Battle Over Purim Children's Book With Two Dads

The line between respecting religious beliefs and violating rights of LGBT people is at the center of a debate over a children’s picture book featuring a family with two fathers.

Questions for the IRS

EDITORIAL: Tax experts say the IRS is targeting Americans living in Israel for audits over the supposed fraud of a few. If it’s true, the government has some explaining to do.

Why French Jews Should Fear Islamophobia

Islamophobia is going mainstream in France, as far-right leader Marine Le Pen’s rise to popularity shows. That doesn’t just put Muslims in the line of fire — it endangers Jews, too.

Connected: Is there some way to moderate our digital connection?

The Jewish Case Against Unplugging

Our culture seems to be going through an ‘unplugging’ craze, and Jews have taken the lead. But Elissa Strauss wonders if we’re losing more than we are gaining when we turn off our gadgets.