I’m a Bisexual Jewish Woman. Is It Wrong That I Want To Pass as Straight?

Brocha Shanes desperately wants to fight the stigma against same-sex couples, but she’s afraid of being ostracized by her Jewish community.


Roy Cohn and the Shocking Jewish Mentorship That Created Donald Trump

Though seemingly surprising, the fact that Roy Cohn mentored Donald Trump makes a startling amount of sense, Lana Adler argues.


Hillary Clinton Made a Huge Mistake at the Debate. I Say That as an Anti-Trump Republican.

It’s painfully obvious to Bethany Mandel that the second debate did nothing to dissuade Trump supporters — because Clinton failed to go in for the kill.


Why ‘Success’ of Deadly Jerusalem Terror Attack Could Inspire Flood of Copy Cat Killers

The Palestinian wave of lone-wolf terrorism that began a year ago has continued intermittently into the current Jewish holiday season. When a terrorist can get his hands on a gun, as happened Sunday near Jerusalem’s Ammunition Hill, that will always be the preferred option, not a stabbing or a car-ramming that usually cause fewer casualties. And because the gunman who killed a woman and policeman Sunday was from East Jerusalem, he had no problem reaching the site by car.


Did ‘Stalker’ Donald Trump Somehow Keep Himself in Race by Lashing Out at Hillary Clinton?

Donald Trump seemed to be physically stalking Hillary Clinton on stage at their debate at Washington University in St. Louis on Sunday night. He kept on sniffing into his microphone, grating the ears of viewers throughout the world.

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