Abraham Goes 'On Trial' for Attempted Murder

Abraham was ‘put on trial’ this weekend for trying to kill his son Isaac — and 1,300 New Yorkers actually paid to get jury duty at the celebrity court case.


Hillel, Don't Take Sides On Princeton Divestment

When Princeton professors put out a call for Israel divestment, the campus Hillel condemned their petition on behalf of all Jewish students. Maya Rosen says that’s wrong.


Is Exile Good for the Jews?

Political scientist Alan Wolfe argues that exile is good for the Jews. But Jane Eisner thinks it’s a trick question to ask whether Jews can truly be at home in the Diaspora.


IDF, Shin Bet in TV Brawl: Did Hamas Want a War?

A furious war of words has erupted between IDF chief of staff Benny Gantz and Shin Bet director Yoram Cohen over the question: Did Hamas plan a war or stumble into it?


Why Should Women Pray to a Male God?

There is some inherent dissonance to being a God-believing woman. Elissa Strauss talks with Scott Perlo about whether women should keep praying to ‘Him.’

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