Is This Painting Anti-Israel, Anti-Semitic, Both or Neither?

Canadian film mogul Paul Bronfman is pulling his support for York University because of a painting he describes as ‘pure hate.’ Mira Sucharov asks whether he really understands the artwork.


The Oscars Are Too White — and That's a Jewish Problem

No, the Jews don’t ‘control’ Hollywood. But we do play a major role — and with that power comes responsibility, Jay Michaelson writes.


Why the Kotel Compromise Just Isn't Good Enough

If Gabriela Geselowitz wants to pray at the Kotel, she’ll have to go to a part that isn’t from the postcards, the documentaries, the images of Jewish Jerusalem that the world knows. And that hurts.


Should a Liberal Jewish Feminist Vote for Hillary — or Bernie?

Whether to privilege your feminist identity, your progressive Jewish identity, or neither on election day is a real dilemma for many of us — or is it?


Could Michael Bloomberg Elbow Out Bernie Sanders To Become First Jewish President?

Michael Bloomberg now says he might run for president. But, J.J. Goldberg asks, is a Jewish billionaire from New York really what this race needs?

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