Not Leaving: Hillel students from Ohio University.

Hillel Balances Donors and Students on Campus

Some say Hillel is too beholden to right-wing donors and students should vote with their feet. One campus director says the last thing the group needs is fewer engaged Jewish voices.

Chris Christie addresses Republican Jewish Coalition, Sheldon Adelson listens, March 29

Groveling Season, Las Vegas to Jerusalem to D.C.

Chris Christie apologized for calling the Israeli occupation an ‘occupation’ and Israel’s defense minister claims he’s sorry too. J.J. Goldberg asks: Did Yom Kippur come early?


Does Takeover of Crimea Mean Messiah Is Near?

A famous rabbi once taught that when Russia invades Crimea, it means the Messiah is on his way. So now some Jews are thanking Vladimir Putin for hastening the redemption.


Lesson of Chris Christie and Ehud Olmert Scandals

Gov. Chris Christie and Israel’s Ehud Olmert both forgot the oldest rule in the book — the one about a woman scorned, J.J. Goldberg writes. Especially if she’s your chief of staff.


Praying Alone

The new phenomena of Shabbat services that stream online would seem to be a good thing, but Leonard Fein examines the negative side when we each pray in our homes alone.