Defending the Poles

A response to Jane Eisner’s exploration of Jews in today’s Poland.


When the Two-State Solution Collapsed

This was the year to mourn the death of the two-state solution to the Mideast conflict. Dan Goldenblatt has moved on to something new — and better.


Stop Babying Israel at the U.N. Security Council

Some say the U.N.’s Palestinian vote should be delayed, because pressuring Israel before an election will only help right-wingers. Lara Friedman says it’s just the opposite.


Europe's Last Jews

For European Jewry, last year was a tipping point, writes Deborah Lipstadt. Anti-Semitism became a fact of life that could not be avoided.


A Threat to Israel in America’s Cuba Policy?

Steven Windmueller was deeply disturbed by Obama’s choice to act unilaterally on Cuba. Could that decision-making pattern threaten the U.S.-Israel relationship?

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