Jewish Values Tell Us To Back Equality for Transgender People — It’s in the Torah

Citing both changing social practice and Jewish values, the international association of Conservative rabbis last week passed a resolution calling on Jewish institutions and government agencies to embrace the full equality of transgender people. Some see this as a departure from tradition. But, as the resolution claims, a stronger case can be made that full equality has much deeper within the Jewish ethical tradition.


Why Andrew Cuomo Is Worst Possible Face of the Anti-BDS Movement

Pro-Israel activists are portraying their fight as one against intolerance. That’s exactly why the New York governor is such a poor choice to be front and center.


5 Things We Can Do About the Western Wall Impasse — and One We Shouldn’t

Now that the long-awaited plan to create a proper egalitarian prayer space at the Western Wall has been put on hold, again, here are five actions that American Jewish leaders can take — and one course of action that they should not, under any circumstances, follow.


The Forgotten Jews of Ethiopia

In the local Amharic, the forgotten Jews of Ethiopia are called the Falash-Mura - the people without a land. Numbering around 5,000 families, many have been waiting to make aliyah and immigrate to Israel for decades.

Jerusalem Day and the Misuses of Religion

The language of Judaism can be used to sacralize — and to falsify — contemporary politics, with inevitably dangerous results.

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