tells us about ourselves, writes Emily L. Hauser.

Pete Seeger's Hometown Rabbi Remembers When

Pete Seeger was a global iconic voice of justice. To Rabbi Brent Spodek, he was the guy waiting on line at the post office in upstate Beacon, N.Y. — or strumming his guitar at the shul.

What Defines Us as Jews? Actions — Not Ancestry.

Josh Nathan-Kazis’s exploration of his family’s Sephardic heritage reveals one powerful truth: It’s what we do, not our ancestors, that truly defines us, Jane Eisner writes.