My Sephardic Guilt on Kristallnacht

Rachel Benaim feels guilty when she thinks of the Holocaust. While other Jews were suffering unspeakable horrors, her family was living it up in a Portuguese paradise.


The Shrinking Jewish Middle

Newly emerging evidence from the Pew survey of American Jewry points to huge challenges facing federations, Jewish philanthropy and organized Jewish life.


More Dire Signs of Liberal Jewry's Demise

As the number of non-Orthodox day school kids plummets, Haredi enrollment explodes. J.J. Goldberg sees this as another dire sign for the future of liberal Jewry.


Adelson and Saban Try To Out-Hawk Each Other

Nathan Guttman was surprised to hear Sheldon Adelson slam him at the Israeli American Council conference, where the billionaire seemed bent on out-hawking Haim Saban.


A New Kristallnacht for Today's European Jews?

In today’s democratic Europe, there is no risk of a new Holocaust. But a new Kristallnacht? That’s another story, Abraham Foxman writes.

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