11 Reasons To Love — or Hate — SodaStream

Scarlett Johansson’s decision to do a Super Bowl ad for SodaStream leaves us asking: Should we love the Israeli product or hate it — or both?

How Israel Went From Beacon of Hope to 'Normal' Outpost of Reaction

Israel has gone from making deserts bloom to occupying others’ lands. Leonard Fein asks what this means for us as Jews — and how we cope with the contradictions.

Miri Regev

British Jews Angry Over Unpunished 'Quenelle'

It’s been three weeks since soccer star Nicolas Anelka flashed the anti-Semitic ‘quenelle’ gesture. British Jews are asking: Why hasn’t he been punished?

Orwellian Rabbinate: Julie Schonfeld, shown here with other Conservative leaders, asks why the Israeli rabbinate believes some rabbis are more equal than others.

Conservative and Reform Rabbis Deserve Same Recognition as Avi Weiss and Orthodox

The Israeli rabbinate’s decision to accept Rabbi Avi Weiss is welcome. Now maybe it can acknowledge Conservative and Reform rabbis, who are no less Jewish than their Orthodox peers.