News Quiz: What is Neil Diamond's Next Hit?

Something for everyone! Neil Diamond meets Bette Midler meets a 3-D printer and even pork in this week’s new quiz. Getty Images

Young Israelis Say No to Separate Buses

A group of young Jewish Israelis is speaking out against separate bus lines for Palestinians — and asking American Jews to ensure segregation never becomes a reality.


How To Say 'Chickenshit' in Hebrew

Now that a White House official has been quoted calling Benjamin Netanyahu ‘chickenshit,’ we’re wondering how to translate the insult into Hebrew. Here’s one suggestion.


Why the Mikveh Scandal Cuts So Deep

EDITORIAL: The shocking peeping rabbi scandal has turned many women away from a place that should be a spiritual haven. They deserve to know the mikveh will be theirs again.


Separate Buses? That's How Occupation Rolls.

Israel’s plan to bar Palestinian workers from riding Israeli buses should come as no surprise, Mira Sucharov argues. Separate and unequal is an inherent part of life under occupation.

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