If You Defend Charlie Hebdo — Do Same for Pamela Geller

The Charlie Hebdo shootings and the attack on a Pamela Geller-organized event in Texas have raised debate about just what constitutes free speech. J.J. Goldberg says it ain’t as tough a question as it sounds.


Check Our Privilege by Reconnecting With Real Ashkenazi Culture

Ri Turner argues that embracing Ashkenazi culture is not just about knowing our roots. It’s necessary to help end racism within and outside the Jewish community.


Did Israel Prepare Coach David Blatt To Handle 'King' LeBron James?

David Blatt has handled plenty of adversity as rookie Cleveland Cavaliers coach. Can his Israeli mentality help him manage superstar LeBron James to an NBA crown?

Why Americans Are Fleeing Organized Religion — and What It Means for Jews

A new Pew study shows that fewer Americans identify as Christian and more have no religion at all. Jane Eisner asks what we can learn from these dramatic findings, which echo trends seen in Pew’s landmark study of Jews.


My Venetian Bar Mitzvah

A Hasid and a secular Jew meet in the old Venetian ghetto. What comes next might seem like a typical encounter — but there’s a twist.

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