How New Yorkers Deal With Swastikas on the Subway

I got on the subway in Manhattan on Saturday night, February 4, only to find a Swastika on every advertisement and every window. This is how we dealt with it.

Destroying the Johnson Amendment Moves America Closer to Theocracy

If Donald Trump “destroys” the Johnson Amendment, as he vows, it will strengthen those who want to impose Evangelical Christianity on everyone else.


Last Week in Anti-Semitism: A Jew-Free Holocaust and White Supremacist Memes

The Forward plans to regularly monitor on the surge of anti-Semitism in many parts of the country and the world.


Report From the Road: Can America’s Squabbling Jews Still Listen to Each Other?

Across the country, wherever they gather, Jews seem anxious and afraid. They’re afraid for America. They’re afraid for Israel. And, to an alarming degree, they’re afraid of each other.


Gorsuch’s Confirmation Will Be Brutal, But at Least His Religion Won’t Matter

The absence of a discussion of a Supreme Court nominee’s religion marks a significant shift compared to the grilling Louis D. Brandeis endured in 1916,

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