Unruly Hebron Clan Pushes Hamas — and Israel — to Brink

A terror-hardened Hebron clan tries to blow things up whenever Hamas tries a cease-fire. With the kidnap-murder of three Israeli teens, it may have gone too far, J.J. Goldberg reports.


Teens' Funeral Changed Israeli Youth Forever

Elana Sztokman felt old at the funeral for Israel’s slain teens, a massive gathering dominated by Jewish adolescents. What will they take away from this formative event?


The Perks of Being a Lubavitcher

The Lubavitcher Rebbe died 20 years ago today, but the profound impact he made still ripples through the Jewish world. Mordechai Lightstone has some ideas as to why.

A Kidnapping That Made Israel Into One Family

The death of the kidnapped boys has released a sigh of collective grief in Israel, writes Elana Sztokman. It’s a joint response to a tragedy that transformed the country into one family.

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