Are Jews Now Safe and Free From Being Haunted?

Leonard Fein wonders if the manifest decline in anti-Semitism is tied in some way to the uptick in attention to the Holocaust?

Who Will Speak Out for American Families?

EDITORIAL: President Obama just held a summit to highlight issues like parental leave and affordable childcare. Until the nation takes these issues seriously, nothing will change.


Two Neulanders — Two Dead Wives

Robert Neulander, a prominent Syracuse obstetrician, is charged in the murder of his wife. Twelve years ago, Rabbi Fred Neulander of Cherry Hill, N.J. was convicted of killing his wife.


No, Presbyterian Divestment Is Not Anti-Semitic

Does Presbyterian divestment smack of anti-Semitism, as Jane Eisner suggests? Elisheva Goldberg says the ‘double standard’ argument misses the point of the Church’s vote.

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