3 Things the Jewish World Can Learn From Abramson-Gate

The meltdown at The New York Times has caused schadenfreude among the chattering classes. Jane Eisner suggests what the Jewish world can learn from Jill Abramson’s drama.


Why Jonathan Sarna Is My Best Source

Jonathan Sarna is no ordinary ivory tower academic. He helps bring Jewish stories to life, which makes him so invaluable to journalists and their readers alike, Paul Berger writes.

Pam Geller — Secret to Interfaith Healing?

Could an angry ad accusing Islamic countries of ‘Jew hatred’ inadvertantly launch a useful dialogue? Mira Sucharov explains how we can use Pam Geller’s accusations against her.


Michael Oren, Israel's Historian, Runs Afoul of History

Former Israeli ambassador Michael Oren is a historian — the kind who likes to distort historical facts about Israel and American Jews. His letters in Foreign Policy prove that, writes Ali Gharib.


Jay Michaelson Wins Deadline Club Award

Forward contributing editor Jay Michaelson has won the 2014 Deadline Club award for opinion writing.

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