How To Be a Modern Maccabee Without Getting Arrested

What would a modern Maccabee do? He’d burst into Jews’ houses and smash their TVs. Seriously, here’s how we can take inspiration from our ancient zealots.


Enough With the Menorah Selfies Already!

As Jay Michaelson’s Facebook feed fills up with uninteresting pictures of menorahs, sufganiyot and latkes, he asks: Why are we obsessed with documenting our Hanukkah observance?


How David Grossman Grieves

In a conversation with Gal Beckerman, David Grossman opens up about his most recent novel, his sustained grieving process and a very tumultuous year for Israelis.


How To Survive One of the Longest Nights Ever

If ever there was a good time to light Hanukkah candles, it’s on this year’s winter solstice — one of the longest nights in all of human history.

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