Beyond Ferguson and Staten Island, So Much Cause for Outrage

Beyond Ferguson and Staten Island, we have so much cause for anger, J.J. Goldberg writes. Let’s not forget the 219,000 people who die every year of poverty.


Compare Your Salary to These Jewish CEOs

Our annual Salary Survey shows that being a Jewish nonprofit CEO can be pretty darn lucrative. Type in your income and see how it stacks up.

Must-See TV: Warren Slams Bank Bailout Bill

Elizabeth Warren on the Senate floor this evening, delivering one of the most powerful congressional speeches I’ve ever heard, attacking the provision in the omnibus government spending bill that amends the Dodd-Frank banking reform bill to restore the promise of taxpayer bailouts to big banks that lose money on crazy derivative gambling. “On Wednesday I spoke to Democrats who are against bailouts. On Thursday I spoke to Republicans who say they’re against bailouts and asked them to vote their beliefs. Today I’m talking about a third group that has tremendous power in Washington, Citigroup.”

How Bibi Might Win: Link to Bennett's Settler Party

As Israel’s vote draws nearer, the electoral map is changing faster than Taylor Swift’s outfits. What if Benjamin Netanyahu’s party merged with right-wing wunderkind Naftali Bennett?

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