With ‘Jewish Super Tuesday’ Looming, Republicans Take New Plunge Into Deep End on Israel

More than 1.2 million Jews live in the states participating in next Tuesday’s primaries, affectionately dubbed “Super Duper Tuesday.” Some 650,000 of them reside in Florida, comprising about 3.5 percent of the general population, though their electoral weight might be much greater: Florida Jews are significantly older than the rest of the population, with a higher level of political participation.


What Jewish Law Says About Crumbling Indian Point Nuclear Plant

A huge natural gas pipeline is being built under a leaky, 54-year-old nuclear reactor 25 miles north of New York City. Is there a Jewish response?


When I Cringe at the Views of Israelis — and Donald Trump

When I first heard the number, I cringed. Could it really be that nearly half of Israeli Jews support the expulsion or transfer of the Arab population, as a new study by the Pew Research Center reported?


How Bernie Sanders Pulled Off the Biggest Political Upset in 32 Years — and What It Means

Want to know how big an upset Bernie Sanders pulled off in Michigan? He defied the polls like no presidential candidate since 1984 — and J.J. Goldberg explains why #FeeltheBern might just be getting started.


Why Can't Prison Figure Out How a Minyan Works? It's Not That Complicated!

A North Carolina prison has the bizarre notion that you need ten people to study Torah — and the Supreme Court won’t correct it. Michael Helfand explains why.

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