No, Kerry, 'Apartheid' Isn't On Israel's Agenda

Jonathan Tobin argues that John Kerry was wrong to use the A-word to describe Israel’s future. Even when applied to the West Bank, “apartheid” is a complete misnomer.


If It Quacks Like Apartheid

Palestinian comedian Maysoon Zayid says it’s time for Israel to accept the fact that if it walks like apartheid and quacks like apartheid, then it is apartheid.


Eretz Niagara Falls

VIDEO: If there was an autonomous Jewish homeland in Grand Island, N.Y., near Niagara Falls, what would it look like?

Embracing the Irrationality of Circumcision and Kashrut

Two Jewish rites — circumcision and kashrut — have come under attack from liberal rationalism. Jay Michaelson says we should defend them by reveling in their irrationality.


New Crop of IDF Chiefs Is Flock of Hardline Doves

The Israeli military has sent what amounts to a barely disguised message to the political leadership and the troops in the latest round of senior command promotions.

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