In WWI, Jews Fought for Britain. So Why Didn't Britain Fight for Jews?

In WWI, Jews fought for Britain — but Britain didn’t fight for Jews. Instead, it viewed them not only as outsiders but as symbols of gloom and disease.


Who Leaked Israel's Top-Secret Briefing About Reoccupying Gaza?

Who leaked the Israeli Cabinet’s top-secret military briefing on reoccupying Gaza? A dozen people had the opportunity. Several had the motive. But the main suspect is Netanyahu himself.


How Should U.S. Teachers Talk to Kids About War in Gaza?

As school resumes, American Jewish educators are scrambling to formulate lesson plans that will teach kids about Israel’s war in Gaza. Here are three important pointers to keep in mind.


Why Jewish Silence on Ferguson Is Not an Option

Rori Picker Neiss, who lives 15 minutes from Ferguson, could easily ignore the violence unfolding in her own backyard. But the Torah and Jewish history command her to do the opposite.


The Forward Remembers Leonard Fein

EDITORIAL: The wide array of people mourning Leonard Fein is a testament to his unique talent: the ability to touch those with diametrically opposed political views.

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