Who Counts as a Holocaust Survivor?

Jordan Kutzik works with Holocaust survivors for a living. That’s why he was taken aback when a colleague stumped him with this simple question: Who counts as a Holocaust survivor?

Remember Vashti and Esther on International Women's Day

International Women’s Day falls close to Purim this year. We should remember the stories of Vashti, who was killed for disobeying her husband and Esther, who spoke out.

At AIPAC Parley, Even Friends Fault Obama

Despite AIPAC’s best efforts to maintain a bipartisan tone at its annual conference, unhappiness with President Obama keeps bubbling up — even from allies.

How 'De-Arabizing' Christians Serves Israel

Christian Arabs aren’t really Arabs — at least according to a new Knesset bill. It imposes one more division on the Palestinian people — and serves Israel’s interests, writes Emily Hauser.

When It Comes to 'Ultra' History Speaks for Itself

Avi Shafran says you can disagree with him on use of the term “ultra-Orthodox.” But don’t try to rewrite Jewish history.