VIDEO: Noa Talks Israel, Anti-Semitism, Sexism and Songwriting

Watch legendary singer Noa talk about loving and critiquing Israel at the same time — just days before she was accused of supporting the BDS movement.

No, Vassar Isn't a Hotbed of Anti-Semitism. Trust Me, I Should Know!

Vassar College is the place where junior Abigail Johnson feels most Jewish. So why do media reports keep portraying it as someplace any Jewish student would feel unsafe?


Can Supreme Court Take a Lesson from Jewish Law on Scalia Replacement?

The process by which politicians pick judges has morphed badly, writes Perry Dane, who clerked at the Supreme Court. Here’s how a Talmud lesson could help.

Stop Trying To Steal Bernie Sanders's Red Flag — and Mine

After some in the media skewered Bernie Sanders’s over his stint on a red-flag-flying kibbutz, J.J. Goldberg was reminded of his own personal identity crisis in the spring of 1968.


Would Talmudic Rabbis Approve of Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street Money?

Has Hillary Clinton compromised herself by taking money from Wall Street? Bernie Sanders seems to think so. But what does Jewish tradition have to say about it?

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