Jewish Emphasis on Life Makes Death Rituals a Gift to World

Perhaps because of Judaism’s emphasis on life, Jewish death rituals are often beautiful, stark, and wise. They are a gift we can give to the world — and offer mourning without myth.


Don't Return Your 'Righteous Gentile' Medal

The woman who got Henk Zanoli recognized as a ‘righteous Gentile ’ says he was wrong to reject the honor over Israel’s Gaza war.

How To Sell Americans on Israel's Wars

Not all pro-Israel messages are created equal. As war rages in Gaza, public opinion experts are using focus groups to determine the best way to win over the American public.


A Century After World War I, We Don't Put Ourselves on the Line for Beliefs

We remember World War I as the first bloodbath of the modern era. But it was a conflict that combatants embraced and believed in.

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