How Do We Celebrate When July 4 Is Shabbat?

The Fourth of July this year falls on a Friday. So can we Americans manage to observe both Independence Day and Shabbat?

Did Bibi's 'Vengeance' Tweets Provoke Violence?

In moments of crisis, leaders should speak carefully to avoid inflaming the public. Gal Beckerman asks if Benjamin Netanyahu failed that test by Tweeting calls for ‘vengeance.’


When 'Death to Arabs' Rings Out in Holy City

Bitter calls for revenge fill the streets of Israel since the bodies of three kidnapped Israelis were found. But not everyone is staying quiet in the face of calls for more violence and hate.


Three Jews and a Palestinian — All Just Boys

EDITORIAL: Three murdered Israelis and one Palestinian apparent revenge victim were just boys. Turning them into icons will only lead to more violence and hatred.


Auschwitz Selfies? No Big Deal, IMHO

Jewish teenagers’ penchant for snapping selfies at concentration camps has provoked what seems like universal outrage. But Emily Hauser, for one, thinks the trend is no big deal.

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