Shelly Silver's Evil 'Twin'

Evil twins make frequent appearances in B-movies but tend to be less common in local politics. Cue New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

Pomp and Controversy on Campus

Jane Eisner has given a few graduation speeches in her day. Given the turmoil over some commencement speakers, she’s glad her cap and gown stayed in the closet this spring.


Diaspora Uneasy With Israeli 'Jewish Democracy'

A new study of the Diaspora shows serious concern over Israel’s self-proclaimed ‘Jewish democracy,’ J.J. Goldberg writes. It also finds worries over the power of the Orthodox rabbinate.


5 Dudes Who Claim To Be America’s Rabbi

One brave, self-sacrificing and pious man can lay claim to the title of ‘America’s Rabbi.’ Sorry, did we say one? We meant five of them.


Coma Case Could Mean Leap Forward for Agunot

A woman whose husband has been comatose for years just got her rabbinical divorce approved — thanks to a rare legal procedure that could set a precedent for other agunot.

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