No, Presbyterian Divestment Is Not Anti-Semitic

Does Presbyterian divestment smack of anti-Semitism, as Jane Eisner suggests? Elisheva Goldberg says the ‘double standard’ argument misses the point of the Church’s vote.


Why We Should Honor Slain Civil Rights Workers With Jewish Holiday

Fifty years ago, two Jews and a black man died fighting for freedom in America. J.J. Goldberg proposes honoring them them with a Jewish holiday on the 16th of Tammuz.


When Christians Fight Over Israel

What do Presbyterians believe about Jews and Israel? The church’s divestment vote pushed Adam Rovner to investigate using Christian theology, Facebook and everything in between.


Why Does U.N. Love Israeli Caves? 'Jesus Christ Superstar'!

Israel’s Beit Guvrin caves may be a spelunker’s dream, but that’s not why the U.N. registered them as a World Heritage site. The real reason? ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’!


The Jewish Left is Alive and Vibrant

Is the Jewish left dying, as Jay Michaelson suggests? One young leftist says the opposite is true, and explains why all the statistics in the world couldn’t convince him otherwise.

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