Love Israel. Oppose BDS. Reject SodaStream.

Debra DeLee of Americans for Peace Now explains that she loves Israel and opposes BDS. But she won’t buy SodaStream until the company moves out of the West Bank.

Can a Government Video Fight Racism in Israel?

A new Israeli Ministry of Justice video campaign may not be enough to eradicate racism and discrimination in the Jewish state. But it’s a start.

Pete Seeger Gave Folk Music Life — and So Much More

Pete Seeger gave new life to folk music in this country. And he gave us our heritage, which might well have languished without his dogged energy and endless talent, Leonard Fein writes.

Israeli Teacher May Lose Job Over 'Leftist' Views

An Israeli high school teacher faces dismissal following a student’s complaint that he expressed radical ‘leftist’ views — like saying that some IDF activities are immoral — in the classroom.