Europe Still Needs Holocaust Remembrance Day

As the world observes International Holocaust Remembrance Day, a number of European public intellectuals are saying the day should be abolished. Here’s why they’re wrong.

Bill De Blasio Takes Well-Worn Pro-Israel Path

New York City mayors have been outspoken defenders of Israel since its establishment — and of the Zionist cause even before that.

Negotiating Our Way Out of Catastrophe

January 22 marked the 70th anniversary of the War Refugee Board. J.J. Goldberg explains what we can learn today from the group tasked with rescuing European Jewry from the Nazi killing machine.

Double Standard!: The frequent accusation hurled against the United Nations for its focus on Israel.

There's a Good Reason for 'Singling Out' Israel

Pro-Israel activists complain that Israel is unfairly ‘singled out’ for criticism. But Jay Michaelson writes there is every reason to hold the Jewish State to a different standard.

Israeli and Jordanian Troops on Allenby Bridge near Jericho, 1994

Is Israel Safe Without Troops on Jordan River?

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his allies insist that Israel must maintain military control over the Jordan River. But why?