Israel’s Uncomfortable History of Racist Engineering

The problem of racism in Israel is often brushed off with a collective shrug. But Seth Frantzman says that a troubling history of eugenics can be traced to the state’s founders.


Does Israel Advocacy Belong on British Campuses?

As the Open Hillel movement picks up steam on American campuses, British Jews are asking: Does Israel advocacy on campus exclude liberal Zionist and anti-Zionist students?


How Uganda Helped Me Mark Passover

It wasn’t until Sonia Daccarett visited Uganda that she felt she could fulfill the Haggadah’s mandate to think of herself as if she had personally left Egypt.


Virtues of the Marathon Rabbi

We treasure the young, fresh rabbi. But Gerald Zelizer, who has been with his congregation for 44 years, thinks it’s more valuable to have a rabbi who stays for a long time.


Will Chelsea Clinton Be a Jewish (Child's) Mother?

Will Chelsea Clinton’s child be Jewish — in other words, will Bill and Hillary’s grandchild be a member of the tribe? It seems the usual suspects have already made up their minds.

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