The Things We Carried — Share Your Stories

Whether it’s a silver kiddush cup, a siddur smuggled through the Holocaust or a bat mitzvah bracelet, each family has its heirlooms. We want to hear about yours.


A Digital Haggadah? Now That's Just Wrong.

Some Jews are excited about the proliferation of digital Haggadahs. But for Mordechai Lightstone, whose dog-eared Haggadah has traveled the world, it’s a tragedy.


Can Brooklyn Jews Talk Civilly About Israel?

Apparently it is possible for Jews to have a productive debate on Israel — if you give them a Brooklyn arts space, kosher kale, and some very specific instructions.


A Challenge to J Street

In its April 4 issue, the Forward reported that some Philadelphia Jewish officials objected to the March 27 screening of our film, “The J Street Challenge,” in the City of Brotherly Love (“Tough Road for J Street as It Bids for an Official Place Within the Communal Tent”). We are perplexed. We made the film to air and debate J Street’s views on Zionist policy and its unprecedented approach to our community’s relationship with Israel.


A Bubble Not Burst

Martin Buber tells the story of Rabbi Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev. Before Passover, the great rabbi was inspecting the local matzo factory to make sure it was kosher. Afterward, he said, ”This factory is not kosher.” When the shocked factory owner said, “We have followed all of the laws of kashrut,” the rabbi explained: “The women in this factory work from early morning until late at night. They are laboring too long and too hard. They are not being paid fairly for their labors.”

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