Does Donald Trump Respect Women More Than Pro-Lifers Do?

Donald Trump’s comments about abortion cast a harsh spotlight on the pro-life movement’s aim to ‘protect’ women from making their own choices. Jay Michaelson writes that Judaism also once promoted such misogyny — but has thankfully moved on.


How Bernie Sanders Reveals Our Own Jewish Identity Anxiety

Our obsession with Bernie’s Jewishness has very little to do with the politician himself. We’re projecting our quest for identity onto him in an attempt to negotiate our own anxieties, Evan Goldstein argues.

How an Anti-Zionist’s Embrace of Bernie Was a Gift to Bibi — and Hillary

The Village Voice’s pro-Bernie cover story represents a victory for Benjamin Netanyahu, embracing his doctrine that Zionism and American liberalism are inherent enemies, J.J. Goldberg writes.


How Long Can Distinction Between Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism Survive?

The leaders of the University of California sought to thread a needle by distinguishing between harsh criticism of Israel and the anti-Semitism that often goes with it. Jane Eisner asks: How can long can this distinction hold?


How Breaking the Silence Inspires My Pro-Israel Advocacy

The soldiers of Breaking the Silence are often accused of ‘airing Israel’s dirty laundry.’ But what if that can actually help the pro-Israel cause?

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