Bush Press Secretary Live Tweets 9/11

Former President George W. Bush’s press secretary Ari Fleischer remembered the tragic events of September 11 in an usual way — on Twitter.


Judging Ray Rice Instead of Ourselves

Everyone’s busy condemning Ray Rice for punching out his wife. But we all bear responsibility for the violent football culture that produced him — because we love it.


The Salaita Scandal

EDITORIAL: Is tweeting a form of academic freedom? Steven Salaita’s case shows that universities don’t know how to deal with social media when it turns toxic.


Taking the Banality Out of Evil

A new book about Adolf Eichmann has undermined Hannah Arendt’s theory about how banal his evil really was. Gal Beckerman speaks with author Bettina Stangneth.


VIDEO: Israel Is the Answer to Your Love Handles

Israel’s new aliyah video urges young U.S. Jews to trade in ‘love handles and socks with sandals’ for camel rides, chest hair and ‘a free degree on Uncle Shmuel’s tab.’

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