Why Presbyterian Divestment Feels Like Anti-Semitism

Seen from Israel, the Presbyterian vote on divestment seems unfair, hypocritical and — there’s no way around this — even anti-Semitic, Jane Eisner writes.


Holiday for Jewish Refugees? Not Without Nakba Day.

Israel has established a national day to commemorate the plight of Jewish refugees from Arab lands. Sigal Samuel wants no part of that ritual —  until Palestinians get a day too.


Why I'm a Liberal — and I Hate the Nanny State

We usually think of opposing big government as a conservative precept. But Jay Michaelson thinks liberals also have plenty of reasons to dislike onerous regulation.


Orthodoxy — It's Not What They Want You To Think

The Orthodox world is a confusing place: terms like ‘modern,’ ‘Haredi’ and ‘Hasidic’ don’t mean what they once did. Jerome Chanes provides a surprising new taxonomy.

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