What Israel's Chief of Staff Is Worried About — No, It's Not Iran

While Benjamin Netanyahu complains about the Iran nuclear deal, J.J. Goldberg writes that Israel’s military decision makers are far more worried about other more realistic threats.


No More All Male Panels

Social media has been filled with outcry about recent all-male panels. The Jewish community should be pioneering gender equality, not lagging shamefully behind, writes Matt Plen.


#DiplomacyFail - Israeli Politician Tweets at POTUS

It’s only been a day since President Obama launched the @POTUS twitter handle, and already Israeli government officials are using it as just another platform to help worsen their already fraught relationship with the current US government.

What Breaking the Silence Report Says About Gaza War — and Doesn't

Breaking the Silence deserves credit for exposing the Israeli public to accounts of how soldiers acted during the Gaza war. But Haim Watzman says it gets us no closer to determining whether the IDF violated the laws of war.


How Should a Rabbi Talk About Israel?

When rabbis talk about Israel they tend to do so in a political way. But taking a page from Rav Abraham Isaac Kook, David Ackerman thinks it’s time for rabbis to talk about Israel from a theological perspective.

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