Senator Menendez addresses AIPAC, March 2013

Introducing 'The Seesaw'

Interfaith families and couples face challenges every day. The Forward’s new advice column hopes to help provide a myriad of solutions. Send us your questions!

Old World: Jewish bride Rivka Hannah (Hofman) sits next to her groom Aharon Krois during the Mitzvah Tans dance ritual following their wedding in an ultra-orthodox neighborhood of Jerusalem on February 18.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Shouldn't Have a Monopoly on Tradition

The problem with the term ‘ultra-Orthodox’ is that it designates a group of Jews who claim they express the most authentic Judaism, writes Samuel Heilman.

Ukraine's Reform Rabbi Cheers Protest's Victory

Ukraine’s chief Reform rabbi rejoices at the beginning of his country’s long road to rejoining Europe.

British Jews: Showing Green Line Is Not 'Insane'

A youth-led campaign to scrap maps of Israel that don’t show the Green Line is sparking an intense backlash from British communal leaders.