What Selma Meant to Jews Like My Father

The elimination of Abraham Joshua Heschel from the film ‘Selma’ erases one of the central accomplishments of the civil rights movement — its inclusiveness. The rabbi’s daughter explains why.


The Real Problem With Miss Israel’s Lebanese Selfie

Miss Lebanon is being criticized for appearing in a selfie with Miss Israel. Was the Arab beauty queen really photobombed by the Israeli ‘enemy’ — or is that just her excuse?


Where's the Moral Clarity of #JeSuisCharlie When Free Speech Isn't Safe?

The world spoke as one to defend freedom of expression after the Charlie Hebdo terror attacks — or did it? Hussein Ibish says Muslim and Western countries both fail to live up to their words.


Genesis Prize Goes to Michael Douglas. Really?

The million-dollar Genesis Prize was awarded to Michael Douglas. He makes last year’s winner —  Michael Bloomberg — look like an inspired choice, Jane Eisner writes.


Is Moshe Kahlon the New Yair Lapid?

Yair Lapid is so 2013. For the 2015 elections, Israelis think they’ve found a new and improved version in Moshe Kahlon. But how closely are they looking at his record?

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