Netanyahu's Fake Jerusalem Stalls Peace

Netanyahu is building settlement homes in Har Homa, a Jerusalem ‘suburb.’ But Emily Hauser says it isn’t even part of Jerusalem — it’s just a way to stall peace.

Unending Grief: A passenger?s relative weeps after authorities say they believe Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 crashed in Indian Ocean, killing all those aboard.

A Shabbat Lesson From Doomed Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 — or Not

What is the lesson of the story that a Jewish passenger skipped doomed Malaysia Airlines flight on Shabbat? Nothing, says Eliyahu Fink, if we take our precepts seriously.


How I Built My Jewish Charity Database

Josh Nathan-Kazis explains how he crunched the numbers to reveal the way the American Jewish not-for-profit network spends its whopping $26 billion.

Boy aims toy gun at wreckage of a Baghdad car bombing, one of 9 across Iraq that killed 14 on March 5. And that wasn?t Iraq?s worst day in March.

Baghdad Ranked 'Worst City in World' to Live In

Just in time for the 11th anniversary of America’s war to liberate Iraq, a leading global business consulting firm comes forward with what could be the most telling measure of our success.


Why a Sicilian Nun’s Song Moved Me as a Jew

One year after an Orthodox Jewish girl was suspended from school for singing on Israel’s ‘The Voice,’ a Sicilian nun drew cheers for singing on Italy’s version of the same show.