So Apparently, My Name Means 'Chickenshit' in Hebrew

Naomi Zeveloff was always told that her name meant ‘son of Zevel’ in Russian. Then she moved to Israel, where it has a very different meaning.

Who Gets To March in New York’s Celebrate Israel Parade?

Public displays of Israel affection are increasingly the domain of the Orthodox — but these Jews weren’t the only ones commandeering Fifth Avenue, as Jane Eisner observed.

A new Jewish immigrant during a welcoming ceremony after arriving in Israel on a flight from Ethiopia.

Loving Israel, Hating How It’s Treating Ethiopians

What’s it like to be an Ethiopian Jew in Israel today? Shmuel Legesse has an unfortunate dispatch about his love-hate-love relationship with the Jewish state.

Memories of an Iraqi Pogrom and What It Means Today

A pogrom targeting Iraqi Jews began in Baghdad 74 years ago today. It’s worth remembering not only as a calamity, but also as a fragile symbol of hope, writes Shayna Zamkanei.

Israel's Soccer 'Win' May Come With a Nasty Hangover

In their rush to declare victory in the FIFA fight, Israeli politicians seemed to ignore the irony of charging a prominent anti-apartheid activist with adjudicating Palestinian claims of Israeli discrimination.