Did Open Hillel Just Score a Real Victory?

Hillel International has announced that it’s creating an Israel Strategy Committee to address the concerns of the Open Hillel movement. Is this a real victory or an empty gesture?


Is the Nigerian Schoolgirls Kidnapping Just Another 'Never Again' Moment?

Many of us were brought up with the mantra of ‘never again.’ In the kidnapping of school girls in Nigeria, Elissa Strauss sees an example of the slogan’s shortcomings.


Talking to the Rabbis About Sex

Leah Vincent, a former ultra-Orthodox Jew, spent this Sunday talking to ultra-Orthodox rabbis about sexuality and modesty — with surprising results.


Was Amos Oz Right About ‘Hebrew Neo-Nazis’?

Was Amos Oz wrong to slam Israeli settler extremists as ‘Hebrew neo-Nazis’? Sigal Samuel says the novelist may not have been diplomatic — but he’s not altogether wrong.

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