How Jewish Skepticism on Refugees Boils Down to Double Standards

As some worry aloud about letting Syrians into Europe, Lisa Goldman wonders: do we have a blind spot when it comes to certain kinds of refugees?


Building Alliance With Israel Is Good Business Too

The alliance between Israel and the U.S. is not just about politics or even shared democratic values. Ofra Strauss writes that our economies are intertwined as never before — and our leaders shouldn’t take the benefits of those ties for granted.

4 Reasons We Should Think Before Acting Rashly on Migrant Crisis

Our Jewish hearts demand action when we see the human catastrophe unfolding in Europe. But Deborah Lipstadt warns we must think about the consequences of steps to help — even those borne of pure compassion.


My Jewish Responsibility To Help Refugees

Julia Kaldori, a Hungarian Jew, is volunteering to help refugees in Budapest. It’s not altruism that motivates her, but memories of the Holocaust stories her grandfather once told her.


What the 'Auschwitz Showers' Fiasco Teaches Us About Holocaust Tourism

Auschwitz is a place where history, commemoration and, increasingly, mass tourism collide. And as the recent debacle over so-called ‘Auschwitz showers’ shows, the overlap of museum and memory doesn’t alway go smoothly.

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