It's Not About Leaving France — Our Question Is How To Stay

Only months after becoming targets of terrorism, French Jews are picking up the pieces. Robert Zaretsky says the question now is not when to leave, but how to stay.


Sympathy for the Nazi?

EDITORIAL: Have we reached a point where we can begin to see Nazis as human beings and not monsters? A new novel and a war crimes trial test this idea.


My Message to the Man Who Attacked Me at the Kotel

Alden Solovy, a Jewish liturgist, was one of several men attacked last month for helping women read Torah at the Western Wall. This is his message.


Dancing on George Galloway's Grave

The best news out of the British election came when George Galloway, who infamously declared the northern town an ‘Israel-free zone,’ was soundly thrashed in his bid for reelection. He quoted Saddam Hussein in his concession speech.


My Jewish Nose Got Me Pulled Over — White Privilege Got Me Off

After Baltimore, almost everyone has a view on police and racism. As Samuel G. Freedman has learned, there are plenty of advantages to being white even when other circumstances might count against you.

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