Orthodox Women Should Thank Feminists Who Came Before — But They Won't

Leah Bieler is glad that the progressive wing of Orthodoxy is moving toward accepting women rabbis. But they did not come up with that idea on their own.


Why All Jews Should Speak Out About Orthodox Ban on Women Rabbis

Do you have to be Orthodox to take issue with the Rabbinical Council of America’s statement on female rabbis? Jane Eisner says it’s everyone’s responsibility to voice dissent.


How I Would Reaffirm Unbreakable Bond With Israel — and Benjamin Netanyahu

EXCLUSIVE: As Benjamin Netanyahu prepares to visit the White House, Hillary Clinton vows to mend the ties between Israel and America. The Democratic frontrunner says she would make a dramatic statement by inviting the prime minister back within her first month in office.


A Lawsuit Cannot Stop the 'Facebook Intifada.' You Might.

Israel supporters are filing a lawsuit to make Facebook censor ‘incitement’ to terrorism. Jay Michaelson says legal tricks won’t work here — but crowdsourcing might.


Israel's Top Generals Split With Benjamin Netanyahu on Roots of Terror Wave

Benjamin Netanyahu suggests that anti-Semitism alone is driving the wave of Palestinian terrorism, but other voices insist there are more nuanced reasons for the anger on the street. And those voices are coming from the top ranks of the Israeli military.

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