Will Israel's Haredi Draft Bill Empower Women?

Ultra-Orthodox Israelis want to organize a ‘march of the million’ against governmental plans to draft them into the army. But there’s only one way to do it: let Haredi women come, too.

Handing the Western Wall to the Judaizers

If far-right Israeli settler group Elad gains control of the Western Wall, it will undermine the prospect of a shared Jerusalem — and that’s the point, writes Emily Hauser.

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Saved: The real ?Monument Men? deliver Leonardo da Vinci?s ?Lady With an Ermine? to safety.

How Many Lives Is a Da Vinci Masterpiece Worth?

‘The Monuments Men,’ is a reminder of a time when saving art took precedence over saving lives. Elissa Strauss asks whether we can ever justify giving money to support beauty over health.

Victory: Ukrainians cheer the news of President Viktor Yanukovych?s ouster.

Will Ukraine's Revolution Be Good for Its Jews?

What will Ukraine’s new reality bring for the nation’s 100,000 Jews? The surprising — and divided — Jewish voice in the Kiev uprising offers some important clues.