Armed And Dangerous: After Firing James Comey, Trump Will Weaponize The FBI

The notion that no one is above the law is perhaps the single greatest contribution of the Jewish civilization to the human race.

Remembering Deborah Cotton, Who Lived To Forgive The Men Who Took Her Life

Reporter Deborah Cotton, who died four years after being shot at a New Orleans Mother’s Day parade, fought for crime survivors and prison reform.

The Bible Is Packed With Tough Guy Jews

The Zionist “tough guy” machismo some critics loathe derives from the natural revival of ancient Jewish tradition.

The Complicated Relationship Between Jews And Tattoos

How Peter Trachtenberg’s decision to get a tattoo indelibly changed his worldview and interpersonal relationships.

The Time For Peace With The Palestinians Was After The Six Day War

Generosity in victory might have been an option, and the past 50 years might have looked different.

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