Israeli 'Semi-Citizenship'? No Thanks!

Naftali Bennett’s idea of granting Israeli ‘semi-citizenship’ to Diaspora Jews strikes some as a friendly overture. But it’s a terrible idea for everyone concerned, writes Brent Sasley.

Haredi Draft Refusers May Go to Jail Smiling

Ultra-Orthodox Israelis who refuse to enter the army could face jail, a new draft law decided. But this regime of criminalization could actually buoy Haredi hardliners.

Kiev Is Burning

The shocking images from Ukraine carry additional weight for Talia Lavin. She watches in disbelief as a square where she strolled and bought ice cream dissolves into violent chaos.

Ulterior Motives: On the surface, there is strict adherence to modesty, but that often hides something more devious underneath.

The Silence Around Sex in the Haredi World — and Its Unfortunate Consequences

In the ultra-Orthodox world, sex is rarely discussed and young people get no education about their own bodies. Margaux Chetrit says this can lead to improper expressions of sexuality.